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  1. It is a bit perplexing at times the quietness of this thread relative to others - it always seems to be that way though on SCV threads. Keeping it classy and style! I for one am thrilled with the result tonight. Keep pushing Santa Clara!
  2. Loving the vanguard show this year! It's like a fusion of cavaliers, phantom, and vanguard..but undeniably vanguard. Obviously no coincidence given the design team.
  3. Came across this vid on youtube today and was about to share beat me by a few days! Wow what a sound this year and some really challenging music they're playing this summer. One of the strongest SCV brass lines in a very long time (99/04?). Ott level? From this snippet I'd have to say they need to be in the conversation.
  4. Wow...definitely going the different route this year. The uniform/costume realm has been evolving rapidly the last 5 years - guess it was only a matter of time before SCV joined in too. Trying hard to not have a knee jerk reaction here...
  5. According to social media SCV will be having a community performance this evening. For anyone able to attend we'd love to get a little scoop on the show! Please?!
  6. That closer is made for the mellos - CANNOT wait to hear it!!
  7. With both Santa Clara and the Blue Devils playing Peter Graham's Triumph of Time this summer, something tells me we'll be hearing his music more in the coming years. Before this summer Graham's music had been played 7 times beginning with the Blue Knights in 2000 and more recently with the Cavaliers in 2010 and 2015. With pieces like the following...I'd be ok with that.
  8. Spent some time this evening listening to all the pieces in SCV's upcoming 2017 production - what a great repertoire and some awesome source music (and feels quintessentially vanguard)! Always love getting introduced to new music - that's what is so great about drum corps! Love the tension of Interplay for Piano Four Hands and Orchestra - sets an interesting mood right out of the gate. Triumph of Time is an absolutely amazing piece - it will be interesting to see what portion is used in the show (maybe a portion of the first 5 minutes? So many great moments throughout though...). Will there be any overlap with what the Blue Devils use? The trombone feature about halfway through just oozes devils - I would be shocked if they don't use that portion. Remembering the Future will make a great closer - there are some great mello moments in there near the end...classic Shaw stuff: This should be lots of fun this summer folks!
  9. I wonder if we'll get some vintage SCV follow the leader drill for any stretches in this show. You know...very serpent-like but a nod to their past. For example the end of The Canyon in the '99 show.
  10. Very interesting and very different concept for them compared to what they've done over the last 5 years. Many wanted something new/fresh from them and we're definitely getting that! On first take it appears to be a more complex concept. Obviously design makes or breaks a show but conceptually there appears to be more here this year. Hoping this can get them back on the podium! Triumph of Time is a really neat piece, but like others have said it's ~18 minutes, so I'm actually really excited to see how differently SCV and the Blue Devils work with it.
  11. Link to SCV 2017 show announcement:
  12. I'm probably reading something that's not there (gotta pass the time before the announcement, right?!), but I wonder if there's anything significant about the number 12 in their show. "SCV 2017" is prominent in this graphic and for good reason - it's their 50th (golden) anniversary. But the 12 pops in this graphic too. Plus they're announcing at 12. Yes..I'm probably creating something out of nothing here! It's probably as simple as hey - we should include some red since we're vanguard to make this look cooler.
  13. I've always been a bit perplexed about the relative lack of posts each year on the SCV threads relative to other corps. I'm not a really frequent poster so I haven't helped with that, but given the history, tradition, class, and long-term consistency of this corps - they definitely deserve more DCP love. It's pretty remarkable when you look back at their history. I know many are well aware of the following accomplishments but I think we take them for granted. This corps has never (NEVER!) missed a DCI finals and their lowest finals placement is 8th (which they've only done once - 2005). Have they won the most championships and medals? No. But they have consistently performed at a high level as evidenced by their average finals placement of 3.87 in their 45 years in DCI. I am VERY excited about the upcoming season. 50 years alone is more than enough reason to celebrate SCV, but when you also factor in the upward trajectory they've been on the last 6 or so years, the amazing staff they've built, adding Michael Gaines, and on and on - there's so much reason to be excited about for them this summer. Can't wait to find out what they've been planning and am extremely curious how long they've been working on the concept for. This corps has been on the cusp of medaling for 5 years now. The consistency of the Blue Devils and Cadets coupled with the rise of Crown and the Bluecoats have made cracking the top 3 an incredibly difficult feat. SCV appears to be attracting the talent it needs to compete at the top and now just needs a masterfully designed show to match the top tier. They certainly have assembled a design team capable of doing that, so here's to hoping they uncork a magical show this summer. One that makes the 50th anniversary one to remember for the corps and one that rewards them with an overdue medal to end the longest medal drought in their history (12 years). Can't....wait!!!
  14. Cadets 2000. Honorable mention SCV 2009.
  15. What will be really interesting to watch is how much design influence he will have on SCV this summer. One subtle little nugget I noticed in the full length announcement was that he mentioned being asked to join Vanguard in 2016. One can only speculate when he accepted but with all the planning and momentum building the organization has been doing in anticipation for this, the 50th anniversary year of the corps, I wonder how much he has already been involved in the planning/designing for this summer's program.