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  1. All time shows: Phantom Regiment

    This was 1993, during Death Hunt by Bernard Herrmann.
  2. All time shows: Phantom Regiment

    Favorites 2005 1993 1991 1989 2008 least 2017 1999 1996
  3. Phantom Regiment 2018

    I don't think the issues they've had competitively are simply because they aren't using music the way they used to.
  4. Crossmen 2018

    Right on! It'll be interesting to see how it comes together, but a great rep!
  5. Crossmen 2018

    My filter at work isn't allowing me to see the announcement, can anyone share the musical selections?
  6. All time shows: Bluecoats

    1996 1995 1991 2011 2008 Least 2017 2002
  7. You've been saying stuff like that for years. Maybe it's time to find a different line.
  8. Exactly. Saying that doing this is going to kill the corps is just nonsense. Although, I'm not surprised the comment was made. Although to correct, Bill Howard was not the found of the corps. He was corps director in 1971. The corps was founded by a group of Madison businessmen, with C.H. Beebe appointed as their first director.
  9. I agree with you, particularly on the alumni comment. Back in 2005, the Scouts website had a forum, and it got very ugly, as often times conversations can get on social media, about the Carmen show. Granted, much of that dialogue changed to the positive after the 2005 show developed into the product it did. Even now, in 2018, there are many on social media, particularly ones that have separate alumni pages that are up in arms about this announcement. I will say this. If having Meghan in the corps will make the product better, and help the 2018 Madison Scouts to be a strong force in DCI, or at least move in that direction, then I am all for it. As an alum, I am very traditional in my aspects of what the corps is, and should be, at the same time, times have also changed. I trust this staff and administration, and many I am sure will see that I do this to a fault, but if these types of changes help the Madison Scouts to grow and prosper, then I say bring on the changes.
  10. What you want for 2018

    For 2018, I want all kids to have a safe, and rewarding summer.
  11. Madison Scouts 2018

    They aren't Pearl. Also they were borrowed drums, not from the corps. The corps is still with Yamaha, as the MSARP is not under the corps umbrella, as the Macy's group was.
  12. Phantom Regiment 2018

    Not at all, on all counts. First, can trajectory change, of course. At the same time though, do you truly believe PR is on an up swing based on the past few years? I would not be confident that they are. Maybe they will be better this year, but based on what's been going on, I see them staying the same or moving down.
  13. Phantom Regiment 2018

    Might help to know what the word trajectory means. Their placement alone in 2018 is not their trajectory, however, if you analyze their placement over the past several years, and predict their 2018 score, that would be part of their trajectory and makes perfect sense. Your comment, however, does not. If I may clarify a little further: PR 2012-3rd 96.550 2013-6th 93.250 2014-7th 91.425 2015-7th 90.325 2016-8th 89.963 2017-9th 88.125 Where as Blue Knights started the same time period in 10th, and have moved between 6-8 over the past several years. It would be logical to say that PR is on a downward trajectory, as the Blue Knights are not.
  14. All time shows: The Colts

    1993, as many votes as you are willing to tally for me for 1993. If I need to do a top 5 1993 1993 1993 1993 1997-Didn't make finals, but that Blood, Sweat and Tears show was a blast to watch!
  15. Madison Scouts 2018

    The Gershwin Piano Concerto would be great. It would be cool to see them mix that with Cuban Overture from the '94 show. They've explored Rhapsody in Blue and American in Paris enough, but there's plenty more out there.