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  1. Lots of holes in the early to mid-70s history (not sure if Cavaliers and BD used tymps and keyboards in '74? - if you listen to the recordings, the answers to both questions are clear). Anyway, thanks for the interesting diversion.
  2. No, all of spring training will be at a university near Detroit.
  3. Reading Rice's (auto)biography on RAMD, where he says he's a noted expert in the field of drum corps, brings to mind a recent film -
  4. Not saying I don't think that his removal would be a correct move, but it'd open a rather large, wriggly can of worms. Just sayin'...
  5. Off the planet, more's like it. Maybe Rice meant to notify the YEA board of his second hand info on Hopkins, but once they picked up the phone, he got distracted by his overwhelming desire to launch into a pitch for his planar analysis bull___ .
  6. Agreed. The article makes it clear that Acheson pointed Rice in the direction of reporting his second hand information directly to the organization who employed Hopkins, rather than DCI, who had no authority to investigate, discipline, or in any other way manage the situation. Regardless of whether Acheson was aware of Rice's reputation for being an eccentric in the fringe world of RAMD or not, there was nothing in Acheson's or DCI's job description that gave them authority to do anything. That will likely change (and should), but in the context of 2003, with the added layer of Rice's information being unsubstantiated rumors of impropriety, I'm not sure there's anything there that makes action against Acheson reasonable or worth pursuing.
  7. DCI's statement says that they were unaware of "specific allegations." The topic of harassment was a primary element of the Board members' consortium group in January, but from my understanding, it was driven by numerous examples provided by drum majors in attendance that weekend that they weren't sure what to do with their own corps' members contacting them about being harassed, and not about claims in the air that weekend about any one specific individual or organization. Acheson's statement could have been better worded, but it's worth noting that his advice (to contact the YEA Board with the information) was correct. DCI wasn't set up to police the internal workings of the individual corps. Having said that, I also heard that the Board consortium group had recommended that DCI implement a requirement from every corps who participates that they have whistle blower and anti-harassment polices and procedures in place to investigate and discipline offenders. I'd imagine that after all of this, it shouldn't be too hard of a jump for the DCI Board to embrace that recommendation.
  8. That presupposes that he did.
  9. Did Rice contact YEA, as Acheson recommended?
  10. It was pretty much the offer that couldn't be refused.
  11. The appropriate way to get rid of cockroaches is to create an environment unfriendly to their continued presence. This activity has a long history of adults who hang on, in part, because it's a way to have lots of fresh targets for their sexual desires year after year. Create an environment where those people know that their past actions will be catching up to them and that future employment will be unlikely, and you start the process of changing the culture.
  12. Yeah, I wouldn't see any upside in keeping one of GH's most vocal defenders in a position of authority with the organization.
  13. The clock started ticking on that months ago, when their Board became aware that this situation was going to be a matter of public record in the near future. The fact that they took none of the steps that should have been taken while charges like this are being investigated by outside counsel doesn't speak well of the Board's capacity for governance. This situation isn't new, and there are established principles for how good companies deal with allegations like this against senior leadership. None of those principles appear to have been followed.
  14. ? It seems as if you're assuming the "concerned about his leadership" part is about not liking their show design, and not about the fact that a man with a reasonably well-known (in the activity) penchant for acting inappropriately around young people was being left in charge by a Board who seemed to be either completely oblivious, or worse, actively enabling his behavior. Regrettably for all, the organization will require a thorough house-cleaning of leadership in order to pull the pieces back together. What parent, having done any research, would sign off on allowing their child to get involved with YEA at this point?
  15. All time shows: The Cadets

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