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  1. 2018 Rules proposals

    nm - cadevilina updated their post
  2. Boston Crusaders 2018

    Just an fyi...... The NY Times no longer owns the Boston Globe, and hasn't since 2013.
  3. Video edits 2017

    I think I would prefer silence!
  4. Yes, Boston has been fortunate enough the last few years to be in some TOC shows, because of the change you mentioned.
  5. I'm pretty sure they won't be abolishing it. As far as reforming it, I have no idea.
  6. I know the Super 3 tickets are different than the Friends of DCI tickets. But even the money for the friends tickets had to be in way early, by Sept. 30th I believe.
  7. Last year - The schedule was announced on November 23rd. Individual tickets for finals week went on sale December 5th.
  8. Carolina Crown 2018

    What about Alcatraz?
  9. Carolina Crown 2018

    I wouldn't even let him guard Deer Island!
  10. Boston Crusaders 2018

    Congratulations to the inductees and honorees!!! Well deserved!!
  11. All time shows: Boston Crusaders

    In full disclosure..... I didn't know about 2002. I had to look it up.
  12. Video edits 2017

    Blu-ray/DVD sets• Blue Devils – 0:42 has been omitted ("Stay (from 'Interstellar')”)• The Cavaliers – 2:02 has been omitted ("On the Nature of Daylight," "The Sun's Gone Dim")• Boston Crusaders – 2:42 has been omitted ("Wicked Game")• Blue Knights – 2:29 has been omitted ("107 Steps")• Blue Stars – 3:14 has been omitted ("Come What May (Te Amare)," "Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend,” "Kissing You")CD set• Blue Devils B – :09 of pre-recorded audio has been omitted• Spartans – 1:55 of pre-recorded audio has been omitted
  13. All time shows: Boston Crusaders

    Boston won the Spirit of Disney Award in 2000 for "Red". "You Are My Star" was 2002. The Cadets won the Spirit of Disney Award that year.
  14. Anyone care to set the "over/under" on when he comes back, this time? Last time I think it was less than a month.