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  1. Paddy ValPaddy (says the grandson of Irish spawn)
  2. They could do music from The Commitments
  3. So p!$$#) that I missed that, especially since today's my trumpeter's birthday and I would have loved to see/hear him. :(
  4. Bluecoats didn't deserve the win
  5. I think emc2 was offering a pun ... as in Boston, MASS
  6. If you're counting ANY shows (i.e. not just finals), I believe the last time they finished below 2nd was at San Antonio last season, where they took 3rd.
  7. I would suggest listening to the Mass Suite (arr. Michael Sweeney)
  8. FYI - the pieces mentioned on the YEA! article do not represent the full selection of pieces being played. (I can't go into details, cause that's not my place - and who knows if things will change before June 22).
  9. Although hostrauser mentioned it nearly a decade ago (in a long catalogue of worthy pieces), I still come back to Ravel's La Valse as a work I'd really love to see on the field. Initially conceived as a ballet, it has enough riotous whirling and climactic off-kilter melody, especially near the end - like waves of frothy wine driving a drunken dinghy to and fro - that could easily be arranged as an impressive few minutes of a show, perhaps one dealing with the mental state of a serial killer ...
  10. [InTheVoiceOfCorpsband] What ... did Boston buy all the moderators too?!? [/InTheVoiceOfCorpsband]
  11. ... And in an unprecedented breakthrough in the history of DCI fund-raising, Cadets will be passing a collection plate through the stands at each competition prior to the conclusion of the Mass ...
  12. Hop posted it, then Cadets shared it
  13. I edited it to include the Facebook link
  14. As per Cadets' Facebook