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  1. c mor

    Pioneer What Next?

    How about let's make the kids safe! ONE JOB!
  2. c mor

    Pioneer What Next?

    Gosh, they sent emails!
  3. The Blue Devil Alumni page is reporting 51 age outs for 2018.
  4. c mor

    DCI 2018 Post Season Review

    I did notice that the two top independent winter guard shows had zero props. Maybe that bodes well for the corps seasons ahead.
  5. c mor

    Scv - a new era?

    Caption supremacy tells me we are in for an extended season of SCV wins. I think they will win so much, BD will have some staff changes. Other corps picking off BD captions shows increasing parity, something people have been wanting for a good while. The response was always, "just figure out how to beat BD" Well they have. ABBD will change to ABSCV.
  6. Well then it must be they just have a great organization.
  7. Hey Jim ! I saw the name and thought, "I know him."... Hope all is well.
  8. older kids, better designs
  9. SCV's getting lots of buzz with their great show. Mandarin - for being 1st time finalists. How high can they fly? Spirit - for progress. This will be one time, (but only one) that the 13th place corps might be glad to be in 13th. Madison - for anti progress. BAC for great show. Bc, CC, Cavies for being in the mix - it's like a cage match. BD for not winning every show. $1 to ABBD crowd Cadets for persevering with unity. Amazing... GH was not indispensable after all. Just an all-around "buzz - ful" type of year.
  10. Without a doubt.
  11. c mor

    best corps names

    CMCC Warriors Belleville Black Knights Knight Raiders Argonauts Titans Argonne Rebels