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  1. soccerguy315

    Update from the Philadelphia Inquirer

    I hope people keep digging... I think there is more in the works and some more names will be coming out. I also am pretty confident there are at least a few so far unnamed persons with great reputations in DCI that regularly engage in sexual relations with corps members. The questions here are, how many rocks are we willing to look under, because some people will definitely be laying low and hoping for this to blow over. As an activity, it is in our interest to look everywhere that we can and permanently change our culture; make it clear that certain actions are not welcome.
  2. I am happy they were able to round up these individuals so quickly. They appear to have appropriate and varied backgrounds. I believe this new board will be able to set the organization on a financially stable path for years to come. We all heard about Hopkins wildly spending money, so hopefully that is all it was, and didn't drift into illegal territory. But however deep the financial issues were that he was causing, this is the end of them.
  3. The story deserves that headline, IMO. The entire activity needs to look itself in the mirror. And then make it clear some people are not welcome.
  4. the newest statement from the YEA Board continues to make it sound like they aren't going anywhere. They dug a whole too deep to get out of. They must go. They LET this happen for decades... an "oh, we're sorry" email way after the fact doesn't cut it.
  5. This needs to happen. Open all the doors and put it all out there. (edit: at every corps, not just Cadets)
  6. This quote, from the new YEA CEO, makes it sound like the Board is going nowhere. Not impressed. Must do better. If they want to retain US Bands as a funding mechanism, they need to be moving NOW. Schools setting their fall schedules do not have time to wait a couple months to see how things play out.
  7. soccerguy315

    Crossmen 2018

    Like that they announced the musical selections... lot of potential here I think.
  8. soccerguy315

    Crossmen 2018

    Like that they announced the musical selections... lot of potential here I think.
  9. Why only 1? If you're going to be all male, then be all male. If you want to be coed, be coed. You can't be "all male, but if a really good female comes along, give her a spot instead"... that is not an organizational value. This screams "gimmick" to me, unless it is the first step to increasing female membership. Maybe Madison needs a gimmick to figure out their show design woes? idk.
  10. soccerguy315

    Big news!

    I figured it was water from a questionable housing site!!! haha congrats BoaDci! Have fun! Remember when your whole body hurts, everyone else is hurting too and you're all in it together!
  11. At the same time, if the 2nd person in a diagonal isn't on their dot, it can put the last person in the diagonal tons of steps off of their dot, and make the move impossible. So dots have to be respected at least to some degree. In this instance, the 2nd person in the line has to be fixed in order to make the form achievable.
  12. This means that the performs adjust their dots on the fly to fit the form instead of marching to their dot no matter what. I believe most corps teach the dots and then perform to the form. Every marcher in every corps has a dot for each set (as far as I know).
  13. soccerguy315

    2018 Rules proposals

    well, I have never been to a show where the electronics were dialed back. Pretty sure the electronics only have 2 volumes: super loud and painfully overpowering
  14. soccerguy315

    2018 Rules proposals

    "we all need to get better at [sound reinforcement]" ... fantastic. *facepalm*