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  1. I am so glad you brought up the Boston Crusaders. So, you say you're looking for the Boston Crusaders to save you? O.K., maybe taking a look at the Crusaders history could truly save you. During the '60's and '70's when many of the Corps across the nation were choosing to evolve by allowing young women into their Brass and Percussion and young men into their Color Guard sections the Crusaders refused claiming that it went against their traditions. They claimed that, during the entire history of the Crusaders no young Women were allowed to perform in their Brass and Percussion sections and that was the way it was going to stay. They believed tradition was all important as tradition was what was helping to keep the Crusaders alive despite all of their epic struggles. So, the Crusaders were using their history and traditions to justify the exclusion of young women? Sound familiar? The Crusaders were receiving considerable criticism for their intransigence at the time and, in my opinion, rightly so. But what I did find more than a little interesting is that the same people who were being critical of the Crusaders for not allowing young women into their Brass and Percussion sections were very supportive and fans of the Madison Scouts and the Cavaliers. Some people continue to argue to this day that no comparison can be made between the Crusaders policy of the 60's and 70's and the current policies of the all-Male Corps. Quick question..are their anymore all-Female Corps? I should point out that the Crusaders Color Guard refused to allow young men to perform with them. I suppose one could choose to echo the argument put forth earlier that the Crusaders Brass and Percussion section were merely choosing to be a fraternity of brothers and their Color Guard a sorority of sisters. Though it took the Crusaders too long to evolve they did finally realize in the early '80's the absurdity of this policy of exclusion and began to allow young women into their Brass and percussion sections. In doing so the Crusaders received much praise for finally evolving and choosing to no longer be so close-minded. Of course many of the same people who chose to praise the Crusaders for finally evolving continue to be supportive and fans of the Cavaliers .
  2. Ask yourself this. Why are so many working so hard to justify keeping young women out of the Cavaliers. It's not a big deal....their just women...they don't have cooties.
  3. Dude? Is the caterer a dude? Who cares? Isn't that the point of the Cavaliers show...that we are suppose to care and be inclusive?
  4. So the Cavaliers only accept a specific amount of audition tapes?
  5. I wasn't aware of this. Are you aware that the Cavaliers Drum an Bugle Corps continues to practice gender discrimination?
  6. Universal victimization? I believe in meritocracy for all which means everyone should be given the chance to compete for a coveted spot in the Cavaliers. If you don't make the cut then you just suck it up, practice your ### off, and try again next year. Their is that pesky question regarding ageism though.
  7. So we are suppose to be careful that it? Why should we have to be careful? Seriously...are you concerned for me? That is a bit of an ambiguous statement that is leaving me somewhat confused. I'm sure a lot of people do want to move on because this is a tiresome subject for many of them but I'm sure their are others who want to move on because they get uncomfortable when their hypocrisies are laid bare.
  8. Should we continue to admire the caterer because his business dates back generations? Should we continue to admire the cater because he is providing us with a wonderful dining experience? If they are practicing discrimination to anyone for any reason then I say no. What say you?
  9. For the record I never said, nor do I believe, that the Cavaliers are misogynists but I do believe they are being sexists by not allowing young women into their Corps. The practice of gender discrimination is by it's definition sexists.
  10. Let's say you want to hire a caterer to cater the soiree that you are planning for that Saturday because you have been told that they are one of the best caterers in your city. If that caterer refuses to provide their services to you based on what you know to be discriminatory reasons do you think....well their are 22 other world class caters in the city that I can choose to use. If you want to join a Drum Corps that is considered to be one of the best in the entire nation but that Drum Corps refuses you based on what you know to be discriminatory practices do you think...well their are 22 other world class Drum Corps that I can choose to be a part of. My question is..shouldn't one have the same attitude in regards to the discriminatory practices of the Caterer as they have towards the discriminatory practices of a particular Drum Corps.
  11. I think you are blending together multiple replies. I am not the one who added "that bit of info" but I am the one who spoke out about people "not being as open-minded as they think they are" which is a statement that I feel needs no clarification. Having said that, if you are choosing to be a part of a group that practices gender discrimination and you continually defend your groups right to continue to practice gender discrimination despite the fact that you are performing a show that emphasizes the importance of inclusion then you are being a hypocrite and anyone who does not recognize this, I feel, should be considered as being closed minded.
  12. Vincible Ignorance-A lack of knowledge for which a person is morally responsible. I am not going to allow myself to believe that, though the Cavaliers are making a legitimate statement at the end of their show, that they are not, at the same time, being blatantly hypocritical in their continued refusal to not allow young woman into their Corps. Please forgive me if I am wrong but this is the case isn't it? That the Cavaliers do not allow young woman into their Corps? I believe that little fact does detract somewhat from their ending "statement" in this years show. So the question is....exactly who are the ones who are being closed minded? Their certainly are a lot of closed minded people in this world! Their are also many people who pride themselves in being open minded who are, in fact, not being as open minded as they would like to think that they are. It is amazing what the human mind can choose to ignore and what it chooses to believe when it comes down to what it believes could be a threat to their self or at least a threat to their continued acceptance into their community which, in this case, is that small world we refer to as Drum and Bugle Corps. I marched in a corps back in the '70's and we were criticized for not allowing young woman into our Brass and Percussion sections and rightly so! Our young Women were criticized for not allowing young men into our Color Guard and, again, rightly so! I am sure that I will be criticized for bringing up a topic that has already been debated ad nauseum but I believe that the "statement" being made at the end of the Cavaliers show requires a bit more nausea. Shouldn't they be the ones who are criticized for making us sick? Sick and tired and defensive and hypocritical....or am I just being closed minded. I'll answer my own question....absolutely not. I'm just exposing an inconvenient truth. So my question to you you believe in global warming?
  13. I have been reading what i thought was my cute little wise ### topic suddenly turn into a serious discussion about race relations in the city of Boston both past and present. Their is a part of me that wants to try to bring it back to it's silly inception but their is another part of me that feels the urge to wade in to this seriousness so as to make what I feel is a necessary point. Since I tend to be more serious than I go. My Father was born in South Boston in the year 1925. Growing up he was was a "bit of a boxer" and participated in boxing exhibitions during World War II. One of these exhibitions was refereed by the great boxing champion Joe Louis who gave my Father a pair of boxing gloves after he won his match. My father left me these gloves when he passed. They were more than a bit torn up when I got them as my Father let my four brothers and I, and the kids in the neighborhood, beat the snort out of each other with them. It was more important to my Dad that his kids were "having fun" than it was for him to hide those gloves away as the prized possession. My Father was a humble man so to get him to tell a story which would shine a light upon him was liking pulling teeth so you need to take that into account as I relate to you this story. My Father hardly ever drank though he told me he did during the war (World War II) and I'm sure you can imagine why. Because he was a boxer and was now drinking during the war I asked him if he ever gotten into one of those famous bar room brawls between the Army and the Navy that have always been depicted in the movies or on TV. He simply said no which led me to ask.... So you never got into a fight, drinking like you did, during the war? He hesitated and then began to tell a story about being in a bar in the country of Wales, where he was stationed before the invasion of Normandy of which he participated in along with the invasion of Okinawa. (Yes, he fought in both theaters of operations.) He told me that he was in this bar in Wales drinking next to another patron who happened to be an African-American. They weren't together, they just happened to be in the same place at the same time which was not a problem for my Father as he was white but was definitely a problem for this gentleman as this was during the 1940's and he happened to be black an they were far from being the only ones in that bar and two of these others who happened to be in this bar were from the South and they were incensed that the owner would allow a black man into the same drinking establishment they were now frequenting. My Father told me these two men of the South proceed to denigrate this African-American man with words that he could not believe one would use in order to abuse another human being. My Father told me that it got to the point that he just couldn't take it anymore. It was at this point that I began to notice that, as my Father told me of this experience, he was becoming more and more upset to the point at which he suddenly stopped talking. I was hesitant to ask the obvious question but I did...did you do anything about it Dad. Yes, he replied, I knocked them out. Again, as a humble man my Fathers response was not said in a way to impress me nor would he feel comfortable with the fact that I was writing of his experience on DCP in a way that made him out to be some kind of hero. But my Father was a hero and a good man and in case I ever forgot that I was always reminded of this fact by others who, during the course of my life, would walk up to me, shake my hand, ask me If i was Red Manning's son, and when I told them that I was, they would look me straight in the eye to make sure I was paying attention and then they would tell me"You're Father is a good man." It wasn't just the words they would use in letting me know of their respect they had for my Father it was how they said them in this earnest way so as to make sure I was aware as to how very fortunate I was. That's a wonderful way for a boy to grow up. My Father was a good man and he grew up in "Southie." So... not everyone needed to change their attitude in South Boston and I'm sure the same is true of many who grew up in the South at the same time. Were their far too many who did need to change their attitude....absolutely. Are their still too many who need to? Yes! But not all of them. Now, let's get back to the silliness that was submitted by this wise-### alumnus of the Boston Crusaders.... without an apostrophe.