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  1. That's a bold statement, considering it comes down to an opinion.
  2. As great as the music and performance of said music was for Cadets 2014, that stage, and its placement was one of the worst ideas I have ever seen.
  3. Here's to hoping this is not the same, um...boldness.
  4. I think of it as more of an alienating, elitist comment that is jaded and sad.
  5. The source material for the music will be a lot of fun to listen to this summer!
  6. Bernstein's music and the Cadets have always gone well together, in my opinion. I'm hoping to make it to NYC for one of the performances.
  7. Your failed attempt at throwing shade is quite amusing. But to better help, I'll point out that I was not referring to that type of hype. I'm very sorry that words have more than one definition, and that various meanings were used. Keep tossing those comments in though, it's quite cute.
  8. Which was never my point with discussing the hype.
  9. That shipped sailed in a lot of ways years ago.
  10. This is true, at least from the corps themselves.
  11. Michael Richards
  12. Since the conversation has shifted to definitions of the word hype, and differing opinions on that. I'll just leave this right here. It was a simple google search of the word hype. Added discussions and chatter as I have pointed out multiple times fall into the definition if we are using the word as a noun or a verb. You may also want to take a look at dictionary.com, as there are references to multiple meanings of the word, including the way in which I am using the word. hype1 noun 1. extravagant or intensive publicity or promotion. "she relied on hype and headlines to stoke up interest in her music" synonyms: publicity, advertising, promotion, marketing, exposure; More verb 1. promote or publicize (a product or idea) intensively, often exaggerating its importance or benefits. "an industry quick to hype its products" synonyms: publicize, advertise, promote, push, boost, merchandise, build up; informalplug "a stunt to hype a new product"
  13. I agree. It can get boring with the same winner year after year to some, but if they're better in design and performance, they should win. There's enough places in society where people can get their ego stroked and be told that they're the best, it doesn't need to be handed out to everyone if they haven't earned it. As a lifelong Cubs fan, it wasn't fun always being out of contention, but it also wouldn't have been fun to just be handed a World Series, it needed to be earned, and it was. Competition is part of the activity, so it should be that, a competition.
  14. Once again, you're missing my point. I am not talking about comments saying they will be in the Top 6, or that their competitive success will jump dramatically. I am referring to the amount of chatter that has gone on since the end of the 2016 season. If you are not able to see the point and that there is a great deal more communication about BAC up to this point in the year, then I cannot help you. As I mentioned, and has been pointed out, there are significantly more mentions of BAC on here, more pages at this point on their thread, in discussions on other social media sites, I have heard much more discussion at WGI events, and in the circles that I discuss the activity. At not point, as I said in my last post on the subject, it has nothing to do with competitive aspects. It is a simple fact that BAC is being discussed more, which is hype. Furthermore, the same cannot be said for the majority of corps. Many corps that were discussed in greater quantity (again, discussion, not simply talking about competitive aspects) last year, are not being discussed as much. I will also point out, this is not a knock against BAC, as I hope they have a great season, but there is a MUCH more hype in the ways that I am referring to the word hype. It is simply a factual observation.
  15. Well played!