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    My son marched Oregon Crusaders 2010 - 2014, lead euphonium
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    Oregon Crusaders, Bluecoats, Carolina Crown
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    Spartacus, Downside Up, Metamorph, Dreaming In Color
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    I have an extensive music background. Retired music educator. Now I golf a lot and when I can get to a warm climate, love SCUBA.

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  1. luv4corps

    Flo still sucks!

    I haven't subscribed yet, but when I do, really hoping to NOT see footage of things like guard changing flags on the sidelines & pit members' mid-sections. I expect the sound/vid quality & feed to be similar to last year. Just hope the camera work is a little more savvy!
  2. luv4corps

    FloMarching full schedule?

    Last year I started Flo with Drums Along the Rockies (this year's show: July 14) and terminated my subscription right after Finals. It was the perfect time to get in. Assuming nothing major has changed (haven't looked at the packages yet) I will do the same this year. It suited my viewing needs just fine. Plenty of shows to see with a few bucks saved.
  3. luv4corps

    2018 singing and narration

    I agree. BD (& Bloo too IMO) mix electronics better than any other corps hands down. They also have gigantic sound systems, way bigger/louder than any other corps. But I hate to even say that... because 'sound mixing' and sound systems with EQ that could blast a rock concert shouldn't even be a thing in drum corps and yet it is, albeit an unjudged one!
  4. I don't see it as anger but a reflection of simply the evolution of a society. Things change over time. Just look at drum corps for a perfect example of that!
  5. I don't know why I feel this way... but being all male seems to still work for the Cavaliers but somehow not for Madison. Just a gut feeling I have. It might have something to do with the changes that are happening in general scouting organizations. Dunno.
  6. luv4corps

    I'm sick of waiting - how about you?

    And I'm sitting here thinking... the sooner it starts the sooner it will be over... It DOES go by so very fast. As does summer in general.
  7. It is very hard the first year of your kid not marching. But I am still a super fan and follow the activity more than my former MM does! Sometimes I think the parents love it more than the kids who march.
  8. luv4corps

    Audubon bon bons

    I knew the drum corps aficionados would come through with some great info! This activity was such a different world then... wow. I haven't had a chance to talk with my Bon Bon friend since our initial convo about drum corps but when I do, I will have much more to say to her. Can't wait to show her the clip from 71!
  9. luv4corps

    Audubon bon bons

    Oh how threads migrate...
  10. luv4corps

    Audubon bon bons

    That was one of the years my friend marched. Thanks for this!!!
  11. luv4corps

    Audubon bon bons

    When I asked my friend why they didn't learn to read music, her reply was 'there wasn't time!' She went on to say that they had a show to field and every moment was valuable.
  12. luv4corps

    Audubon bon bons

    Great info. Thanks. I have seen that their alumni group is a choir.
  13. Okay so in addition to being a drum corps fanatic, I'm an avid golfer and after a round last week, I was sitting with a gal I had met fairly recently and we were just shooting the breeze over a beer when all of a sudden she proclaimed: "and I marched drum and bugle corps!" Of course she was expecting that I would have no freaking clue what that means. Bwa ha ha ha ha. Do tell, I said. I might kind of know about this activity. Well turns out she marched baritone in the Audubon Bon Bons, an all girl drum corps back in the early 70s. The most interesting thing she told me is that every note of music they learned was by rote and no one could read music. She said the cream of the crop went to the battery first, then to brass, then flags. This was back in the days of real bugles too. What a kick it was talking to her about her experiences. So anyone remember this corps???
  14. I'd like to see Academy back in finals. I have enjoyed watching their growth since I started coming to shows in 2011. I also look for Mandarins to maintain their push up the ranks. OC or PC could make that push into the top 15 and make the BLL broadcast. That would be a great accomplishment for either of those corps. For ANY corps to move up ranks takes an incredible amount of effort at every level. May every corps have success this season, whatever that means for them!
  15. luv4corps

    Your favorite All-Time DCI Year