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  1. tesmusic

    Madison Scouts 2018

    I'm all in on Mason, but not sure he would come back if a change is made. My point was, though, that the only solutions I'm seeing here and with my fellow alums on other sites is that CK needs to go, and virtually no other solutions. I'm also not saying a change in ED would be bad, but it's silly to think that would be the perfect fix, and only solution.
  2. tesmusic

    Madison Scouts 2018

    I'm curious, besides change in leadership-because that horse has been beaten to death. How would you right the ship? Who would you bring in? So many people on here and other sitesare simply calling for leadership change and I have yet to see people making honest suggestions or giving their plan. Not trying to be a dick or be snarky, just an honest question.
  3. tesmusic

    Madison Scouts 2018

    I agree that the corps would have much more money if the alumni base were donating, but this is hardly an issue that started during the Komnick administration. I didn't give to the corps from 2004-2006 largely because of the way alums were treated during the Sal years. I got countless letters asking for money, yet when I tried attending camps or rehearsals during the season they were often times closed, and if they weren't, it was very obvious that the staff during those years didn't want people around, especially alums. This is not to say that those years were the sole cause, but it's been at least 14-15 years since the corps started having issues with alums giving financial support. To blame this on the current admin is complete ########. Over the the past 10 years, I have reached out to various board members, the ED, corps director, etc. and can say that I have always felt that I am at least being listened to. It's not to say that my ideas were taken and used, but I have felt that I at least have a voice and can express it. The people that are not being listened to, from my perception, are those that do nothing but complain and say that we need a complete overhaul of staff, board, executive team, yet offer ZERO solutions other than changing all of these people out. There are not ideas expressed from the disgruntled alum about who to bring if, if changes are made, how to bring in more money, etc. Why should the current staff and admin listen to people that are simply throwing around comments about who needs to be fired, rather than having an honest plan. My biggest fear is that the current admin and staff are going to be fired/leave, and those that push them out will not have a plan, other than saying we need to redo the 1995 show or some ######## that isn't relevant in today's activity. One other point to mention, the contact information for anyone on the board, executive staff, etc. is easily accessible, maybe some on here and other sites that have an issue ought to voice their opinion in a way that it will be listened to. Granted, I've suggested this before and been met with comments on here about how these people don't listen/care about what is being said to them, but those that have made those comments are the same ones that don't express themselves in a constructive way, or will just make some ######## comment about how these individuals won't listen, because they would rather jump on here and rag on the corps. Just my thoughts.
  4. tesmusic

    2018 Uniforms!

    Considering that headgear is the same style that The Cavaliers have used for decades, I doubt it. Btw, it's the Cavaliers.
  5. tesmusic

    2018 Uniforms!

    My first thought.
  6. tesmusic

    Santa Clara Vanguard 2018

    Interesting that 2 years in a row, they're playing a song that BD is playing.
  7. tesmusic

    2018 Predictions

    Mine, for May 31. 1. Blue Devils-Brass (tie)/GE/Guard/Visual 2. Boston- 3. Crown-Brass (tie) 4. Cavaliers 5. SCV-Percussion 6. Bluecoats 7. Cadets 8. Blue Knights 9. Madison Scouts 10. Phantom 11. Crossmen 12. Mandarins 13. Colts 14. Blue Stars 15. Academy 16. Troopers 17. SCVC 18. Spirit 19. BDB 20. Oregon Crusaders 21. Pacific Crest
  8. tesmusic

    Cadets 2018

    That's great! Shows the corps is stronger and mightier than one horrific person.
  9. Curious what the line is set at as far as numbers. That's promising that there are more than the 34 seen, but curious what the final count is.
  10. tesmusic

    2018 Programs & Playlist

    They posted the image, they put it out there, it's official.
  11. tesmusic

    2018 Predictions

    That was the chatter before the 2017 season and didn't live up to that hype. They were great in 2017, but not what many people predicted.
  12. Be as hyped as you want! As a parent, you should be! As for the 2018 Cavaliers from my perspective, this should be a fun season!