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  1. I did notice the volume control but even when I maxed it out along with the volume control on my computer I still find the volume lacking.
  2. Don't know why their isn't any volume. If your still interested you can go to The Drum Corp Heritage Society facebook page and find it under the video section. You could just choose to watch the visual which is certainly worth it considering that one of the visual performance judges at the D.C.I. prelims had us in 9th place that year which ain't so bad for a Corps that had only about 60 members. Having said that we also came in 12th place in G.E. Brass in the prelims despite having only 25 Brass so you might just want to hear that performance as well.
  3. If the female guard members start going shirtless then maybe I'll start complaining......maybe.
  4. I'd say their more like number 6 with a howitzer.
  5. Marched with the Crusader's brass section back in the mid to late 70's and, to be honest, I have not always found modern day Drum Corps shows to be very entertaining. Having said that... I loved this years Blue Devils brass show! It sounded a lot like old time Drum Corps, albeit the musicianship is certainly on a higher level and they have the advantage of being able to employ that new invention, the 3rd valve, but, in watching the show, I found myself to be truly entertained as opposed to trying to convince myself that I was being entertained which is too often the case for me when I'm taking in a show. I'm not one of those old curmudgeons' who wants Drum Corps to step back into the past. I actually like most of the allowances that modern Drum Corps provides but, I do have a problem with shows that are, IMO, overly cryptic and pompous. You might think that I'm being contradictory in citing the Blue Devils brass show as sounding like old time Drum Corps while, at the same time, proclaiming myself to being innocent of being a curmudgeon in my negative opinion of too many modern day Drum Corp shows but, I don't feel like I am. All the modern allowances are fine with me if the show being performed is one that I can sink my teeth into. I thought the Blue Devils show had a great flow to it, that their were recognizable and sustained melodies and, as I said, very, very, entertaining. I also loved the Crusader's show this year and I would advise the Blue Devils that they had best watch their backs in 2018 as Boston is coming on strong. Thank You Blue Devils.
  6. We weren't exactly angels back then so that if their were any shenanigans perpetrated by a Crusader member while they were wearing a Crusader member jacket then they could be easily identified and the Corps would be held accountable.
  7. We weren't allowed to wear member jackets when I marched in the mid to late 70's. For those who knew the Corps back then no explanation is needed. Having said that we were allowed to wear Crusader member T-shirts which negated the reasoning for us not being allowed to wear member jackets. Sometimes we didn't think things all the way through back then.
  8. The black T-Shirt with the white Waldo is retro, either '77 or '78 I believe. I still have my original one that I wore back in the day. In fact I wore it under my Uniform (costume) when I played with Mass Brass a few years back. It was a bit of a tighter fit but I still managed to move around in it.
  9. Hotlanta - July 12th

    Dumb Drama? Haven't you just created even more drama? Anyways, the Cavies certainly have a shot at 3rd or 4th this year. They've come a long way these last few years finishing 9th in 2015 and 5th last year. It's exciting to see ones Corps competing at the highest level of Drum Corps.
  10. Hotlanta - July 12th

    Is that what we should be talking about? I'll let all the other Boston fans know, thanks.
  11. Hotlanta - July 12th

    How am I high jacking a thread that is specifically about a show that the Crusader's performed in this evening? And what happened at this show? The Crusader's beat the Cadet's for the first time in 37 years! But you find the mentioning of this annoying! What else do you find annoying? How about all those Cub fans going off on how they won the World Series? Did you find them annoying as well? Going on about how they were going to beat Cleveland in the seventh game. They sounded like Red Sox fans from a few years ago. How annoying!
  12. Hotlanta - July 12th

    On July 8th in Orlando the Crusader's were 1.45 behind the Cadets and tonight they bested them. They are now only 1.8 behind the Cavie's. The question is no longer will the Crusader's beat the Cadet's before San Antonio but will the Crusader's beat the Cavie's in San Antonio. I say in San Antonio as I don't think they will be competing against one another again until then.
  13. Cadets 2017

    But how will they ever be able to perform wearing all that head gear?