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    '84 Cabs @ DCA Finals
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  1. Well, that accounts for the 115 minutes
  2. Hey! Stop by Cabs' souvies and say hello!
  3. Oh! IOW, drum corps! I kid, I kid !!!!
  4. Can't imagine why they would!
  5. OK, so, uh, please disregard my previous comments . And, David - That was crazy magnanimous of you folks. Pretty sure I would have elected to have "made it worse" .
  6. Yes, let's! Not kidding when I say I'm looking forward to seeing Mandarins in Allentown as much as I am BD! Nothing against Madison, but OMG, Mandarins making finals would just make my August
  7. Hold on there, gang! Until we know under what circumstances C2 is no longer scheduled for this show, maybe we should hold off on jumping to any conclusions and demanding fines and such. Of course, we probably won't ever know the full story. I mean, people who know me know I'm not exactly a fan of anything YEA , but who knows? This IS a FREE show, after all. For all we know, something could have changed, in the sponsor's finances, maybe some backing that was being counted on that didn't come through, or anything at all, really. Now, OTOH, if it was just a "Oh, that's a lot of travel and expense and we would be better off staying home using that time to get better and not spending all that money to get there", well. . . But WE don't know that's what this is (And, if history is our guide, we never WILL know).
  8. IMHO, there's really no discernible, in either decibels or depth, difference between, say, 64 brass and 75. Now, if they really do have "50 to 60" as above, I can see how it's possible that one could perceive a need for a few more on each part. Funny, I just read last night that Mandarins have 76 horns, and my first thought was, "Gee, I hope they don't only have low 30's in the guard". To each his own .
  9. The hope that this might be "the year" for Mandarins (based on nothing but hope and being a fan of theirs since the D3 days) is fully half the reason I bought tickets for night one in Allentown this year. The better half and I would love to see them challenge for finals!
  10. To medal, Cavaliers For top five, Boston and Crossmen. For finals, Mandarins. Not saying for sure these will happen, but enough good vibes are coming from these four that any of the above outcomes seem possible.
  11. Coming up on twenty years married to my guard chick . Met in one corps, went to another one together a couple years later, still going!
  12. Overture to "Ruslan & Ludmila" - Crossmen, early 80's . I second BD's "TO" - LOVED that!
  13. You win this thread!
  14. Because you saw the whole incident and you're, like, God, so you know everything. K.