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  1. I agree the job description probably ballooned last year into much more than just a Tour Operator (which was the most visible facet of the prior employee's position), but Cadets are also now looking for a separate person to act solely as Tour Operator specifically to make that first position more manageable, and the article mentions that change further on ("NOTE - the change here is that for the past 10 or so years, we have been taking the full time Performing Ensembles Director on the road. This practice is not what we wish to continue. We are looking for a seasonal team, supported and coordinated through the full-time office.") How many corps retain people as tour operators for more than a few years in a row?
  2. Then don't apply for it. But don't backhandedly insult those people who HAVE done that job and chosen to work for YEA.
  3. Last time I checked, the median household income in this country was just over $50k.
  4. Just thinking how much more merchandise could have been sold if they had inserted "We're" in front of "The Faithful" and "the Fallen" and "the Forgiven": "WTF WTF WTF" That said, can everyone who wants to continue complaining about 2017 go do it in the Cadets 2017 thread? I've stopping following that one, and don't feel like updating my "ignore" list so early. This is for Cadets 2018. Let's look ahead, not behind.
  5. I predict that a certain Cadets brass member who aged-out this past weekend will join the Cadets' visual staff in 2018. Does that count as news?
  6. The Season has ended. Go in peace.
  7. Don't know if someone mentioned it yet, but Music City is looking for a new Director
  8. Make it a big one .... they can roll it home
  9. 3rd Trumpet to Director: "Do I get to play my trumpet now?" Director: "Shut up and keep wheeling that prop around"
  10. They even managed to deconstruct her Mic ...
  11. So when will DCI add a "Dance" category to the sheets and hire Julianne Hough to judge?
  12. The ones from Ancient China, no doubt.
  13. except That One Second drew you in on simple human emotion. Since then, it's all abstraction, and that won't win over the crowds in the same way. Look at Academy's bump last year - emotion. Granted, that doesn't explain the success of BlueCoats lately, but ...