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  1. Carolina Crown 2018

    I'm glad they'll be in Bentonville....but bummed they're not going to be at Broken Arrow like last's a ToC competition. Is Crown no longer going to participate in ToC?
  2. Carolina Crown 2018

    Getting stale...that's something I would never connect with Crown...Their format has brought them high honors. They've also been able to use that format in different show styles. Every year I have no idea what it could be...and yet they still seem to impress and change when it comes time to really clean toward the end of the season. BD uses the same format every year and it's done wonders for them...but each year you expect them to add a bit of jazz, or something that sounds similar that they used the previous year. With Crown, who knows. I'm probably way off base here but that's my IMO.
  3. How is it decided which corps perform at which shows? Does DCI have a say or is it determined by the corps itself?
  4. Carolina Crown 2018

    I'm sure they're still evaluating.
  5. Carolina Crown 2018

    Day Two of November camp has come to an end....
  6. Carolina Crown 2018

    I'm wondering how recruitment' going...I've watched them live at their performances in Bentonville every year since 2012 and every one around just said they wold love to be a part of that corps...that didn't happen this year. They still had the best show and the loudest applause, but it was slow coming....All the past years the crowd around me was on their feet even before that last note was released...but this year only a few of us rose like that. I took my two little cousins who just started hs marching band to see them and they asked me why I was so impressed with them. It made a bit sad that I had to break it down to them...had they seen them the years before I wouldn't have had to explain. The corps could consist of a large number of veteran returns,..they'll know how things are done and won't have to spend as much time on learning the basics and getting into the routine of things....which could make them even stronger in 2018. But if they had a lot of ages outs from 2017, they'll need to fill those spots with less experience could be harder to fill them..jugging by their reaction to Crowns show...
  7. Carolina Crown 2017

    Anybody know how many age outs Crown had this year? Bluecoats had 55
  8. Carolina Crown 2017

    looking at the recaps...looks like percussion had a bad run...5th...but I think it's safe to say they'll take the Ott tomorrow. Maybe they'll turn it around tomorrow night. But it looks like the entire group had bad visual performance.
  9. Carolina Crown 2017

    Yeah...they've gotta add more to the end...they don't really stop adding thing until about a week before finals I think....
  10. Carolina Crown 2017

    Got back from watching them at Bentonville tonight. They were so awesome. Was right on the 50 near the top so I could see everything. They are so clean. There was a lot more brass parts added from the video I seen of them in Orlando....which were really neat and really enhances the already amazing brass sound. Only one rifle drop. The singing really is less noticeable than the videos I've seen. Which is what is said constantly and I find it accurate. This show is so's just rather hard to place them at the moment. I see them again tomorrow at Broken Arrow along with all the rest of the top corps so that should give an indication of how things could go. However...this was the first year at Bentonville where the crowd did rise to their feet before the last note ended. There was a slight pause and then the crowd stood. I think that's mainly because a lot of them didn't really understanding what was going on. All in all they've got a chance to win the title...though I'm a bit biased I suppose.
  11. Just got home from this show...What a great night. It wasn't as hot as it was last year. I got to introduce a couple of cousins to DCI and loved watching their reactions to what they were watching. My favorite Madison show since New York Morning. They were awesome and impressive. BAC was awesome as well. They really do have an excellent show this year....I believe they'll be placing really high up on finals... Crown...sigh...this was the first year that the audience didn't stand up while the corps was still playing the last note. There was a brief pause before the crowd rose to their feet. they were so clean and the brass as always was just incredible. From what I heard being said around me is that people just didn't really get the theme. I still absolutely loved it. They added new brass parts I hadn't heard from previous recordings. It really enhances the depth of the show. I get to watch them again tomorrow night in Broken Arrow.
  12. you beat me to the punch...I've created the thread to this show for the past thee years....oh snooze you lose. I'm bringing my cousins with me to their very first DCI show. I can't wait to see their reactions. I've attended this show since 2013. I really excited to see Madison. They've never come to this show venue before. This'll be the first time I've ever seen a live show of them not at finals. BAC wasn't there last year but were there in 2015....they had a glitch with their sound system and no one could hear the singer at all. There are a lot more world class corps this year as well. Gunna be an awesome night!
  13. 2017 PREDICTIONS!

    Me too!
  14. 2017 PREDICTIONS!

    No way I'm putting ranks here.... However I'm gunna say this season is going to be long, and extremely intense with how close everyone is at the beginning....I expect throughout the season the ranking of the top spot will be given to quite a few of the top six corps from last year....Crown BD Bloo, SCV Cavies, especially around mid season. Towards then end I think the spread will likely begin to form though.
  15. Carolina Crown 2017

    I'd seen both the preview video's on that site last on Sunday and Monday and was really worried about the guard...but they did so much better last night...makes me feel a bit more hopeful for later on.