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  1. copyright

    Johnston, IA - July 11, 2018

    Yes, he lives in the area and used to announce the show but not sure why he didn’t tonight. The voice of DCI has certainly fired up the local crowd for many years.
  2. copyright

    2018 Uniforms!

    So headgear and a collar determine 'swagger'?
  3. copyright

    Pioneer 2018

    If you contribute to the cause it will make sure marimba / vibes / xylophones are properly amplified.
  4. They could use some support here:
  5. I love armchair quarterbacks. Maybe you should sign up to help?
  6. What year did she march? It mentioned she was from Florida so I'm assuming sometime after the late 90's?
  7. copyright

    All time shows: The Crossmen

    1998 favorite by far least favorite 2006
  8. copyright

    Pioneer 2018

    Andy, This is exactly why posting anything positive on DCP is worthless because the basis of many of these posts is to attack the person or the corps responsible. Radio silence may be a better option - and folks can see/hear for themselves in January.
  9. copyright

    Pioneer 2018

    That's it? A little wordsmithing could help this one out.
  10. copyright

    Pioneer January Camp

    Hi Andy, Proud pio alum here. I understand the desire to march 80 brass but I hope the infrastructure is being put in place to ensure MMs have a good experience on the road. Best of luck leading into January.
  11. copyright

    All time shows: Pioneer

    1996 Celtic Twilight 1999 Greensleeves 2015 Exodus: Divide the Sea Unite the People
  12. copyright

    Colts uniform question

    We may never know - but I was asking myself the same question.
  13. I like this thread. Let's get it back on the front page.
  14. copyright

    Pioneer 2018

    It would make little to no sense financially for Pioneer to return to open class - if anything it would lower recruitment numbers. It is clear that corps like Legends, Music City and even River City Rhythm are starting to win the dinner table battle for students who have the money to tour. The years when Pio was most successful at recruitment were years that they had staff dedicated to engaging/retaining new and veteran members to adapt to the somewhat fluctuating programming styles i.e. Broadway, Irish, Celebrate?, Church music, Joan of Arc, etc. Hats off to the design team for the product they put together this year - I thought it was an enjoyable show that allowed the students to grab ahold and tell a great story.