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  1. I always thought this was just a part of the equivalence movement for e=mc^2, so you had the front ensemble play that insane run, and then the brass play the same right afterwards, and then both play it equivalently
  2. Really outstanding show this past season. I'm excited for what they do in 2017. I hope they continue pushing in a similar direction. I think this next year might be really special for them, and honestly I'm hoping we are seeing the start of a long series of top 3 finishes!
  3. Well, SCV has a much more entertaining show to me, but #### that was clean and good BD. I don't think SCV took it tonight :/ But thats okay cause they are still #### amazing.
  4. I will say that the added tag is really random and doesn't do much for me. But that and mic issues aside, it was actually a pretty good run IMO. The brass is truly amazing.
  5. ah, the closeup gremlin strikes
  6. They finally sold this show for me. Well done Cavies!!!
  7. That closer drill is awesome.
  8. Make sure the “username” is actually your email
  9. I don’t think SCV is gonna jump BD tonight. Too many corps between them to get a strong comparison
  10. Not gonna lie... I think y'all overhyped the new ending for me. I enjoyed it though! Good addition by the Cadets
  11. Lets get some Vanguard!!
  12. So, to add to your shortlist, it would be really great to be able to see a head to head listing between 2 corps. Something where it shows all the shows that both corps are at together, and the score spread if they've already competed. That would be really cool! Especially if you could click into a show and see the sub caption spreads
  13. Also, lol at DrumScorps data scrape.