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  1. 2018 Prediction Thread

    I predict I will think, "It sure is a long off-season" more than 1,029 times before Memorial Day, 2018.
  2. I'm not a purist, so my opinion is worth nothing. To answer the OP, the only things that could have been done with the old style: 1. Protected it 2. Rewarded it. A particular style or format would have needed to be defined, with any deviation penalized. Only then would the designers explore more possibilities within the stated parameters. However, since DCI was formed for the corps to have more control over $$ and creativity, and no inspections, establishing a less restricted format was sort of in the DNA from the start. I heard an interesting round table podcast something or other with Shirley Dorritie, a BD guard icon talking about guard changes from military to dance. The point related here is, they started to do different moves, and the judges were saying, "good, but give us more." Well the first limitation was the uniforms' restriction on free movement. Changing the guard uniform became the priority to "give the judges more". Then various accessories (wings) and more dance were added which were then also rewarded by judges for creativity and effect. BD certainly was not alone. The guard world all kept an eye on each other, taking note of cool things, adapting, improving, enhancing all along the way. 45 years later I'm fascinated by the creativity and excellence from corps, indoor percussion, and guards. It's a waste of time to argue back and forth about where things are today. Would it have survived without major changes? Maybe, maybe not. For those that want drum corps to be something they want it to be, your only option is to find like-minded people and start new performing organizations, and a new governing body, with the rules you want in place. If you want to punish the current corps and DCI, your best weapon is the pocketbook. Refrain from donating, attending etc. Or, get yourself elected to a Board of Directors, where you can wield all the power.
  3. Hope you don't mind if I use this...
  4. Yep, I felt for them too... tied for first at prelims, to be second at finals by .1. It was clear the judges had PR and SCV in the top tier, and BD a step below. At the time, we certainly believed we had a shot, since we had won the Boise show before Denver. Regardless of corps, as a member focused on performing error-free, one can't help the thoughts of "what if."
  5. Just for the DCP record, would you share the names of the original five?
  6. ...sigh....yeah, about that.. Still, not as bad as 78 missing 1st by .35 in the tick era. Did we all not think, "If just four people, in the span of 11 minutes, made one less error...GRRRR!" Deep breath, let it go...shhhhhhh ahhhhhh. Okay, so - I'm thrilled for the members - the entire organization this year. Well Done!
  7. Number of DCI Championships Question

    Yes, I remember seeing a photo some time ago - think there were 4 people with 4 championships who marched 1979-1980. BDCorno can confirm.
  8. ...I'd rather interesting/difficult visual interpret & enhance interesting/difficult music.
  9. I read the OP as: Segmentation is easier and shouldn't be rewarded as it currently seems to be. I don't know the sheets, but I imagine demand/multi-responsibility is only one of maybe 8-10 factors to be considered with respect to content? Are judges constantly only thinking, "Was that demanding? Was that clean?" I get the feeling that many of us spectators think that way, and believe the judges should too. Am I off base there?
  10. This seems like a profitable discussion thread.... I think, whereas the previous big issue was defining GE, now the issue is Demand. How is it defined, derived, considered and to what proportion/weight, rewarded?
  11. Flo-blown, FloFlop, both work for me. ha! Surely, we could gather the brightest minds of DCP and ask them to create a suitable term for this phenomenon. Maybe a new topic to take suggestions, or perhaps a poll....
  12. I was under the impression it was the Flo crew with Blair directing/choosing shots. perhaps it was Flo-blown.
  13. BAC 3rd in Guard! Awesome!
  14. Represents looking to the future. Not sure if anything else will be added.