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  1. Eleran

    The Cadets 2019

    And yet in related news, I've seen at least two Northern Virginia High Schools announce within the last two weeks that they will not be able to field a Varsity Football team this fall, due to low enrollment. If that is indeed the trend (and between cultural shifts and medical awareness, that may very well be the trend in certain parts of the country), what will it mean for the marching arts in those locations? I doubt it will mean anything good.
  2. Eleran

    Pioneer What Next?

    The same reason every youth sports club is an autonomous organization, that merely agrees to participate in a cooperate group that structures the competition. They will never cede their autonomy to the organization group itself.
  3. Eleran

    The Cadets 2019

    Tell them my son marched DCI every every year since his first contract at 13. Didn't stop him form getting into the #2 school in the world for his major. Yes, I'm bragging, but also mentioning it because I see so many parents (here in NJ) that think their kids have to pad their resumes with all the rote 'check-the-box' activities, meanwhile avoiding a lot of activities which (a) their kids might better enjoy, and (b) might actually have more of a lasting impact on their development. Edit: and that was one of the items on my long-lost list of things to investigate prior to any corps moving: are there cultural trends in the region that are pushing participation in the marching arts down or up?
  4. Eleran

    The Cadets 2019

    I had this really long post about considerations before moving, but have been getting error messages all day when I try to submit. I don't feel like typing it again. Long story short, IF Cadets were to move, there are a host of criteria I would hope they evaluate in great depth before picking a new home.
  5. Eleran

    Staff Merry-Go-Round 2019

    You DO know that only applies to legal prosecution by the government, right?
  6. I only looked up the 40 that competed at 2018 Championships in Indy. I don't think Battalion competed there, did they? Edit: Battalion - 2017 - $317, 096 revenues - $0 loans
  7. Eleran

    2019 what corps will wear

    Edit: posted in jest, but to be honest, layer that over cream pants, and do some sort of collegiate/athletic retro show ... wouldn't look bad.
  8. In the interest of getting some actual facts out there (albeit dated, in some cases), I've downloaded the financial reports from Guidestar (the free version, not the premium version), and below is a chart of the 40 corps from this year's championships, their 2018 placement, the year of their most recent Form 990 on Guidestar, their revenues reported for that year, and any "Loans & Notes" listed under liabilities. This is all publicly available data, and can be obtained for free by anyone. Caveats: I am not an accountant. To the extent I may have misstated anything herein, or to the extent the below does not present an accurate picture of a corps' current finances, I welcome any corps (or anyone more knowledgeable about these) to offer corrective or updated information. Mostly, I did not review the individual 990s for each corps, but took the info from the Guidestar report of the 990 data Most of the 990s are 2-3 years old, and some corps have undergone substantial changes in that time With regard to the Loans & Notes, those numbers sometimes fluctuated greatly from year to year, so the numbers may not be representative of a corps' present situation Many of the 990s are for the parent organization, which may encompass several different programs, each with their own separate revenues and expenses (eg. - Santa Clara, Blue Devils, Cadets, Colts, etc., have more than one corps; Cadets' also includes the USBands circuit; etc.) some corps may have additional sources of revenue that are not reported on their 990, such as an alumni or "friends of" group that may buy things directly for the corps' benefit (eg. they might buy food and supplied for the corps on the road; Shadow is supported by a school district, in addition to the Oregon Band Boosters; etc.) Corps 2018 990 Year Income Loans&Notes Santa Clara Vanguard 1 2016 $4,586,872 ($518,614) Blue Devils 2 2015 $3,341,991 $0 Bluecoats 3 2016 $2,073,202 ($621,091) Carolina Crown 4 2015 $2,314,264 ($379,719) Boston Crusaders 5 2016 $2,855,336 ($1,676,811) Cavaliers 6 2016 $1,221,329 ($168,668) Cadets 7 2015 $5,442,229 ($430,741) Blue Stars 8 2016 $1,318,407 ($367,353) Blue Knights 9 2016 $1,644,938 ($72,412) Mandarins 10 2015 $819,467 $0 Phantom Regiment 11 2016 $1,313,707 ($46,224) Crossmen 12 2016 $1,279,912 ($66,752) Spirit of Atlanta 13 2016 $924,113 ($170,868) Colts 14 2017 $1,560,621 ($290,034) Academy 15 2015 $887,181 $0 Madison Scouts 16 2017 $1,206,904 ($253,167) Troopers 17 2016 $905,448 ($368,174) Vanguard Cadets 18 see above Blue Devils B 19 see above Pacific Crest 20 2015 $1,020,506 ($10,430) Music City 21 2016 $483,964 ($25,000) Oregon Crusaders 22 2016 $864,067 ($113,063) Gold 23 2015 $316,056 $0 Genesis 24 2016 $575,100 $0 Spartans 25 2017 $629,834 ($21,746) Legends 26 2012 $464,945 ($198,743) Seattle Cascades 27 2016 $580,836 $0 7th Regiment 28 2016 $258,923 $0 Guardians 29 could not locate Jersey Surf 30 2015 $612,791 $0 Louisiana Stars 31 2016 $318,032 $0 River City Rhythym 32 2015 $296,473 $0 Southwind 33 2015 $199,985 ($13,820) Jubal 34 n/a Golden Empire 35 part of Bakersfield College Foundation Pioneer 36 2016 $381,126 $0 Shadow 37 2016 $305,379 $0 Colt Cadets 38 see above Raiders 39 2016 $253,755 ($23,500) Heat Wave 40 2015 $74,271 $0
  9. I thought it was Old Yellow-Stain ...
  10. EXACTLY, what I thought of when the OP said "It's entirely possible to judge it objectively and even place it (roughly) on a universal scale from bad to good." That said, I don't disagree with a lot of his points as they relate to many show designs over the last decade.
  11. Eleran

    The Cadets 2019

    Oh, that I agree with whole-heartedly. I was not a fan of re-treading Mass last year. And while I don't mind little signature things, like the Rocky Point allusion during the Zpull, I really want to see Cadets chart their new course, not circle back to past glories. Doesn't mean all the music has to be of recent composition, but new to Cadets.
  12. Eleran

    The Cadets 2019

    But most of their camps the last three years (or more) have been in Jersey anyway, so simply moving the corporate offices won't change much.