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  1. Alrighty, quick thoughts on the show tonight! PC: Not much to say, it was an average show, I don't see them moving up with this show design, but I don't see them moving down Mandarins: Cool effects, the show design is well done and I can see this taking them far. From a brass standpoint they sound very solid. I was not terribly surprised to see them over academy, since they were really firing on all cylinders. Academy: Cute show, but didn't really do much for me. I enjoyed the opening a lot. I think they are trying to fight the shadow of 2016, and loosing. Guard needs some cleaning. When the hunters had the bunnies in the ropes, the guy behind me commented "What is this, the bondage movement?". Blue Knights: I always love their soundscapes. The show needs some more fleshing out, but I liked the uniforms more than I thought I would. The stereo brass runs were awesome. Hide and Seek was cool, but I feel like they are killing their momentum with the pauses. I see them in the top 6 this year. Phantom Regiment: I don't think the brass sounded that bad in person. Some serious struggles though with the flugelhorn. Show just felt flat. The opener had promise, but then it just felt like the same show phantom has done for the last 4 years. can't seem them in the top 7 this year. Vanguard: So disclaimer, many of y'all know I am a huge vanguard homer, but holy #### this show was electric! From the beginning I was hooked, and it just kept going. The hornline sounded amazing in person. HUGE step up from the last few years. Prop usage was very impressive. I almost cried when I saw that weber/gaines drill. You can tell its weber, but that Gaines touch is there also. Opener was awesome. Ballad was awesome. Closer felt eerily similar to 2015 closer (Look at the prop formation for the final movement), but still was awesome. I'm so excited to see them grow!! Blue Devils: Impressive for sure. But honestly, seeing them live at this point, I don't see them taking the gold. I loved the opening drill. Very very cool. The uniform change needs much more flair. I didn't even notice they changed the uniforms for a few minutes. When this show gets fleshed out and cleaned its gonna be a monster, but right now, especially after vanguard, I understood why they won, but I wasn't sold at all. I do appreciate though that the music is much more accessible this year!
  2. The nice thing is on a desktop you can show both in one browser side by side, nifty feature FLO!
  3. Whoo! Gonna be there for this show! First time in an outdoor stadium!
  4. Cool update! how does one see the detailed recaps now?
  5. Yeah I gotchu, I'll try to test it out on the first show. PM me if you have a certain vpn you like to use
  6. Eh, I'll take the bullet for the team. I'll buy it and put it through the ropes
  7. . My last two posts have been very wrong. I should probably not be posting when on a cruise with unlimited free drinks...
  8. . Nevermind I'm just crazy
  9. Whoo! 3 transformation shows!
  10. Man, I can imagine them not having aussies for the entire season, and then at finals mid show to pull them out of nowhere and finish the show with them, hence fiercely defending their traditions
  11. What's interesting is that it seems like both Vanguard and BD have very similar "reinventing self" shows, but honestly, I think Vanguards is much better from the very little information I have. BD's sounds to me like a vague concept show that I feel like has been done a lot by high school bands and winter guards. Meanwhile, Vanguard put an interesting twist where they are tying it to a concrete symbol they can draw from, while still giving them room for layering the concept. granted, this is based off of a 2 paragraph blurb by each corps, so I'm making a lot of leaps.
  12. This. It's what makes being a vanguard fan so easy!!
  13. I think that one was always a safe assumption haha
  14. I'm really excited to see what they are gonna do! Agghhh I can't wait!
  15. Please! I need music to listen to haha! Now all the corps are waiting so late that I don't have a good playlist for working!