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  1. I was 1 his last season with the corps, lol.
  2. The great Jimmy Elvord stopped by camp this weekend.
  3. It was for last season, not sure for 2017. That was due to the line being launched in 2016, so not odd at all.
  4. I'd encourage you to get their mobile app and pay the $5 ish a year. Tons of great stuff on there. Not performance videos but TONS of audio and other stuff
  5. Chandler is wonderful, and a great person. There was a definite change in their guard when he took over in 1990. Ramiro Barrera did a great job as program coordinator from 1992 through 2004, but when Chandler took over complete control, the shows started having an insane amount of depth. I've had the chance of seeing virtually every show in person or on video of theirs since 1971, and other than 2 shows-1982 and 1987, I have loved everything they've done. I'm sure that 2017 will not disappoint.
  6. That show, like the 2014 show for some people seem to be looked down upon because people do/did not understand the concept. Dadaism, as well as the wonderful film world of Fellini are so bizarre to some, and didn't allow them to enjoy the show. Personally, I like and respect the fact that those shows made people think, and hopefully do some research. I sat with a very good friend after finals who was just trashing BD 2014. I lent him my copies of Fellini films, and encouraged him to watch others that I did not have in my possession and he now LOVES that show, because he gets it now.
  7. Details, details
  8. My prediction update:
  9. I will say this, I had a chance to hear the hornline and drumline play live, and as a drum corps fan and alum I'm very excited. Granted, I look on the positive with them most of the time, and if I do have reservations or concerns, I don't share them on here, so take that for what it's worth, but I left camp very excited.
  10. I just found it odd that there were posts when the admins specifically asked there not to be.
  11. For any corps that would consider using them, there is more to the choice than simply whether or not they can be played in tune. As for the posts about from/about Scouts January camp, it was requested that items not be posted, and unfortunately, things were. Maybe it hasn't been happening because the poster followed their request. At any rate, I do believe that 2017 will be a strong year for the corps from a design and performance standpoint.
  12. Exactly. For those that did not experience listening to live G hornlines, and only have references based on recordings, it will be almost impossible to truly compare. The only real example, as Stu pointed out would be to have a side-by-side live comparison.
  13. Producers of a reality show are not looking at their show the same was the typical drum corps fan would. They're marketing to a larger audience that doesn't know the same things as you, such as the snare player with gloves. It was also a 10 episode, 30 minute show so there's only so much depth of the actual drum corps experience they are going to be able to touch, while trying to keep an audience of people that know very little, if anything about the marching arts. I do see your point though, which is why I didn't watch much of it. However, I know people that did that are not invested in the activity and are now curious and considering attending shows, which in that way did its job.
  14. We had actually played Year of the Dragon the previous year in wind ensemble. I was very fortunate with my high school music experience.
  15. Thanks for the correction on Sparke. I assumed it was him, as when I was writing a show for a band in Illinois in 2005, we contacted Anglo directly and told us that the fee would be $2,000 for the 2 minutes we were hoping to do. As for Academy Musicale, I did in fact know that. In 1994, the high school I attended used both Celebration and Year of the Dragon as our field show and our director showed us a video of Academy Musicale as a point of reference. When he retired in 1995, he gave me his personal collection of DCI videos that he had purchased, along with the vinyl records dating back to 1982.