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  1. This means that the performs adjust their dots on the fly to fit the form instead of marching to their dot no matter what. I believe most corps teach the dots and then perform to the form. Every marcher in every corps has a dot for each set (as far as I know).
  2. 2018 Rules proposals

    well, I have never been to a show where the electronics were dialed back. Pretty sure the electronics only have 2 volumes: super loud and painfully overpowering
  3. 2018 Rules proposals

    "we all need to get better at [sound reinforcement]" ... fantastic. *facepalm*
  4. The number of World Class Corps

    that is good to hear
  5. The number of World Class Corps

    some people involved in the activity want there to be 7 world class corps...
  6. 2018 Rules proposals

    if we could stop the mic-ing of the entire brass line, and forbid any autotune shenanigans (I think there was at least one instance of this), that would be excellent.
  7. only took like 5 clicks to get the schedule for one corps... after first finding the very strange menu in the upper right. how not convenient. this website is a big fail
  8. Video edits 2017

    several years!??! geez
  9. Full-field tarp?

    clever way to keep your horn line between the 25s and in front of the front hash, and make it seem like a new age design decision and not just cutting any demand that comes with field coverage. smart.
  10. Crossmen 2018

    hopefully it means the show will have some awesome jazz...
  11. Accidental Shooting - a Scout?

    don't clean a loaded gun it isn't that hard. sucks a dumb decision ended this way. :(
  12. Rest in Peace Paul Cain

    definitely a drum corps icon
  13. Question about college?

    I highly doubt a non-drum corps person is going to out march a drum corps person at super easy TBDBITL drill...
  14. There are already claims that the scores are too design heavy. Now we have mics failing and obvious performance issues, and the appropriate scores not being docked. What does the judge say "oh, I know what you were trying to do, obviously there is a mic issue that you couldn't control" ????? What if the horn line randomly cut out of a feature part? Corps must be punished for A&E issues. They will fix their issues when they start dropping places. Until then, there is no reason. BD should've gotten creamed for their trumpet solo that was volume 1000 at Allentown, but obviously they didn't. People in the crowd were literally covering their ears. There has to be risk / reward. Right now there is just reward.
  15. thanks for this thread. I paid $50 for one month and didn't realize it would auto renew... who would pay $50/month on auto renew instead of $150 for a year? That is highly questionable...