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  1. This whole discussion is a good example of why the judges judge the show on the field and not the one on the DVD. I'll take the judges result any day.
  2. hank13579

    Stadium security

    The fact that no current marching members have commented on this topic may indicate just how few current marching members actually read these forums. At the 2016 Atlanta show EVERY performing member and ALL staff were subjected to the searches prior to their performance as outlined by the OP.
  3. Someone should actually time how often Blue Devils horn line stands still or moves slow during technical passages and compare it to Bluecoats and their movement and choreography. Oh wait...it's the judges who should be doing this!😜
  4. hank13579

    Blue Devils Audition tips

    Simple: March someplace else first, then audition for BD.
  5. hank13579

    West Chester Work-it-Out

    Could only have been cadets. They were on next.
  6. hank13579

    Pittsburgh PA

    That's not how this works! That's not how any of this works! Competitive spreads are called by individual judges. The total score is just math. A tenth or two in a subcaption by an individual judge IS CLOSE and in that individual's opinion, is competitive.
  7. hank13579

    Random Thoughts From DCI Buffalo

    It never fails to astound me that people expect a creative endeavor or an art form to stay the same for 30 years. Name me one that has! This is not to say things weren't good 30 years ago...they were! But things change. Generations change. Tastes change. My mom prefers the movie "Casablanca". I prefer Star Wars. My kids prefer the latest spider man. How can these things be compared? They are all a product of their time. Those examples appealed to those at the time they were current. Some will always cling to the past. Others will embrace the present. Live in the past if you must..,ill take what comes next, thank you.
  8. So much misinformation. All the following information is available via the corps website and its Facebook page. Keep in mind that on a national level the corps auditioned over 700 potential members in more locations than any other corps, California, Georgia, Texas, and Ohio and has members and alumni from all over the world. They also have a hugely successful clinic that they run in June called the Blue Way Camp that was more successful than BD's MN System Blue Clinic!! That's just a small part if their national outreach.
  9. hank13579

    Saw SCV practive last night

    I saw it live too and I agree with all the posters who say it's much less demanding than previous years. The arrangements of the music seems just geared to represent the original source material, without a whole lot of elaboration. If you liked the original musical (or the movie, yuck) than you won't be bothered by what SCV presents. But if you prefer challenging and demanding music for both the player and the listener, you should look elsewhere.
  10. So is she really here or not? Yes Madison had 4 banks of speakers, at least 2 synthesizers and a plethora of electronic sounds throughout the show...I was HERE, I know, having stood next to one of the FOUR speakers they use. Give me a break! She has lost a lot of credibility in my book....
  11. hank13579

    So from what i can tell..

    I have a friend on Bluecoats staff who says they are MORE talented this year...so I guess that settles it!
  12. hank13579

    The 150 member increase.

    Count them yourself: Bluecoats 2009