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  1. Nine White Russians

    Madison Scouts 2018

    I agree - This admin is taking this Corps into complete obscurity and irrelevance....just to fit in with the modern culture and to try to get a bump in placement. They are ignoring one of the true problems - they are notorious for not paying staff members s###. So therefore, they can't keep who they have for very long, and the can't get better quality staff....and therefore they can't attract top tier talent in the Corps. But yeah, going coed will fix all that.
  2. Nine White Russians

    Madison Scouts 2018

    Are we going to get a sneak peek at their costume, I wonder.
  3. Nine White Russians

    2018 Predictions

    1 - BD 2 - Crown 3 - SCV 4 - Bloo 5 - Cavies 6 - Boston 7 - Madison 8 - Cadets 9 - Phantom 10 - Crossmen 11 - Mandarins 12 - Blue Stars
  4. Nine White Russians

    Madison Scouts 2018

    That is part of it. But it was also to draw attention to the fact that their way of promoting by keeping things a secret isn't creating any kind of buzz, it's making them irrelevant. This time last year, they showed us that crazy costume and got a lot of attention going into the season, which only helped them. We haven't seen even a sketch let alone a picture of this year's costume!
  5. Nine White Russians

    Madison Scouts 2018

    Dang!! 5 pages down! Nothing to report about the Scouts I guess. Further cementing my impression that Madison is becoming less and less relevant in this activity. Proving that going along to get along is making them uninteresting and invisible. Becoming just another face in the crowd. I hope they prove me wrong once the season starts, but I have never been less excited this time of year. ☹️
  6. Nine White Russians

    Madison Scouts 2018

    I']m afraid society itself has changed too much to be bad### again! :(
  7. Hopkins needs to step down immediately if he cares about the future of this organization! That is, if he's not fired - which should happen.
  8. Nine White Russians

    Madison Scouts 2018

    If the Scouts are doing the show that I think they should be doing for their 80th Anniversary (hint right there), it will be an epic show with a very epic and clever concept....and I will be a very happy camper!!!!
  9. Nine White Russians

    Madison Scouts 2018

    Firing the admin would be a huge mistake as they have been making sound decisions financially and organizationally that will help insure the future stability and continuity of the organization. Not to mention building a culture of sound leadership and excellence for the young men that will impact their lives and the lives of those around them for decades to come. Competitive success is great, but I've seen FAR too many Corps chase it like it's the most important thing (which is laughable in a subjective art form) their own peril. Take Magic of Orlando in 2002. They went and bought the best staff for a short-sighted goal of shooting for the top....they didn't have a solid structure or long-term plan, and a few years later, they were GONE. Never to come back. I would rather have the Scouts stay around where they are (or inch forward) while building a much stronger financial foundation....and when they are ready (and ONLY when they are ready), make a big move like Boston did.
  10. Nine White Russians

    Madison Scouts 2018

    Sadly, the effect scores are in no way affected by audience reaction. Even more sadly, to do a show like that these days would be competitively suicidal. :(
  11. Nine White Russians

    Madison Scouts 2028

    Just getting an early start. What show will the Scouts play 10 years from now and where will they place? Will they have risen to the top 3? What impact will this past season's show have on the future Madison Scouts and the activity at large? Will they still be all male? Here's my prediction - They will win with a show entitled "Malaguena and Spats!"
  12. Nine White Russians

    San Antonio Reviews

    Are you doing this so that members can post their own reviews? Or like George asked, are you doing it just to give a 4 word review on one show?
  13. Nine White Russians

    Madison Scouts 2017

    That's a little hyperbolic don't you think? Plus, as many pointed out, Chris in Dann do not get involved in what the product or design is. What the Scouts should do, is figure out how Boston built their program very patiently over the years....not just their design, but their fundraising....then at the right time, they made a big move and put up some heavy cash to get a higher level design staff...and look where they (Boston) are now! Scouts have been digging out of the "Sal" problem for 10 years and now have the debt at a servicable level....but it may take several more years before they can make a bigger move. (Sad that a "youth" activity requires such a monumental amount of cash to be viable...but that's another conversation). As far as the "Sal" problem, I submit that he wasn't the was the fact that the BOD put him in a position to handle the administrative and financial side of the Corps, which he was not qualified to do. He's one of the most brilliant designers/teachers in the activity, but he's not trained or qualified to be a Director. So surprise surprise, he made some bad decisions with money....and the BOD get ###### and fires him! He should have been re-assigned as Program Coordinator and they should have hired someone else as Director. But like so many Scout Alums now, they wanted blood, so they burned him. Anyway, right now, the Scouts are chipping away and doing whatever they can do with what they have. I say they have a solid shot at returning to Finals, but it won't be easy....they have to clean like mofos.....and add the right amount of GE moments that won't sacrifice the cleaning. If you look at the recaps, their content analysis scores are competative with the groups around them, but they are further back in execution. This is potentially good news, because it means once they clean, they could pass a couple corps that are now above them. GO MAD MEN!!!
  14. Nine White Russians

    Madison Scouts 2017

    I would argue 1981 was also the case at least for most of the season. They kind of ran out of gas or peaked a little too early during Finals week, but they were definitely in the hunt.
  15. Nine White Russians

    Mandarins in finals?

    Lol. What member is that? Having watched 8+ hours of rehearsals, talking to several of the men and seeing them put their hearts and souls into this show, it's clear these guys.....ALL of them, LOVE the show that's been given to them. I think you're just making this up. Or the person on Reddit is making it up....and probably is not a member.