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  1. I wonder how many will get the references in your post, lol, not just the corps ones...
  2. Are you serious? First, I was joking. Second, movie scripts aren't real life, even when based on true stories. I'm done here, I need to fix the handle on the toilet which I believe will be more enjoyable.
  3. The Bad News Bears finished at the top.
  4. Just looked-it's there. Pull down menu takes you to it.
  5. The way they came out of that drum solo into the bit hit was amazing.
  6. I have no doubt that it did, which is great. Seeing 27th again, and seeing other alumni groups, WIN-WIN!
  7. Very true!
  8. This is awesome! Any time DCI can reach a more global audience and presence the better, IMO.
  9. I would go with Madison 2011 during Empire State of Mind personally. 08 Phantom as far as the volume, though I agree with.
  10. I actually like the 1991 version better, but '92 was quite wonderful.
  11. Having marched in the late 90's, I can say that I didn't march Madison based on a show announcement or concept. Even now, I don't think I would decide where to march based on a show announcement or concept. I mean, even the best of ideas may have tragic results on the field, and the most obscure or mundane seeming concepts may soar. I really don't believe that show announcements would change recruiting at all. There's never been a season that we've had a majority of show announcements before auditions begin, so I think the argument that some might make that it helps or hinders recruiting is a moot point.
  12. I'll also say that it is a nice departure musically.
  13. I'll say this...I've spent some time at camps, and I think you're completely correct. Granted, I'm a super fan when it comes to Madison, as an alum, so my opinion may not be respected on the subject due to that. That being said, I think the 2016 corps was very talented, and I truly loved the show, but there were design issues that many in the judging community could not get past that led to them being 13th in 2016. I believe 2017 will shock and surprise people in the best of ways, and that the corps will come back with a vengeance.
  14. It was oversaturation in a short period of time. There's a lot of overplayed music, but you couldn't escape October for a few years.
  15. Cool-thanks for letting me know.