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  1. Canadian Corps

    Preston Scout House Cadets. Not sure what their competitive intentions are. Regards, John
  2. Yes a thousand times. I just discovered Sufjan Stevens last night and have listened to three of his albums already. I don't know how I could have not known about this guy until now because his first album came out in 2000 and by the end of this year he'll have 12. A good deal of new music I hear is because of Drum Corps and I think someone dropped the ball with this guy's stuff. Illinoise and Brooklyn Queens Expressway are ripe for the Drum Corps arena. Regards, John
  3. Skip Prokop, R.I.P.

    You too. I wrote a two-parter that ran in 2012. It was cool to trade war stories (I was the section leader of the Optimist Alumni 40 years post Skip being the section leader). Almost made him late for a gig having a smoke and chatting right before a show. Fun Times. Edit: I was replying Brian and somehow the quote function broke. Regards, John
  4. Ron 'Skip' Prokop, bandleader of Lighthouse (One Fine Morning, Pretty Lady, etc.) died today. Skip stated drumming in a Sea Cadet band in Hamilton Ontario, then joined the Preston Scout House. A year he joined the Toronto Optimist and was lead snare drummer for three years. Of course you know the rest. As a former member of the Optimist Alumni and lead snare until 2008 this is very sad and I must say March On! in honour of a brother. Regards, John
  5. 40 years ago today

    Is that your pic? Can I put it on my facebook page? That is during the drum solo, three strokes decrescendo/crescendo, the snares knelt and rose with the dynamics. Regards, John
  6. 40 years ago today

    A couple things, in 77 we had two tours, three weeks mid june to early july, two weeks at home for local shows, and then off late July until Nationals, which were a week later than today's championships. We were on the road a lot. There was a block on the last day of prelims for the previous year's top 12 and a few corps who were competitive in that strata, which Oaklands were in. We went on just after Bridgemen and before Cavaliers (I think). The order was random for the top 20 or so and according to postmark for entry for everyone else. We were leading the pack in drum scores for a few weeks, and having looked at some of the recaps since last night, by a lot compared to today's one tenth spreads. Regards, John
  7. 18.85, first in drums, Oakland Crusaders. Regards, John
  8. Drum Corps Hockey

    Oaklands, Optimists, and Scarborough Firefighters (Seneca Princemen) has teams. Regards, John
  9. John Pratt Needs Our Prayers

    I met Mr. Pratt once at a CADRE Shake, 2008 I think it was. I let the rest of the CADRE gang know of this latest development. Certainly trying times for the Pratt family, I hope things turnout for the best. Regards, John Swartz
  10. That would be awesome. That is our only hope of finding any video, some local TV station aired a show and either they kept a tape (unlikely) or someone recorded if and still has it. Atlanta was first tour and we were scoring low 60s hi 50s at that point, but the drumline was still smoking. I remember Doc Severinson played between the last competing corps and retreat. Place was an echo chamber and we had some major phasing in the opener, but not like at CYO Nationals a week later - that was much worse.
  11. It is odd that there is so much video out there of corps that didn't make finals from just about every year but 77. I've corresponded with DCI on this a few times. I work in television and find it hilarious (not really) that they rolled up all the mobile equipment, didn't do a rehearsal run for the television crew during prelims - and didn't roll tape on that. With any crew I have been in charge of rehearsal is mandatory and taping it is as well - just in case say something happened to the finals tape of say Blue Devils and you had to go to the back up.
  12. have to add, Harry Clark wrote the music except the drum solo Ralph wrote. Terry Kirkpatrick and Brian Fazackerley hand their mits on the El Gato chart (Brian wrote the drum break - which you can hear again if you are in Rochester Friday night at DCA's because it's the end of CADRE's I&E solo, Faz is on the right end of the snares next to me). And the wonderfully talented and missed Carol Munro wrote the keyboard parts. Regards, John
  13. the quest continues. One day someone will find some in an attic. Regards, John
  14. just saw your post on the Del thread.  Mike who? Douglas?

  15. SCV Rose Parade TV News Clip

    here they are at Bandfest. They played Canyon, Scheherazade and Clowns. from side 1 from side 2 Regards, John