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  1. Then you'd have to do that for all the shows. Your show is not special. Every one of us have had shows rained out and didnt get a rain date, nor could we be expected to. The tour rolls on.
  2. Those corps are already multiple hours down the road towards their next show at this point.
  3. Have to wonder how much of that is because of the show being on 2 nights (and 2 separate tickets) vs other regionals. A little harder than just flying in friday night\sat morning and coming to the show saturday. Combine that with the rain risk that isn't there at other regionals and it becomes difficult for some to pull the trigger on.
  4. Cinema show is always thursday.
  5. Its extremely hard to do. Just because there isnt much going on for the schools doesnt mean that every school wants to host a drum corps. And plenty of places don't want to. Hell, i think in 07 I was driving and we got our housing site while en route to Allentown. A few of the corps already didn't have housing until just a couple days ago. And ome of the sites flip out corps- so one comes, rehearses friday, goes to perform, then another corps comes and takes the site later that night for the next day. Finding another dozen housing sites on the contingency that some might need to stay around for saturday is not a reasonable proposition.
  6. Problem is most of them would need a housing site for tonight in Allentown. Housing is already scarce near there.
  7. Playing some shows in the rain used to be a fixture of DCI tours. Times change.
  8. Domes? Not many. Facilities that might better handle an all-day show with a full lineup? Probably. Still a rainout at risk either way. Maybe a flaw of having the final regional every year be the one place at risk for rainouts and having to split everyone up (and thus have a bit of inequality in the scoring as well)
  9. Yeah, i've never been a fan of it for that reason. Its always felt like those going on saturday have a slight edge in the seeding. Doesnt matter as much for those positions that are fairly locked in, but if you're talking tenths differentiating the prelims lineup, it has an impact.
  10. June 30. Dropped from 67.7 on the 29th to 67.45. Otherwise you're correct.
  11. Absolutely it is. This could massively damage and even kill the cadets. I hope they survive it, with needed changes. Much good has come out of the organization, like all drum corps and it would just be piling on one bad thing after another if it went away. Blame Hop, and blame the board that has enabled him.
  12. Absolutely, @Jeff Ream This is an activity in which parents trust their kids to be left in the hands of staff for 2-3 months, 24 hours a day, hundreds to thousands of miles away from home, when many times these kids have never spent more than a week or two fully away. This kind of damage will bleed over. Parents are going to be asking more questions. Prospective sponsors are going to be asking "what are you doing to make sure this isnt happening in your organization, as we only want to associate our brand with you if you are seen as a positive organization". I'm not sure what the next steps are. Should DCI start its own independent inquiry and effort to try to get people to come forward to DCI so that problem elements can be rooted out of the activity in a proactive manner, rather than through the press?
  13. Add the prop proliferation to this. How many corps are running an extra truck all summer long just to haul them around.
  14. Yeah, that makes sense as well. There's a reason Blue Stars did similar starting many years ago, moving camps first to MSP and then to Indianapolis.