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  1. Absolutely it is. This could massively damage and even kill the cadets. I hope they survive it, with needed changes. Much good has come out of the organization, like all drum corps and it would just be piling on one bad thing after another if it went away. Blame Hop, and blame the board that has enabled him.
  2. Absolutely, @Jeff Ream This is an activity in which parents trust their kids to be left in the hands of staff for 2-3 months, 24 hours a day, hundreds to thousands of miles away from home, when many times these kids have never spent more than a week or two fully away. This kind of damage will bleed over. Parents are going to be asking more questions. Prospective sponsors are going to be asking "what are you doing to make sure this isnt happening in your organization, as we only want to associate our brand with you if you are seen as a positive organization". I'm not sure what the next steps are. Should DCI start its own independent inquiry and effort to try to get people to come forward to DCI so that problem elements can be rooted out of the activity in a proactive manner, rather than through the press?
  3. Add the prop proliferation to this. How many corps are running an extra truck all summer long just to haul them around.
  4. Yeah, that makes sense as well. There's a reason Blue Stars did similar starting many years ago, moving camps first to MSP and then to Indianapolis.
  5. Recruiting in texas isn't a mistake. Its a large state with large metro areas with lots of good programs, with a range of talent. Not everyone will make top 8\12. If done like some do, with remote camps, they can be a decent fundraiser. Charge $100 a head, get a couple hundred kids to show up. Hopefully you find some good additions, even if they no one from that site makes it to everydays, you've gotten paid.
  6. Honestly, this thread might be better off with a restart, with all the currently announced changes put in the first couple posts, and then strict on-topic moderation.
  7. ####. I love Frank's stuff, was hoping for more from him.
  8. this is quite possibly the most worthless 57 page read ever. if you know something, say it or say nothing. otherwise this thread should have just died for a month and offtopic talk gone elsewhere.
  9. RIP CorpsReps (and introducing DCX)

    I'll miss the ease corpsreps had for searching old scores. This new one seems harder to do so.
  10. Obviously heavy bias, but if they keep the team together, i think they'll make a move before too long. Show in 17 had some great moments but was a little disjointed (this improved a lot over the season).
  11. Right? If you've got info say something, or don't, but don't play 'i know something you dont know'.
  12. 2018 Blue Stars

    I would agree with many of the above that i think the corps is headed in the right direction. 16 and 17 were both years i loved. My main criticism of '17 was that sometimes the show felt a bit disjointed in the transitions, but i think im hardly unique in that criticism, and one that is pretty show-specific. I certainly don't know enough about percussion to comment there, but hoping for no major changes of direction on the brass\guard side of things. And i hope for many more years with Frank writing the brass book.
  13. Yeah... its possible the browser implementation is subpar compared to the roku one as well Was your pc connection wired or on wifi?