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  1. bluesman

    Scv - a new era?

    I loved Santa Clara's show this year, but not nearly as much as I loved Ouroboros. The lack of drill and limited field coverage was something that I had not expected from SCV. Babylon was brilliantly staged, but I hope the fact that it got them a World Championship doesn't cause other corps to follow with programs confined to a small part of the field. Blue Devils victories over the last decade and a half were done with programs that utilized props that framed the parts of the field where they performed. But let's not forget that prior to that the Cadets and Cavaliers won with fast paced drills that covered the field to a much greater degree. Changes in the rules have put body movements and dance on par with drill. If winning or moving up the ranks like SCV has done means a performing on an ever diminishing stage then Drum Corps might end looking more like Blast than an actual field show. I hope not.
  2. I would also suggest that votes on proposals or changes in rules be held every 5 years. This would allow time for more feedback from judges, design teams and fans. Some changes that we've seen in the last 20 years seem as if they were designed to give some corps an advantage over others. Seriously...... what's the hurry?
  3. Limit the number of brass players using microphones to no more than 6. We are to the point where corps can simple crank up the volume of it's horn line and blast the sound through speakers without any additional output from the performers. How many times this year did posters in the forums on DCP complain about the amplification of a soloist or the brass line. A particular corps which will go unnamed was called out several times for turning up the volume on it's mic'd horn line to the point that it became unpleasant to hear. I've been almost directly in front of a brass ensemble only to hear the sound coming from 30 yrds away. It's gotten to the point that we don't know what is coming from the marching members and what it being produced by someone at a mixing board. The slogan "Is it live or is it Memorex?" comes to mind. I am actually opposed to the use of microphones in Drum Corps in general, but I realize that you can't put toothpaste back in the tube and once show designers get their hands on a new toy they aren't going to give it up So....... I propose that the number of brass players with microphones be limited to no more than 6.
  4. bluesman

    Your 2018 Season Ear Worms

    "Men reading fashion magazines" . Those words and the rest of the lyrics from Oh, What a World are so deeply embedded in my brain that I fear they will never leave. I happily thank the Cavies for introducing me to the song..... I loved that part of their show BTW
  5. Star of Indiana did a lot marching, but no where near at much as Cadets 1993 or Cadets 1996
  6. I would add Blue Stars to the list of corps doing a good bit of actual drill. Considering where we are now with visuals their show as well as those of BC and Cadets seem old fashioned.
  7. I almost don't know what to say. So I'll make it brief...... the Santa Clara Vanguard just blew me away.
  8. I loved this Blue Devils show from the instant I saw it. But then that love faded a bit. There is something about their screaming trumpet soloist. They are very good but sound very jarring at times.
  9. My favorite Bluecoats show Kinetic Noise has been replaced by Session 44. That's really good because Kinetic Noise was my all time favorite Drum Corps show.
  10. Boston has some of the most beautiful soft moments of any corps this season.
  11. Two very enthusiastic standing ovations for the Cadets..... and they were well deserved.
  12. And the Gold Medal for field coverage goes to the Blue Stars.
  13. Welcome to the top 12 Mandarins. I hope you stay for a very long time.
  14. Standing ovation for Mandarins.
  15. Horn line bringing it in the 2ND half of show. Yes!