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  1. Scores at Belton, pretty much across the board, got an extra-large sized bump tonight; moreso than the scores up the road in Denton. Could set some corps up for whiplash at San Antonio, maybe?
  2. Not to put too fine a point on it, but so far this show isn't "about" anything. And I love it!
  3. Take me back, SVC -- er Crown
  4. Another show where there's not much "about" there. Nothing wrong with that; it's a fine show, no storyline needed in order to communicate with the audience. Seems to me it started out snappy and then slogged toward an end. Great music performances all the way around, though. Tasty middle horns.
  5. fun mellos, very nice balance, very crisp
  6. I keep thinking medical experiments are upcoming
  7. not sure the significant effort to put the mellos behind desks was worth it
  8. Lot of nice rips and power chords and hits and chops and all that. Would be nice to be able to latch on to some melody
  9. okay, I'm not a guard guy, but this guard . . .
  10. This is the show with all the hats. The corps without hats are at the other show.
  11. I don't think I've seen a single corps nail the rotating-files move yet this year. One of those things that doesn't clean until the very end?
  12. holes everywhere tonight. Not just Xmen (snare). Victims of the heat?
  13. "enigma" is right. Oh. wait. there we go.
  14. That was the first run where I felt any kind of performance energy. Academy is nothing if not showmen. As much as everyone was falling over themselves about last year's show, I think this year's production more robust. It has more of a grown-up corps feel to it.