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  1. You realize you're asking that on DCP, right?
  2. Food truck. Show will be done by September though, I've heard.
  3. Oh good! Welcome back Sir Fracks A Lot! Looking forward to you spouting off on all things Madison, even I'm sure you won't actually see the corps at all. Will you do the truffle shuffle for us in 2017?
  4. Their website is www.regiment.org, so the address you are typing won't get you anywhere.
  5. Have you seen the uniform? Not trying to #### on them, but they're horrendous.
  6. Especially for a corps that isn't competing as they did a few years ago, and are not on the most financially stable ground. IMO, a huge waste of money and time.
  7. Almost looks like they took this image from their True Colors show announcement.
  8. I think they are.
  9. Yes, much.
  10. Just saw Spirit's uniform...I feel bad for the members.
  11. John Meehan has posted a lot about seeing Hamilton over the weekend on Facebook, so I think they're doing The Lion King.
  12. I'd love to see them tackle some material from the past, especially with how spectacular design of program has been for them for the past bunch of years.
  13. Not based on their repertoire
  14. I'd say it's safe to assume that's the program, since they must have given that info to the City of Rockford. That being said, I'll be sad if they do this show, as I was hoping that since the Cadets aren't doing the Lion King, that maybe Regiment would change to this show with the announcement of the Cadets playing Mass.
  15. Exactly! Having judged countless shows over the last 15 years or so, I wish more would be done for musical accountable to insure quality writing.