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  1. Two that come to mind for me might not be my favorites but they rank up there as most inspiring. Les Eclipse 1985? 14th place - They started out the season scoring in the 30’s and ended up in 14th. Les Etoile 1996 div ll champ, 15th place in div l - they slayed the div ll giant Pioneer who was set to finish out a three year undefeated streak. Les Etoile poured in on in div ll finals with an absolutely electric performance. One of the all-time great performances that I’ve witnessed.
  2. Very positive interview. Andy will be a great instructor and mentor. Sounds like Pioneer is putting together a good brass staff. I hope word gets out.
  3. Phantom Regiment 2018

    I imagine they already have brass players contracted from previous camps.
  4. All time shows: Oregon Crusaders

    Top three - 2013 My Heart, My Battle, My Soul 2012 Dreaming in Color 2014 Nevermore Least favorite - 2015 The Secret Garden
  5. Pioneer 2018

    I learned something new. Thanks for the link. Perhaps a more appropriate show title would be Celtic Dragons.
  6. Pioneer 2018

  7. Let’s look at the other side of the coin. Does anybody think World Class should have a minimum number of marchers? If I remember correctly, Open Class has a minimum.
  8. 2018 Show Announcent/Rumors?

    Dragons. It’s got to be dragons. Notice the flame emojis.
  9. Madison Scouts 2018

    Did you even read the article? None of your statements were evident in what I read about the gentleman concerned, Payton McGarry.
  10. Madison Scouts 2018

    It's in the article. There's an explanation on how the Blue Stars addressed it.
  11. Historical Age Out Stats

    I think Shadow has an age limit that is lower than DCI's. It probably stems from them still being strongly tied to the local school district. Yep, 14-18.
  12. Cadets 2018

    If the brass ensembles are getting the same instruction at the satellite camps, molding the two ensembles shouldn't be a problem (in theory).
  13. 2018 Staff Announcements (new thread)

    Noooooo! Good pickup for Regiment but I was hoping for more great things developing at BK. I guess we have to see who BK brings on.
  14. Seattle Cascades 2018

    If they respond by improving visuals (guard especially) I see them back in semis. Have a fantastic audition. Cascades have put out some fun, original programs. I'm particularly impressed with their ability to mash up two divergent tunes and make it work. It's becoming one of their signatures.