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  1. Of course ... folks said the same thing on the Cadets' thread last season.
  2. Those were definitely highlights for me of the non-show music last year, but are not on the program this year. And even last year, I'm not sure whether they played the Mahler much, if at all, after June.
  3. It's a meal everyone needs to be more willing to eat. Wash it down with some sacramental wine. Mine as well, and for me music is always first and last what matters. It will be a show I listen to in the future, which I cannot say will happen for many other finalist shows this season.
  4. You may be right - perhaps I was thinking of the Mahler warmup. I'll have to go back a check the music. Edit: @Tommeee, you are correct. It was Bocook's arrangement of Rocky Point. Cipriani's arrangements of Mahler's 2nd and Lincolnshire Posy. Sorry about that.
  5. Well, I believe the arrangement of Rocky Point used last year was by Mr. Cipriani, but I don't know whether he or Cadets maintained the rights to that particular arrangement, nor whether the question of rights or some other association with him had anything to do with the decision not to play that or another arrangement of the piece. The members were not told "why" as far as I know.
  6. To the best of my knowledge, it has not been included in their repertoire for this season.
  7. I wonder how many of the people that contributed to his GoFundMe campaign were old people.
  8. It's the bad dream where you entirely forgot what you're supposed to be doing. [actually, this is part from Act 2, where he's alone in the hole of the "6" - I hope Cadets give him specific direction for what visual effect they want him to create, rather than just a general "go crazy"]
  9. I know this was directed at George, but for me, I'm neither a "glass half full" or "glass half empty" kind of guy. I'm more a "why don't we find the right-sized glass for the amount of liquid we have" kind of guy. As in, I don't say "Oh my goodness, wow, woweee!!! Everybody better watch out because these guys are bringing it this year!!!" nor do I say "this is the most wretchedly designed show since that 1952 fiasco from X corps ... heck its even worse than that!!!" I'm one of these guys who says: The gold ankh, with the red fill and blue stripe, on the white unitard aren't aesthetically pleasing or effective from the stands (or close up, for that matter) - the dark section in the midriff just looks like a blurry hole in the body. It would probably be better if it was a solid white unitard with perhaps some gold splattering/rays threaded into the top portion, as if they were bathed in celestial light (heaviest on the shoulders, then tapering off down the upper torso). You could also accent the form of the marcher with a rich velvety waist/drop sash. Given that the dramatics of The Celebrant are more particular to the full-length Mass, and not necessarily central or even necessary to the Cadets' abridged version, the reliance upon a line of dialogue in between each section of music could be trimmed or eliminated as unnecessary, and jarring. Starting with "In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirt" and ending with the "The Mass has ended; go in peace" would be sufficient, and more effective because of the reduced amount of lines. If the confession idea is deemed integral, perhaps instead of the vocals a single marcher could approach one of the Drum Majors (still in cassocks) and penitently kneed before them, and with a hand placed on their head gain absolution during the Almighty Father choir section. I could go on, but that's the type of post I wish there was more of here.
  10. Just watched a good video of the show from Indy last night (45 yd line, medium height) which thankfully confirms that the sound balances between corps and choir was perfectly fine in real life. Last night's glaring emphasis in the theaters on the choir at the expense of the brass was solely a result of the broadcast production, not the Cadets' sound balancing.
  11. Well, it's not really three costumes for the musicians - just two: the white unitard and the red coat/skirt. They just pull the skirt off several minutes before they pull the coat off, so it gives three looks, but it's only two layers.
  12. No need to fix - that's why I just said "problematic", not "insulting" or anything. The thing is, I actually appreciate the theme of Cadets show especially this year. I almost think they should have done promo similar to these movie trailers ... "In a world of dark and edgy themes, of shadowy abstraction and pretense, one corps stands alone to offer a vision of hope. One corps seeks and offers forgiveness. The Cadets, coming to theaters tonight."
  13. Said in jest, I understand. But the "libs love the decadence and debauchery" part is problematic. The unwillingness to apply religious overtones to one's life does not mean one adopts decadence and debauchery. Don't get me wrong - I'm an atheist, and I can still enjoy Cadets' show.
  14. I'd think it would come from the LESS conservative members.
  15. [Pssstt ... I think he was talking about Crown's show, not Cadets']