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  1. I would argue 1981 was also the case at least for most of the season. They kind of ran out of gas or peaked a little too early during Finals week, but they were definitely in the hunt.
  2. Lol. What member is that? Having watched 8+ hours of rehearsals, talking to several of the men and seeing them put their hearts and souls into this show, it's clear these guys.....ALL of them, LOVE the show that's been given to them. I think you're just making this up. Or the person on Reddit is making it up....and probably is not a member.
  3. Well...there certainly seems to be a wide variety of opinions for Madison's show.....and a wide variety of crowd responses from one show to the next. Maybe I'll wait till I can see them live, instead of basing my opinion on the one video of them from Michigan City. Here's hoping you're right! I want to see them succeed and get back into Finals.....and win over the crowds!
  4. Gotta agree - I don't know why the Scout's staff feels like dark/weird/creepy is the answer to competitive success. 2015 was a happy-go-lucky show with a lot of accessibility and they climbed to 8th. And then last year....and even much more this year.....anger/rage/darkness! And what really sucks....what if they don't make it back into Finals, AND they alienate their fans? I was saying earlier....look at Bluecoats. High energy, melodic, powerful, and entertaining as heck......basically what Madison used to be......and they are KILLING it!
  5. This is exactly what Madison used to do.....and what they should be doing now.
  6. Hmmm....Madison must not have performed tonight? Not a single mention of them in this thread. Nice pics of them though. Did they eat a bag of ####s that much?
  7. They're definitely an acquired helps to mix them with a nice Sarsaparilla.....specifically a Souix City Sarsaparilla!
  8. Fair enough, it was his Mother. But give me SOME credit, I've only had 6 of my usual 9 White Russians....I'm a little hazy.......eff it, let's go bowling!
  9. Although I do think it's funny, I am being serious. That was in their original press release. One of the original actors from the musical was Irish, so they re-imagined the story from an Irish perspective. Holy contrived Batman!
  10. of the actors in the musical was Irish!
  11. By the way, I'm seriously eating crow on my staging comments from the other day! I made that judgement based on low angle poor quality photos. Having seen the show from higher up, the staging, props, look of the corps and the visual all tie together beautifully! There's a real mood to this show and once it gets clean, it will surprise a lot of people!
  12. From Milwaukee Wisconsin, performing their 2017 program - O'Miserables.....
  13. I wonder if Scouts at least partially based their show theme on MCM's show.
  14. So obviously it's not the Scouts (give away being the drums aren't Yamaha), but does anyone know who this is?