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  1. So I've watched the show online a few times and not sure if this has been brought up in the past pages. It seems that side 1 gets more raised and scattered sidelines than side 2. I think the drill kind of alludes to side 1 being the more 'deconstructionist' theme, i.e. the straight company front that turns into the wave form on side 1 a few times. And then they finish the show with more percussion 'islands' on side 1 with the drill centered on side 2 during the fugue reprise. Has anyone else commented on this or heard the viewpoint from the drill/design team? Sorry if I'm stating the obvious.
  2. I am an east coast-er that hasn't seen the cadet's production this year. Also a grad school student that's too poor to buy the streaming and shows won't be near me until towards the end of July. Wouldn't mind if someone just might happen to inbox me a present that would make my day. Really want to see what they've fielded this year. I've seen nearly everyone else via periscope, youtube, social media, etc. Cadets have been a tough cookie to find for me!
  3. Is the fugue going to be pushed into a pre-show to fit the rest of the closer in the allotted time? Will there be more "deconstruction" to the field in that break near the very end where the percussion islands come out? I could see them moving the yard lines.
  4. I could honestly see them trying to move the entire field lines over to try and change the intervals between some. Use something like the tarps cadets had for the field numbers. Or change the field a little more than when coats "tilted" it with a tarp. Just a guess.
  5. What is it titled? I couldn't find it.
  6. I thought everyone debuts their final product in June..... </sarcasm> What I was alluding to is that almost everyone else tonight had shows that saturate the field with their key concepts/ideas. Religious references, a huge jagged runway, space props, love, etc. Crown's concept will take infinitely more work to covey on the field as they polish their show and add in layers. Their show is smart and will take some time to sink in like 2013 and many of BD's recent productions. I know this isn't all that GE takes into accounts but I just hope this caption doesn't hold their score back as August rolls around.
  7. I think it's going to be interesting to follow Crown's GE score for the rest of the season as their show develops more.
  8. Interesting, if you search Lucas Oil Stadium on snapchat stories you can see their props on the field and a small clip of their ballad.
  9. Who was rehearsing in LOS today before the show?
  10. Glad to see that Stars are using "Kissing You" from the movie Romeo + Juliet as the opener. I've always thought that was a great song and would translate well to the field. Needs more ooompfh. The intro to the ballad with the type writer is a piece from the move 'Atonement' called Birony's Note. Love the original. Guess it's referencing typing a love letter? That voice intro to the closer featuring the opnening lines of "Lady Marmalade" made me cringe. Felt really forced. Could use a better quote from the movie. Very accessible theme and show music for Blue Stars this year!
  11. Watching on a newer Samsung Smart TV by using the Samsung Streaming App on my phone. Took a little while to figure it out but the quality is great! I haven't looked at the packages offered by flomarching but is there an opportunity to buy single events? Too lazy to search for it myself, thanks!
  12. Any rotating prisms this year?
  13. Cesario's description of the visual program in this week's Field Pass is quite interesting. Looking forward to something fresh, visually, from Crown.
  14. Nice arrangement of Scythian Suite. Phantom 06 will always have a place in my heart though!