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  1. I don't know why I feel this way... but being all male seems to still work for the Cavaliers but somehow not for Madison. Just a gut feeling I have. It might have something to do with the changes that are happening in general scouting organizations. Dunno.
  2. luv4corps

    I'm sick of waiting - how about you?

    And I'm sitting here thinking... the sooner it starts the sooner it will be over... It DOES go by so very fast. As does summer in general.
  3. It is very hard the first year of your kid not marching. But I am still a super fan and follow the activity more than my former MM does! Sometimes I think the parents love it more than the kids who march.
  4. Okay so in addition to being a drum corps fanatic, I'm an avid golfer and after a round last week, I was sitting with a gal I had met fairly recently and we were just shooting the breeze over a beer when all of a sudden she proclaimed: "and I marched drum and bugle corps!" Of course she was expecting that I would have no freaking clue what that means. Bwa ha ha ha ha. Do tell, I said. I might kind of know about this activity. Well turns out she marched baritone in the Audubon Bon Bons, an all girl drum corps back in the early 70s. The most interesting thing she told me is that every note of music they learned was by rote and no one could read music. She said the cream of the crop went to the battery first, then to brass, then flags. This was back in the days of real bugles too. What a kick it was talking to her about her experiences. So anyone remember this corps???
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    Audubon bon bons

    I knew the drum corps aficionados would come through with some great info! This activity was such a different world then... wow. I haven't had a chance to talk with my Bon Bon friend since our initial convo about drum corps but when I do, I will have much more to say to her. Can't wait to show her the clip from 71!
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    Audubon bon bons

    Oh how threads migrate...
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    Audubon bon bons

    That was one of the years my friend marched. Thanks for this!!!
  8. luv4corps

    Audubon bon bons

    When I asked my friend why they didn't learn to read music, her reply was 'there wasn't time!' She went on to say that they had a show to field and every moment was valuable.
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    Audubon bon bons

    Great info. Thanks. I have seen that their alumni group is a choir.
  10. I'd like to see Academy back in finals. I have enjoyed watching their growth since I started coming to shows in 2011. I also look for Mandarins to maintain their push up the ranks. OC or PC could make that push into the top 15 and make the BLL broadcast. That would be a great accomplishment for either of those corps. For ANY corps to move up ranks takes an incredible amount of effort at every level. May every corps have success this season, whatever that means for them!
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    Your favorite All-Time DCI Year

  12. luv4corps

    Congratulations Pacific Crest!

    So excited to see PC at the Oregon show!!! (show is actually in Washington, lol).
  13. So did OC... I got the year wrong... sorry.... getting old. I will edit it.
  14. This is a great topic. In 2014 both OC and BC played Hymn of Axciom. Of course the Coats had an AMAZING show that year so all the attention for that beautiful, luscious ballad went to them and OC's version was mentioned only as a comparison. I felt that OC's version was never judged on its own. I really feel this hurt them because they were so stoked about that ballad. Granted I was a total OC homer that year. It was my son's age out year! But it still hurts today. Just sayin'... (Edit: I don't know what I was thinking by saying this happened in 2012.. was of course 2014. I'm losing my marbles apparently.)
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    Santa Clara Vanguard 2018

    Thanks for putting Oregon & Washington back in your tour this year. We really missed you last year.
  16. I had the dry socket thing... not fun. Healing should be NUMBER ONE priority and my advice, don't push it. I agree, he can catch up. Reminds me of when my son got started way late, toward the end of all-days one season and while all the other euph players were conditioned to hold up their horns, his arms would just sag that first week, poor thing. It just looked painful but he eventually got back in the groove.
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    The Academy 2018

    Yeah the Cadets in the lineup was icing on the cake but even without them, our show is strong this year with BK, Troop, PC, SCV & Academy! Best show I can remember since I became a fan.
  18. Rutter's Suite for Strings I tried to look this up on DCX and was lost. I did find a list of many Rutter works I guess were used in shows when I queried 'repertoire' but honestly, I miss corpsreps or maybe I just don't know how to use DCX properly. Anyway, Rutter's Suite for Strings... has anyone used any part of that? Has some very accessible, crowd pleasing folksy snippets (including a beautiful arrangement of The Water is Wide).
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    The Academy 2018

    I am SO excited that the Academy is coming out west to Oregon and Washington this year. The Portland & Seattle shows will be absolutely fabulous this year with this corps in the lineup. Can't wait!
  20. luv4corps

    2018 HYPE

    You pretty much covered it. I'm going to get just a bit more specific about a few corps. I'm totally bummed that the Cadets aren't coming to Drums of Fire after all, but I get it. I'm guessing they pulled out of a whole westward swing of shows. I will be very curious to see what they offer post-catastrophe. I'm sure I'm not alone in that! I wish them well. I always love their shows. Boston was on fire last year... ha, no pun intended but that is kind of funny... good luck to them coming in with that kind of momentum. I bet their recruiting went quite well. I can't WAIT to see what the Mandarins put on the field this year. I absolutely LOVED their show last year... was SO taken with it every time I saw it. It was exciting to see this corps make such a splash after fielding several quality shows in years prior. I'd like to see OC make the top 15 this year. I feel it is just around the corner for them. They've paid some dues and are primed for a jump like this. This year's show looks to offer some GE promise! I will always vote for less synth, more tubas and, because electronics aren't going anywhere - parity when it comes to PA equipment. The difference from top to bottom of the latter is striking. The playing field is NOT level in this regard.
  21. luv4corps

    The future of the Cadets

    I think it is possible that recruiting could suffer THIS year, but if my kid wanted to march Cadets, I'd be fine with it. Time will tell how this all plays out. But I agree with others who say this is probably the safest year for a kid to march ANY corps because directors and boards have ALL been forced to examine this issue closely, whether they wanted to or not! Gray areas in codes of conduct will be exposed. Policies will be more well-defined.
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    Oregon Crusaders 2018

    Yeah I went back to the shop site and realized the show theme logo isn't a shirt..... yet!
  23. luv4corps

    Oregon Crusaders 2018

    Redrum preseason merch has already arrived!
  24. Well, I don't see it here so here is OC's response. I am just REELING from this news... haven't been paying much attention to DCI as of late and saw some postings on facebook about it just a few minutes ago. Holy crap.
  25. luv4corps

    Mandarins 2018

    I am really excited for this corps. Mandarins & The Academy are where the action is, where the movement is, where the large scale improvement is, and it is exciting to watch. I can't say enough about how compelling Inside the Ink was. Just a stunning break-through show. When I think about last year - Ink stands out along with Metamorph & Wicked Games. (But if I'm truly honest I have to say I'm sad Snyder left OC for Mandies. Just sayin...) Gonna be a great year!