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  1. I've seen plenty of footage of them at all his point this season to agree. I think they'll be as high as 7, but could be as low as 10th.
  2. Plenty. Especially those that are comfortable and confident enough with who they are, rather than needing to hide behind an outfit that society says is masculine.
  3. I think you'll smile this year, spats are being used!
  4. That wasn't my point...
  5. Cowboys playing Romeo and Juliet...interesting. Although Blue Stars are doing a show called Star Crossed, with music from movie about a French cabaret, so I guess it makes sense...
  6. I think his intention is to be discussing current arrangers. He stated "in DCI" and not in DCI history, so I'm taking it as present arrangers.
  7. Klesch is brilliant, but I would put BD brass design and JD Shaw in the same circle as Klesch.
  8. BD 1992
  9. After seeing a bunch of videos I predict Blue Stars out of finals...boring show. Also, Cadets take on Mass was better in '83 in terms of design, and execution at this point has me thinking 7-9 range. Blue Devils and SCV will fight out 1 and 2, with the Cavaliers in 3rd. Also, Madison will be in 8-10 range. Boston will be 5-7.
  10. I knew Boston had a bunch of former Crown staff members, but I didn't think they were going to use the same tailor for the costumes.
  11. I'm actually lower than my age out weight. Granted, loads of personal reasons why, but I'm physically and probably emotionally healthier than I was at that age.
  12. Just curious if you've heard them or others this season? Having heard the the bulk of the top 12 in recent days, it was it will be hard to beat BD this year.
  13. Terri, it's quite amazing and fits the show.
  14. So we can narrow it down to the fact that the drums are not see through.