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  1. Interesting, in that Raiford is the visual designer for Troopers, a corps for which "brand" -- and all the positives and negatives that come with it -- may loom larger than for any other corps.
  2. This has been suggested at various times and places around DCP forums over the years, for the obvious reason that it is magnificent music, and would be transporting in the hands of a capable, and loud, DCI brass ensemble. Sadly, as has been reported at those same times and places, Morten Lauridsen is very tight with permission to O Magnum Mysterium, as this composition apparently has very personal meaning to him, connected to loss of family/friend. So it's unlikely we'll hear this, though if a corps manages to obtain permission, I make the motion that they automatically win DCI.
  3. In my armchair-designer moments, I like to imagine a very angry, ######-off Troopers corps stalking onto the field, cigarette stubs clenched in their teeth, tobacco stains on the uniforms, the guys with 5 days' stubble -- to the "House of Cards" theme as pre-show music: . . . and then the moment the show begins, go immediately for the jugular -- to hell with a soft buildup; we're going with closer-level megaballad intensity from very start -- with a great recent cover of "House of the Rising Sun" by the Heavy Young Heathens: . . . or maybe use the first 1:45 of Rising Sun as the pre-show music. Maybe the show could be called "House of . . . .<something>"
  4. 2018 Prediction Thread

    "Presenting their 2018 program, 'Six Degrees,' Drum Corps International is proud to present . . . ."
  5. How About Some Common Ground?

    How about this.
  6. 2017 Favorite "Moments"

    As props go, the BAC pyre was about as good as it gets, from the technical perspective. As a storytelling element of the show, and as GE, it struck me as kinda cheesy. I was much more engaged with the SCV discs as they folded upward behind the running guard member. Academy's cartoony tree stumps had a role to play in telling the story, and they involved the members for a greater portion of the show. Mandarins' color guard did a great job, er, drawing the pen nibs into the presentation. The pyre was an exclamation point; the discs, and tree stumps, and pen nibs were more of a storytelling tool. To me, BAC's use of the stocks and gallows props were more effective from a GE standpoint.
  7. 2017 Favorite "Moments"

    SCV pristine backfield "fountain" drill that dissolved into randomness, then snapped into a grid BD's unison rifle work at the stepoff was a thrill to watch every time Bloo tenor feature where the guys spread out 30 yards! Every SCV tenor feature, tbh BD unison flag work during ballad BK brass re-entrance and storm to the end of the percussion concerto Troopers' percussion work during tango, very tasty and musical Cadets' church-organ finish, majestic Crown battery feature, side 1, middle of show. Flam-o-ramic red meat for the drum nerds like me Chord modulation to finish SCV show The Cavaliers' immensely satisfying "my way" musical statement as battery strolled down the brass corridor Blue Stars' final drill segment Mandarins' red ink blot pillow people from hell
  8. Age Outs

    You win in November. You win in December. That's when you compete; that's when the ring is won. The rest is show design and competent instruction. A somewhat cynical take, I'll grant you. And there is always the possibility of an outlier. But, by and large, placements are won when the contracts are signed.
  9. Retreat in Traditional Uniforms

    As I said: a circle. But Don Warren didn't hand bugles to the boys in Troop 111 because he wanted to sell records. You need a solid business plan to run a world-class drum corps these days. The money is vital. But the money is the fuel; it's not the cause. The cause is the members in the ranks; the cause is the members' formation into adults, the cause is the members' growth, the cause is the members' experience; the cause is what motivates the staff, the boards of directors, the volunteer cooks, and the fans in the stands. If the corps could provide the DCI experience to young people without having to sell a single ticket, they would. Us fans are the beneficiaries of the cause. We help to sustain it with our money. But our happiness is a byproduct, not the aim, and anyway our money is not the primary contributor to the top line on the income statement.
  10. Who will be the darlings next year?

    Possibly, though I think 2017 was the most melodic show to come out of BK in years, and one of the most purely listenable shows, from beginning to end, across all of DCI. For my money, the ladder toward the top will be built on visual.
  11. 2017 World Championships Finals - Aug 12

    how is it possible that there are empty seats? What is wrong with you people?
  12. 2017 World Championships Finals - Aug 12

    Oh boy oh boy ohboyohboyoboyboyoboy
  13. Retreat in Traditional Uniforms

    Precisely. We are a customer. We are not the customer. Look at any corps' mission statement. Each one of them exists for the development of youth. None of them exist to sell us a ticket. Of course it is a virtuous circle. But that circle starts with the marching member. They are the focus of the mission, and they also throw the most weight on the corps' bottom line.
  14. Retreat in Traditional Uniforms

    If, by "us," you mean current marching members and those planning to audition, then we have a basis for further discussion. Otherwise, whatever lines in the sand old guys like me may draw are of little consequence. Simply put, we are not the customer. We buy tickets, T-shirts and DVDs, but audition and tuition fees are the center of financial gravity on just about every drum corps' income statement. Members don't decide on the corps uniform, and I certainly am not proposing such an idea. None of the kids in Cadets knew, when they were handed a contract in December, that they would be wearing choir robes in June. It's not the kids who are deciding they should wear Underoos; it's the grown-ups. One man's misrepresentation of the activity is another's cool uniform. As far as I'm aware, the members of the Blue Knights are perfectly happy in the threads they were issued this season. If BK went back to cadet unis with shakos next year, my guess is that the members would be cool with that, too.
  15. I could spill a few thousand words here, but I've visited this idea previously, prompted by a slightly different context, but the basic point applies here, I think. Some want to break down boundaries and make all things possible. But boundaries define a form. A widely different set of boundaries is the definition of variety. The obliteration of boundaries has the paradoxical effect of reducing variety.