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  1. DCI Tour Premiere - Thursday, 21 June Corps Score Carolina Crown 1 Bluecoats 70.8 The Cavaliers 2 Boston Crusaders 69.9 Bluecoats 3 Carolina Crown 68.6 Boston Crusaders 4 The Cavaliers 68.2 Phantom Regiment 5 Phantom Regiment 64.7 Blue Stars 6 Blue Stars 63.8 MidCal Champions Showcase - Friday, 22 June Corps Score Blue Devils 1 Santa Clara Vanguard 71.4 Santa Clara Vanguard 2 Blue Devils 71.1 Blue Knights 3 Blue Knights 65.7 Mandarins 4 Mandarins 60.5 The Academy 5 The Academy 59.8 Troopers 6 Troopers 56.6 The Whitewater Classic - Saturday, 23 June Corps Score Madison Scouts 1 Boston Crusaders 68.1 Boston Crusaders 2 The Cavaliers 67.3 The Cavaliers 3 Blue Stars 61.8 Blue Stars 4 Madison Scouts 58.1 Colts 5 Colts 54.6 Pioneer 6 Pioneer 46.8 DCI West - Saturday, 23 June Corps Score Blue Devils 1 Santa Clara Vanguard 71.6 The Academy 2 Blue Devils 70.9 Santa Clara Vanguard 3 Blue Knights 66.0 Mandarins 4 Mandarins 60.6 Blue Knights 5 The Academy 58.9 Troopers 6 Troopers 57.0 Innovations in Brass - Saturday, 23 June Corps Score Bluecoats 1 Bluecoats 72.0 The Cadets 2 Carolina Crown 69.7 Carolina Crown 3 The Cadets 66.1 Crossmen 4 Phantom Regiment 65.2 Genesis 5 Crossmen 62.7 Phantom Regiment 6 Genesis 54.1
  2. MidWAmericanArts

    Blue Knights 2018

    I’m really bummed. I know my dream of all corps in a uniform wasn’t going to happen, but I loved what Blue Knights has been doing. I feel like I’m going to be one of those Bugle kind of people, but I’m only 25! Oh well, love BK no matter what!
  3. MidWAmericanArts

    Blue Devils 2018

    Are you suggesting that people who don’t like BD have the same mental tendencies as dogs? I kid, I kid!!
  4. MidWAmericanArts

    Blue Devils 2018

    I was talking to a friend (who can’t stand BD) after finals in 2014. They said they hated BD’s show that year, that it was too abstract and they weren’t into thought provoking shows. You surely can’t judge an entire group by one person, but at that moment, I realized some people will always hate BD because they’re BD.
  5. MidWAmericanArts

    Bluecoats 2018-LETS GO BLOO

    At Ft Wayne. No idea how this will score, but I LOVE it!
  6. MidWAmericanArts

    Bluecoats 2018-LETS GO BLOO

    Are any of their rehearsals open to the public while at Indiana Wesleyan?
  7. All of the Blues! Devils, Coats, Knights, Stars Blue Devils - Outside of Flight of the Bumblebee (which I still really liked), this show was GOLD! Bluecoats - What an entertaining show! While they aren't my absolute favorite corps, I've started noticing that I bubble in anticipation of each year's new show. They are refreshing! Blue Knights - These past two years, I've loved this group. I can't quite put my finger on what I like so much, but the shows are so artistic and draw me in so much more than the groups that they compete against. Blue Stars - Their shows won't score well with the direction that they're going, but I couldn't care less. Last year, they created so many cool textures with their arrangements. The visuals package was so enjoyable. I hope they keep going down this same path.
  8. MidWAmericanArts

    2017 World Championships Prelims - Aug 10

    I understand what you mean. I'm not going for some over dramatic "I can't enjoy DCI when people are mean on DCP". I'm just trying to say that this is such an incredible activity. I want to be around and discuss it with people who love it, too. But when I get on here and most of the threads are about how (insert corps here) is getting shafted, the activity is ruined, judging is rigged.... I'm less enthusiastic and willing to participate in the discussion. On a side note, you're one of my favorite users on the website, you keep doing you!
  9. MidWAmericanArts

    2017 World Championships Prelims - Aug 10

    That's fair, I understand your point.
  10. MidWAmericanArts

    2017 World Championships Prelims - Aug 10

    This was in reference to their lack of drill/movement. I've heard discussion of the weakness of it, but I'm not talking about that. I'm making the comparison to BD's ballad, which people have been very critical of the lack of drill.
  11. MidWAmericanArts

    Carolina Crown 2017

    Aren't they already doing this?
  12. MidWAmericanArts

    2017 World Championships Prelims - Aug 10

    A couple points I wanted to make after reading through comments: 1. Everyone is entitled to their opinions, but this place has became quite negative recently. I've only been using DCP for a few years, but I really feel bummed out. 2. I LOVE SCV this year. They're wonderful. Here's the point I'd like to make. Just about all of the east coast folk were adamant after their first meet that Bluecoats were better than SCV, that Bluecoats were the best corps and we're going to win it all. Fast forward to today, nobody is really making that argument. Now it's that SCV is getting the shaft and should be dominating BD. Few made these arguments until SCV was clearly in 2nd place. I feel like people really jumped on the SCV bandwagon because they are serious challengers to BD. My point being: it seems to me that some people (not all) just argue that BD should be losing to whoever is in 2nd place. 3. Lots of talk of BD standing still (ballad is the biggest complaint), which there is a level of validity to. My biggest question here is this: Why is nobody upset about Bluecoats ballad? I know I've made some inflammatory comments here. I really love each of the corps this year and SCV is among my favorites. I have no problem with Bloo's ballad. I don't mean to create more tension, I just believe some are being overly critical of BD. Drum corps becomes vastly more enjoyable when you're not invested in the results and just show up to see some great performances.
  13. Considering that we had our first west coast corps face off against our first east coast corps, I thought it would be interesting to compare spreads between BD and SCV vs SCV and Bluecoats. Then I decided to compare the spreads of SCV and Bluecoats vs Bluecoats and Crown. Well, one thing lead to another, and then.... I created this: A few notes and disclaimers before somebody gets upset by this: 1. It's been nearly two weeks since Bluecoats and Crown have competed, so any changes would not be accurately represented in these numbers. 2. Blue Devils guard score seems quite high. This is likely inaccurate, but I followed the same method throughout. It was caused by the most recent spread between BD and SCV guards (.5) and the recent SCV/Bluecoats spread (.4). 3. In the weighted scores section, I set all spreads by the most recent high score, which was the Blue Devils. 4. Essentially, each score was determined by looking at the 3 most recent matchups and giving weight to each score. The most recent matchup received a 5/8 weight, then a 3/8 weight, and the least recent received a 1/8 weight. In instances of only 2 available scores, the most recent score was given a 3/4 weight and the least recent was given a 1/4 weight. I could give more information on methodology, but it might be a lengthy read. 5. These are only numbers. They do not tell the full story. However, some conclusions and insight can still be drawn from them. Please feel free to ask questions, I'd be more than happy to answer.
  14. At first, I saw my favorite group do this and was so upset. After debating it internally, I think I'm most upset that it was done poorly, not because of what was being done. If you can do it well and it enhances the fan's experience, I'm all for it. However, I don't think we're at that point yet.
  15. MidWAmericanArts

    Opening Night!

    From my vantage point at Lucas Oil.... Crossmen- They're talented enough to make finals, but they could be pulled out by strong competition. Nothing really stood out to me. Blue Stars- My favorite show of the night. I thought their arrangements were fantastic. I usually find that Sullivan's writing is more entertaining, but doesn't score as well as Saucedo's. I see this group as one that is going to quickly climb in score as the season goes on. Cavaliers- I was super excited for this show and was let down. It was still good, but I expected more after last year. While I thought it was a quality product, it almost felt closer to 2015 than 2016. Cadets- Say what you want, but I actually like the uniform choice. They had a super demanding show and really surprised me. They weren't my favorite, but they'll score much higher than I had previously thought. Crown- After watching them online, I really only liked the closer. Tonight, I really only liked everything up to the ballad. I think this closer has potential, but the energy just wasn't there tonight. Now, I think the show is flawed, but there is more to enjoy than I had previously thought. Bluecoats- Man, I love watching the visual demand of this show. I don't think it will ever be clean, but I love how much they've got going on. Other than that though, I was extremely dissapointed. They were talented, but I didn't find much that was enjoyable. Am I the only one feeling a little bit of Carmel guard influence on the show?