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  1. thanks for this thread. I paid $50 for one month and didn't realize it would auto renew... who would pay $50/month on auto renew instead of $150 for a year? That is highly questionable...
  2. What should happen?

    Cadets might have a chance to win the 'national class' (unlike World Class) so I can see why you might be interested in this idea...
  3. Averaging scores

    Your way is still an average. Just a weighted average.
  4. Crossmen 2017

    here's hoping!
  5. What should happen?

    It is important that there is an avenue for new corps to come up and do smaller tours with less pressure, IMO.
  6. Crossmen 2017

    thanks to Kevin for posting this in the finals thread (tuba and cymbal stacks for spirit):
  7. I got one month for $50 part way through the season... I am happy, though my stream was very pixelated last night until the last 8. That was also the point where I switched to stream from my phone to the tv, vs the computer or iPad to the tv.
  8. Crossmen 2017

    One more chance, but looks like Blue Stars will win the battle this year. They made the changes they needed, whether execution or design, to get back ahead.
  9. my feed keeps going pixelated...
  10. Crossmen 2017

    Still a battle with Blue Stars ... looks like zero chance for either Blue Stars or Crossmen to catch Phantom.
  11. Crossmen 2017

    Gap to Phantom bigger tonight than the last few shows
  12. A Reprieve on A&E (Maybe?)

    too much coming from the speakers, IMO (and apparently in GH's opinion also). Makes for an unpleasant watching experience.
  13. Electronic Amplification

    @CDUB there are some corps that put 3 (usually) mics up on the front sideline. Usually the 50 and both 35s. They are big and fuzzy and they point toward the field. They are behind the pit. BD, Bloo, and Cavaliers are definitely guilty. Vanguard is at least half guilty because their 'featured performers' are mic'd the whole show, including ensemble impacts. My guess is Crown is also guilty, but can't confirm. And Boston and Phantom might be as well, but not sure about these.
  14. Thank You!!!!

    thank YOU for your contributions to the events Fran!