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  1. As Phoenix said, they don't target anyone, high school or otherwise. And while they do provide a scheduling model that makes it easier for high school members to march there than certain other corps, when my son marched with Surf in 2015 as a high schooler he was still one of the youngest kids there - I seem to recall the majority of the Trumpet line was already in college. I do think there are certain institutional things that stand in the way of their improvement in the standings, but that can probably be said of most corps,
  2. Received the same email. Is it so effing difficult to spell Aaron Copland's last name correctly?!?!? (with regard to C2, not Cadets).
  3. Unity would be nice. Unitards, not so much.
  4. No one seems to think twice about coming on here and criticizing another certain DCI Hall of Famer on a practically daily basis.
  5. More like page after page of people bringing out their private pissing contests.
  6. Maybe he meant Elmer Bernstein.
  7. News update : The Cadets will be playing in Central Park with the NY Philharmonic in summer 2018. They were hoping to arrange it for this summer, but were unable to finalize details in time.
  8. Guys - his helmet reference was in response to the post above him, to which he was replying, which was referring to the Blue Devil's tops, but the Bluecoats' helmets. Come on, you're all better at reading comprehension than this!
  9. Dwayne "The Rock" "ClashOfTheCorps" Johnson also disapproves of UA CEO's political statements
  10. Semi-naked man sitting still throughout most of a show?
  11. Boston Crusaders Oh, come on ... it's funny!
  12. I would be biased if I responded. Each move is a separate decision of its own with a host of variables specific to the marcher and the corps in question.
  13. Well, if the last two pages don't get the thread closed ...
  14. I don't know about that. You're speculating as to motives. I quite imagine that 18-19 year olds simply signed whatever was given them, trusting the explanation that "Hey, you don't have to pay to march with us in 2016!", and had no idea that there might be an obligation to repay the scholarship. When corps check out instruments to the kids at camps, they make them sign a multi-page agreement right on the spot without any time to carefully review - I doubt a single marcher even reads it. Is that wrong for the 18-19 year old to do? Sure. But you might feel it is even "more wrong" for the corps to put them in that position. In the scholarship case, the real adults (i.e. parents) probably didn't even get involved until the problem arose, and THEN the kids went to them for advice. And as I've said before, we've never even seen the provision and have no idea whether it clearly and unambiguously states what Carolina Crown claims it states. Contracts are frequently rife with ambiguous and conflicting provisions - it all depends on the quality of the drafter. If they were all clear and proper, the courts would be a much emptier place. But even so, it's a only a small percentage of crappy contracts that ever get challenged in court.
  15. Because the settled law of the county says there are certain important matters that you simply are not permitted to contract for. Because for every two consenting adults with equal bargaining power that know what they are getting into, there will be a dozen other instances of unequal power where one side will be clearly taking advantage of the other's desperation. Some would say Carolina Crown versus an 18 year old might be included in the latter. Should people be able to contract themselves into indentured servitude? [Edit: i don't mean to equate DCI marching to indentured servitude; it's just one of the obvious examples of a contract that would not be permitted, even if the two consenting adults thought they should be able to make such a contract]