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  1. All time shows: The Cadets

    Faves 1983 1984 1987 2005 1999 Least 2006 (duh) 2016 (duh-mb) 2008 (though 2007 is close)
  2. 2018 Rules proposals

    That was exactly my point. No one was 'slotted.
  3. 2018 Rules proposals

    Agreed. Look back on the final placement order from this past year and where those corps were at the beginning of the season. At no point was Regiment better than an 8th- 10th place corps, and at no point were Devils and SCV not the 1 and 2 corps. If PR had started their California tour not knowing what their numbers were in relation to the leaders, they would have simply forestalled the truth to July 1, which would have made no difference to their end of the year placement.
  4. 2018 Rules proposals

    154 - who cares, whatever. No scores until July - yeah, THAT'll help drive ticket sales for June shows (you're ok with that, right Cali, since that's most of your drum corps "season" for live shows). 15 in Finals. I'd go the opposite. Go to 10, and drive more fan interest in the Friday night show, where there are still thousands of unsold quality seats. 15 would make for an overly long night, and the audience would be exhausted/bored by the last few appearances. Limits on horn mic'ing. Yes please. Annual Rules Congress? Again, I'd go the opposite. Make it every 3 years. DCI spends enough money on meetings and conferences as is, and no mature sport allows for the rules to be changed on an annual basis, especially when there are potential unforeseen consequences of those changes. Ordinals - isn't that what Pee Wee soccer league looks like?
  5. SCV '89 was a re-tread of an earlier show, and broke no new ground. Star '93 provided a completely new way of thinking about program design. No disrespect to those who marched '89 Vanguard, but why is this question even a thing?
  6. All time shows: Santa Clara Vanguard

    Top 5 (all of them seen live, cuz I'm old that way) 1999 1974 1980 2017 1978 Least Favorites...the Nutcracker show was a stretch, and the '92 show was a little sad (retro always sounds better in the planning than in the execution), but even still, I've never found them to have a total dog.
  7. Finals Format

    Thank you for proving my point. FWIW, Madison was within .4 of SCV a week before finals, and no one would have said boo if Vanguard had won on Finals night, since there was a general consensus among those who know what was what that it was a title-worth show and performance. Unless one wants to believe that it's impossible for a corps to make up .4 in a week's time, there's no reason for anyone to doubt the legitimacy of Madison's win. Unless that anyone is a complete d-bag, of course.
  8. I just checked, and with the exception of The Colts, every corps at De Kalb this summer had won Championships in DCI (Div III or Class A for Academy and Blue Stars, and the Associates Championship for Crossmen). That being said, I'd agree that the TOC shows are played out. DCI probably agrees.
  9. Finals Format

    I could see randomizing corps after Thursday's show into groups of three, so the 10/11/12, 7/8/9, 4/5/6, and 1/2/3 groups performed in drawn order from within their respective tier. It likely wouldn't make that much of a difference in the final scores (at TOC shows, even if BD performs first, they usually win in years when they dominate), but it would make for a little intrigue on the big night. As an observation, the unspoken sentiment of the opposition to the concept following the '88 experiment appears to be a belief that the 'wrong corps' won that night and that the draw had something to do with it. Not saying I agree or disagree with that belief, but it's the gorilla in the room.
  10. 150 is based on current bus capacity for modern-day coaches (53 is common in the busses rented today). Re: the original post, adding 50 more members would do little to improve the on-field production, and serve to increase the amount of drag for each corps when it comes to moving the members around, getting them fed, communications, etc, etc. Theoretically it would help put another 700-800 people in the stands for Finals night, but aside from that, I'm not sure I see a value for DCI in the increase.
  11. Sign the Petition

  12. Cadets 2018

    That's some fine motivational messaging.
  13. Cadets 2018

    That statement can be easily flipped into "why can't YEA hang on to their talent?" As for hiring being a risk, of course that's true. However, when the ratio of long-term to short-term tenures from senior management falls heavily on the side of "short term" at YEA, that's indicative of a deeper problem in senior management. I'd hope, for their sake, that someone on the BOD is looking at all of this and wondering if maybe now is the time to get some coaching going at the top, while the situation is still salvageable.
  14. Cadets 2018

    No one hires themselves. If GH put this person in charge, then the responsibility for the employee's success or lack thereof goes to the person who hired him. More to the point, If this had been a one-time lack of success in that position, that'd be one thing - but EVERYone who takes a senior staff assignment at YEA seems to "fail" or bail not long after taking the job. Think about that. Without casting aspersions (because for all we know, this guy may have been dynamite, and simply tired of the mismanagement at the top), the YEA BOD has to realize that with their organization's reputation, they aren't going to get the best and brightest applying for gigs there. There are too many other youth performance organizations out there who have both the track records and the reputations for excellence in operations competing for the top talent, and YEA's reputation these days is awful. The only gig that would really allow someone to make meaningful change there is the one that's occupied by the current CEO, and since their BOD has evidenced no interest in either kicking him up and out of day to day operations (or relieving him of duties), nothing is going to change.
  15. Cadets 2018

    Retention rates don't matter as much at the top corps as does recruiting the best "one and done" talent. I mean, great for them if they can hang on to as many of their 18 year olds as possible, that bodes well for a longer-term rebuilding effort, but bumping past three solid corps ahead of them in one year isn't likely, when those other three corps will be closer to the nucleus of the most talented 20 year olds auditioning this fall. More to the point, if whoever signed off on Stripper Jesus in the 2017 show is still in charge of making artistic decisions, the struggle to regain top status will be even harder.