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  1. Nah the visual staff is the last to sleep and first to rise ;) lol
  2. Louisiana stars really took a step back in the show design department this year.
  3. Meh. It's not a very good show. Rwally inopportune staging and missed effect moments. They will be okay but they could have been better with their old team.
  4. So for anyone doubting the Blue Devils design team here is a post after 2015 BD family day http://www.drumcorpsplanet.com/forums/index.php/topic/162342-blue-devils-preview-at-family-day-2015/#entry3523405 This is the best design and instructional team EVER assembled! I've learned to trust them until the finals scores are announced. Period.
  5. Well to be fair Phantom won not because of Bd''s percussion being below par. Phantom won because they gained 1.1 points in "feet" in 3 days.... 1.1 points in a subcaption?.... in 3 days?.... come on. Not to mention their leg shape, control, and foot timing were atrocious. But back on topic, I can't wait to order the blue rays!
  6. While I can't speak for music (although I do think it's partly the same?) there is only so much information that the judge can take from the sidelines. The only way to really see how the members are truly performing, both individually, and person to person is to jump in there and get your hands dirty. This is as good of an idea as expecting all NFL referees to be on the sideline. This will make the judges opinions even more subjective to go in the way of certain corps.... Are DCI judges really that distracting to people? I feel like I barely notice them because I'm concentrating on the show/members.
  7. Lol. No one could do BD style shows. It's too unique to them. Everyone else has such a similar way of constructing and teaching shows. BD is in another league. I'd love to see BD15 march/play Cadets15 and vice versa. That would be interesting!
  8. Hardest show ever? It wasn't even the hardest show of 2015...m
  9. LD bell High School lol
  10. Instructional staff.
  11. Consistency of the corps is much better than getting in new talent and cutting vets.
  12. That is definitely not true.