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  1. . My last two posts have been very wrong. I should probably not be posting when on a cruise with unlimited free drinks...
  2. . Nevermind I'm just crazy
  3. Whoo! 3 transformation shows!
  4. Man, I can imagine them not having aussies for the entire season, and then at finals mid show to pull them out of nowhere and finish the show with them, hence fiercely defending their traditions
  5. What's interesting is that it seems like both Vanguard and BD have very similar "reinventing self" shows, but honestly, I think Vanguards is much better from the very little information I have. BD's sounds to me like a vague concept show that I feel like has been done a lot by high school bands and winter guards. Meanwhile, Vanguard put an interesting twist where they are tying it to a concrete symbol they can draw from, while still giving them room for layering the concept. granted, this is based off of a 2 paragraph blurb by each corps, so I'm making a lot of leaps.
  6. This. It's what makes being a vanguard fan so easy!!
  7. I think that one was always a safe assumption haha
  8. I'm really excited to see what they are gonna do! Agghhh I can't wait!
  9. Please! I need music to listen to haha! Now all the corps are waiting so late that I don't have a good playlist for working!
  10. Wow. I never thought I would have to hear Music for Prague 1968 on the field. I am really interested to see how that is arranged
  11. Yes and yes. I'd also recommend downloading more RAM to your TV for smooth video, and overclocking it's graphics card to improve your monitors resolution. :D
  12. Oh I'm aware, I was just saying that they were compressing the source during the encoding so poorly that the decompressed output on the "720p" setting could hardly be called that. It wasn't terrible, but you could visibily see where the tiles. I asked them about it in the support this last year and they confirmed it was their encoder settings.
  13. I for one just want way less compression of the video. It was hardly 720p, there were artifacts like crazy on the images. Also, I don't know why in this day and age it wasn't offered in 1080p.
  14. (One of the pieces was High Wire by John Mackey, the arrangement was really cool and I still have recordings on my phone)
  15. I mean, it would actually be pretty awesome