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    My son marched Oregon Crusaders 2010 - 2014, lead euphonium
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    Oregon Crusaders, Phantom Regiment, Carolina Crown
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    Spartacus, Downside Up, Dreaming In Color
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    I have an extensive music background. Retired music educator. Now I golf a lot and when I can get to a warm climate, love SCUBA.

About Me

My son marched lead euphonium with the Oregon Crusaders between 2010 and 2014 - the year he aged out. He always harbored a desire to march with Blue Devils, not necessarily because of their titles, but because of their unwavering commitment to excellence, but he stuck with his home corps - OC. What a journey it has been these five years! In this short time, the corps has gone from a not quite top-tier open class corps to open class world champion to world class. Not bad for a corps that formed in 1971, then reformed and folded several more times with long stretches of dormancy in between. In 2007, the first year of the latest iteration you could count the brass members on one hand!

I say all this because it has been SO exciting to see this massive explosion in the organization. For the first time OC marched a full corps in 2014.

I have volunteered at one time or another for the full scope of fundraisers, training camps, tour, and events associated with drum corps. Yes, I have done my time in the cook trailer!

These days, I am a drum corps superfan. I continue to learn more about the activity, its history and evolution, along with all the intricacies that make up a show and season.