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  1. Dang, I was going to excitedly share my little hack for forcing it to display the whole schedule ( that URL hack (changing limit=10 to limit=115) appears to no longer work. Now it auto-reloads with the normal 10 items per page. Boo!!
  2. Like being asked to pick one's favorite child...not fair! Top 5: 1989 2004 1999 1998 1987 Too many honorable mentions (1988, 2013, 2009, 2016, 2002, 2000, 2012, 1997...I could keep going on and on) Least fave: 1995
  3. For those interested in viewing the full 2018 schedule on the new DCI site without having to go through 12 separate pages, here are two URLs to use: (for the list style display) (for the grid style display)
  4. I believe it actually is a TOC show. They had one there this past summer with great attendance, so it's not surprising to see it there again. Wise locale for a show given the success of the Broken Arrow Band.
  5. Agreed - hope some adjustments are made as it does require too many page views. I too miss being able to filter specific corps. Being able to filter by location is nice...though the states aren't in alphabetical order.
  6. Doh...sorry about that!! I'm finding the layout of the schedule kinda clunky to navigate. Probably just a newness thing but kind of miss being able to see more listed on a page.
  7. Wow, just checked to see if the 2018 schedule was out and was caught off guard with a re-designed DCI webpage. The 2018 schedule is now available too! DCI's new look:
  8. SCV 2017 - 50 Years of Class

    What was it like to experience SCV 2017 from the head drum major's podium? This gives a great taste...check it out!
  9. 2018 Prediction Thread

    Prediction: this thread will have fewer pages than the Cadets 2017 thread
  10. SCV 2017 - 50 Years of Class

    Congrats SCV on an unforgettable season, anniversary, and show! So proud to see you return to the medal podium as well as to see SCVC win the open championship, plus the alumni corps for its wonderful tribute to the organization. To the the vanguard organization and all the corps members (SCV, SCVC, alumni), design team, corps staff, volunteers, organization leadership, and so many others thank you for the countless hours you put in to make 2017 a truly magical season that we'll never forget!
  11. Yeah, I noticed that too. That final sequence with the rolling wheels is getting cleaner but still some polishing left to do. Not sure if others noticed it but earlier in the show (can't recall which movement) I noticed a marching member wipe out on the left side of the 50. Had to sprint to get to their next set on time. A couple individual bumps tonight but overall ensemble quality is increasing.
  12. The BD and SCV top 2 thread and then this...whew what a cranky week on DCP! Off-season is almost here folks!
  13. SCV 2017 - 50 Years of Class

    I was holding out some hope for that until seeing the new closer over the weekend. Having 12 rolling members in the final sequence makes that seem unlikely. With that said they could potentially do a partial early wearing of them like BD does and then remove them. Could be logistically very messy though adding that to the already complex visual design. The practical side of me says don't mess with it...the nostalgic side of me says figure out a way to make it happen. I would suspect the odds of them remaining without the aussie are pretty high.
  14. SCV 2017 - 50 Years of Class

    What a razor thin margin between SCV and BD as the season is down to two weeks left!! 0.0125 - are you kidding me?! And must say while I loved the old ending, this new one is sweet and with more cleaning should be perfect come finals! Take it home Santa Clara!!