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  1. This is just my first time hearing BD, so I will reevaluate on later hearings, but it feels like there's just a bit too much filler in the 1st half of BD's show, and not enough music you can grab onto (granted - they play 'filler' better than anyone). I mean, "Laura" gets what ... 10 seconds or so, mostly from the pit? "Harlem Nocturne" gets a few moments of vastly modified arrangement. I just wish there was a little more of that noir mystery which those pieces imply, but BD move away from them so fast and spends more time on their Arban runs, that they really don't seem to even want the mood of the very music the selected. Great soloists, as always.
  2. When I saw Bluecoats live in Clifton, I was just angry that the marching members all had more comfortable seats than I did.
  3. The first time or two they spin it ...
  4. I haven't agreed with you in a while
  5. With regard to the Phantom uniform, color choices, etc., it was so interesting that one of the earlier DCI commercials on Flo incorporated a clip from Phantom's 2010 Into the Light, where the visual palette was simply so incredibly crisp and appealing.
  6. I wonder if someone live can comments - I've not heard them in person where the vocals were mixed that loud. I wonder if they screwed up tonight, or if Flo jut had their mic in front of the Cadets' speaker.
  7. I can't stop myself from saying ... "That's my boy"
  8. It's easier to understand if you picture the 4th Design Meeting, when the costume designer - Tommy Chong - presents the costumes for the first time to the shocked staff: "Dude, you told me you wanted to play Carpenters this year"
  9. So is this Blue Stars show supposed to be a prequel to the 2014 home-building show?
  10. Mandarins are this year's Drum Corpse Bride
  11. Sorry - my mistake ... last half of last year's show. AND this show. I think it's a positive development in Mandarin's trajectory.
  12. I think this is the first time in six years that I will be able to recall any musical portion of a Mandarins show.
  13. Their uniforms bear a slight resemblance to ...
  14. just realized an added benefit of the stadium not hosting an NFL team. ... No huge logo on the middle of the field
  15. I'm waiting for the race ...
  16. I also wonder what it would have looked like if each door had been unique - like those old posters "Doors of Dublin" or "Doors of Atlanta" sort of things. Would have been different than the wall of red they create, but I wonder whether it would have worked or not.
  17. I still think the voice-over is cheesy and amateurish, and detracts from the show. But as everyone else says, they play so much nicer and with so much more confidence than the last few years.
  18. I think Surf overlooked the opportunity to use a lot more boxes and lines in their drill for this show - I mean the art work screams for it!
  19. Even if it weren't overplayed in the DCI/Marching band world (which I think it is), "Hallelujah's" omnipresence in advertising and everywhere else would make me want to steer clear if I were designing a show. I'd love to hear a stirring brass ballad of "At the River" for the right show.
  20. Eleran

    Cadets 2018

    Pension? What is this thing of which the young marcher speaks?
  21. Eleran

    Cadets 2018

    I think "Supervisor" just means that Drew is the ultimate man in charge of the brass from top to bottom, including the caption head, section techs, etc. - as opposed to just arranging the music then letting the Corps Director choose and direct the Brass staff. But Brandon handles the traditional caption head work (though Drew often steps in as well - he's very hands on). I don't know when Brandon formally was given the title, but I believe he was doing the same work since fairly early in the camp schedule. I haven't discussed it with my son in quite a while, though, so I could be remembering wrong.
  22. Eleran

    Cadets 2018

    Branden Hill is the Brass Caption Head, and has been (formally or informally) dating back to pre-season camps. Drew Shanefield is the Brass Arranger/Caption Supervisor, and for the last few months, the Artistic Director
  23. Yup. Knew I had seem them before ...
  24. Yes (my son was with them that year), and everyone gave Surf crap for those uniforms and going hatless. Now everyone is doing it! But I much prefer the 2018 look to 2015