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  1. Question about college?

    In all honesty, I'd take it one step at a time. If he's auditioning for a World Class corps, wait until he's been offered a spot in January, if he is, before worrying about the OSU question.
  2. Staff Merry-go-round 2018 Edition

    If it's the one that was most discussed this summer, yeah, it'd be huge. Would make for some entertaining reading from some of the alums who regularly post on DCP.
  3. By the decades

    1972-1979 - '76 Blue Devils, birth of a dynasty 1980-1989 - 83 Garfield, new direction in programming and visual 1990-1999 - '93 Star, because it was the most consequential show in that decade 2000-2009 - 2003 Cavaliers, as the most demanding, intricate show of the era 2010-present - 2014 Bluecoats - the first corps to really get how electronics and staging will define the decade.
  4. 2018 Prediction Thread

    OK. Shorten the window to three years, and Canton has gone from a 3rd place to a 5th place corps, and Rosemont from a 9th to a 4th place corps. If the audition pool is looking at recent performance trends, Rosemont looks to be the better bet for the ring chasers, since Green is on the upwards trajectory. Brass performance was the biggest consistent weakness in Cavaliers' scoring this year. Assuming they see the same growth in proficiency they showed in 2016 to 2017 in that caption, there's nothing else that indicates a change in their position in the competitive strata. Bigger picture is that Boston will likely also stay in that top 6 group, and they're strong enough in some captions already (especially Guard), that is increases the overall competitiveness within the top half finalists so that, outside of BD, no one is really a lock for the very top anymore. As for the earlier comment about "all finalists being at the top', yeah, not really. Half of all WC corps make finals, so yes, you could say that Finalists are the "top half" of the activity, but it's the top 4 or 5 who are really driving the boat when it comes to competitive standards.
  5. 2018 Prediction Thread

    There were a number of DCP folks saying the same thing about them being top 5 after last year. I like Bloo and their organization. But realistically, they have one title and three other Top 3 finishes in 30 years of being a regular finalist, vs seven titles and twelve other top three finishes for Rosemont in that same 30 year span (four top 3's vs nineteen top 3's in other words). Assuming an organization with that kind of track record doesn't know how to stay in the top of the activity is a mistake.
  6. Bluecoats 2018-LETS GO BLOO

    DCP if it had existed in 1972: "Santa Clara should go back to their old satin top uniforms, and get rid of the stupid tunics."
  7. Staff Merry-go-round 2018 Edition

    I'd assume it's because it gives everyone a little time to talk to each other after Finals week and, in cases where someone's leaving or being replaced, time for the corps to line up a replacement before DCP blows up like it did last year.
  8. Phantom Regiment 2018

    Source music means next to nothing. It's what the arrangers do with it that makes it work or not work, and increasingly, the less literally it's used, the more effective it is. FWIW, I'd argue that Crown's biggest failing this year was being too literal with the number from Wicked: it came off as dull in comparison to the rest of their show. Regiment's competitive problems now are about failure of imagination, more than anything. That, and an inability to take criticism and do anything with it (I can't believe they didn't get the memo that the program this past year made no sense, and the strip club voiceovers only made it worse).
  9. Was there live last night. Random observations: Beginning to think that SCV may have maxed out the show, and that Crown has a shot at 2nd. Would love to see Vanguard win it all this year, emotionally, but the show itself isn't screaming "best in class" right now. It's BD's world, until someone else comes along and forces them out. No one last night was ready to do that. I like Bluecoats' show design, in general, but the amount of "sweetening" they're giving the hornline through the speakers is beyond offensive. Turn the levels the F down, since the volumes through the speakers were louder than the actual horns on the field where I was. Cavaliers run was a little flat in person. If they kick it up a notch tonight and Sat, they still have a shot at 4th. Boston's staff should be commended for the amazing job they've done pushing their corps into the middle of the finalist pack. The kids are performing extraordinarily well. But there's nothing in the show that should be ranking higher than 6th. Cadets, musically, have one of the best shows on the field this year. Visually...not so much, and the choice to have the choir stand in one essentially un-staged position ("hey choir, yeah, just go stand in a group next to the pit") rather than employ them dynamically, from a visual standpoint, is one of the year's biggest missed opportunities for effect. Regiment, between Stanford and last night, traveled a huge distance, performance-wise. It's still just not a very engaging show, and the gentlemen's club voiceovers aren't even the worst design decision in it (see "Swimsuits: Jantzen: 1951"). Crown's percussion section is finally, after these years, on par with what their hornline has been for a decade. Nicely done. The "Wicked" tune, however, is well-played fluff, more suited for a 16th place corps than a medalist. Hoping for Madison's sake that they make it this year (nothing against Mandarins), but having seen it a few times live, I'm left with an interesting visual program matched with a musical book that feels like eating a bitter pudding for dinner, one course after another. The 'other world' aspect of the show design would have been better served by using familiar music, but arranged so that it felt alien. Oh well, next year.
  10. I was there at 77 prelims. As with 1983 Bridgemen, watching the drumline's skill kinda made you mad at the program staff, since it also made you aware of how awful every other aspect of the show was. Ach, life.
  11. Lucas Oil - Parking?

    Lot right across South from the Stadium is $10 all day (at least it has been the last few years...), and a 1 minute walk to the front gate of the stadium.
  12. The power of TELECAST

    Yeah, interest was peaked back in the late 70s - which is why you had half the number of corps at the end of the live broadcast era as you did at the beginning. YouTube vids are finding and being found by the kids interested in what the corps do. Audition numbers for the Finalist level corps and below are at all-time highs (meaning those kids are not just 'passive media consumers'). Being live on PBS had some cache and helped cement DCI as being the big dog for those who were interested in drum corps or marching band, but the music education world is conversant enough now with who the corps are and what they do that band directors are the biggest evangelists, for the most part.

    ? Of course it did. The market for G bugles was finite. The resale market was even more so. The percussion companies or the corps themselves could re-sell the drums a corps used to bands, but the bugle companies never could. That, more than anything, was the death knell for G bugles.
  14. A Reprieve on A&E (Maybe?)

    You're being too kind, by infinite degrees. As for electronics and mic'ing, good luck putting that genie back in the bottle. But there CAN be standards set for what is considered "good" or successful use of electronics and what's considered amateur hour. If we judge the performers on the professionalism and quality of their performance, the GE numbers and MA numbers should also reflect specific, enunciated criteria when it comes to electronics. An overbalanced bass coming from the speakers should be specifically identified as something that will detract from score, etc, etc, etc. That probably won't happen either.
  15. Cadets 2017

    But if it's going to be sung, at least have her pronounce the word "new" correctly (in formal/classical setting, "new" has the same "u" as "music" - it's not pronounced "noo").