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  1. Show-closers I want to hear (preferably by the Cadets, and no later than 2021): Paul Hindemith's Symphonie "Mathis der Maler" John Mackey's The Frozen Cathedral
  2. This is why I did it for a few seasons. This is why I stopped. I don't give a crap about the scoring minutae and day-to-day change.
  3. A favorite composer of mine. Used his Sym. 1, mvt. 1, for my DCPI season 23 show, "Mallory"
  4. Don't know, but think Bayonne alum are also behind the new Highland Regiment forming here in NJ for DCA.
  5. Ok, this corps is only one town away from me (about 10-15 minutes), and I'd never heard of it before this. My son saw one reference to them on Facebook, but didn't know they were local, and no one at my town's high school appears to have been approached. It's website says "There is a demand for a new DCI Drum Corps in New Jersey. New Jersey needs another voice, a new look and sound." I'm not certain I agree that there is demand (something I looked into myself in trying to start up a corps in this same area a few years ago), or a need for another DCI corps given that they already run the competitive DCI gamut from Raiders to Surf to Cadets. A localized corps looking to perform within NJ would be good - that's what I was hoping to make - but their website seems to indicate an interest in pushing quickly into Open Class. Oh well - good luck to them - always happy to see a push for growth.
  6. Bump to give you credit. I picked up that Patinkin/Peters album when it came out in 1990 and have always loved "Take Me to the World", and wanted to hear it as a brass ballad (I think I started an arrangement of it once, but I'm nobody). Don't think there's enough meat to make a whole show, but "If You Can Find Me, I'm Here" might work for an opener [especially if you listen to the brassy Patinkin/Peters version, as opposed the tepid Harris/McCarthy recording].
  7. Cadets 2018

    Good Yule to you
  8. Cadets 2018

    My old fart generation isn't the only one that doesn't like the vocals. Or electronics. Or props. Or the uniform trend. I could provide you with a few testimonials from the current marching generation as well - but who knows, maybe they too are in the minority. But I really don't expect any change at all, from any of DCI. I said those were my "hopes", not my expectations.
  9. Cadets 2018

    Just in case at camp this weekend the members are given any info or music for next summer, this may be my last chance to post while completely in the dark about the 2018 show. And no - don't even ask me for inside knowledge after this weekend. You'd think after all these years that you'd realize I'm not going to divulge info until the Cadets make it public! So that said, these are some of my hopes for next summer's show: summer of 2018 is the last opportunity for a WWI 100 year memorial show, though it doesn't look like any corps have been interested. No chance? I would love for a show ending with Ravel's "Le jardin féerique" from Ma mère l'Oye. For that matter, I'd love to hear his La Valse on the field finally - maybe in a show about a crazy person (and then they could use his Berceuse sur le nom de Gabriel Fauré as the ballad). Or maybe go old school with a collection of Alborada del Gracioso, Rhapsodie Espagnole and Vocalise-étude en forme de habanera. And of course, all of those works are public domain, so no Tresóna bills, or people looking over your shoulder if you have to change your arrangements. More meat in the Brass book, whatever they are playing. Brass should carry the show, not be backup. Get them down front more often in the drill. But don't interpolate Arban exercises just for the sake of demonstrating technical prowess - trust the original music which you chose BECAUSE it was so good to begin with. Never forget that it's the music that drives the emotional connection to the audience, and it's what they come for. Lose the 4 singers. The idea for a choir was justified last year given the source material, and in some sections was wonderful ("Almighty Father"). But as the season went along, the musical focus shifted more and more onto the singers than the brass, which did not better the show. If we want to hear a Broadway musical we will go to NYC, thank you very much. Lose all electronics for that matter. Yeah, I know it won't happen, but a guy can dream, can't he? I seriously believe that the amplification of anything lessens the overall acoustic product appreciated by our ears. #DCIUnplugged Bigger drill forms, and less scatter. The focus on small pods tends to look sloppy and is under-whelming to the audience. No concept is one thing, and would be ok. But if you have a concept or a story, it better be well thought-out and planned from day one, with a recognizable arc from beginning to end. Don't wing-it when it comes to visual moments, or fail to know the exact motivation or visual image you're trying to evoke from the members. in other words, if it's in the show design, there needs to be a reason for it being there, and the members have to know that reason so they can convey it. And then, of course, if it's still not clear to the audience, adjust it until it is. No overcrowding the field with props and gimmicks. They're musicians, not moving men. [I still feel sorry for some of the brass members at Santa Clara who seemed to spend the majority of the show pushing around those circular props] And if you do use any, make sure they are professionally designed and manufactured. Cf. the detailing of Crown's Helen Hess stagecoach with Cadet's statuary platforms (i.e. the wedding cakes). It's the same lessons you teach to the members: if you're going to do it, you cannot settle for less than your best effort. I'm not even sure what to wish for in uniforms. Every year DCI seems to go further and further down a path of over-design that only marginally ties to the show in any meaningful way outside of the minds of the designer/salesman. It's not that I want a return to the old wool coats. After all - why are Napoleonic hussar coats and shakos any more an ideal uniform for marching musicians in the 21st century than what the Troopers wear? or what the crew of the Enterprise wear, for that matter? I just think that there is a lot of crap being foisted onto the corps these days [my eyes still bleed over 2013 Oregon Crusaders], and I believe they need to rethink what image they want to project, and what an appropriate UNIFORM would be. But most importantly, I hope for the same thing that everyone wants from every show every year: that it makes me jump to my feet applauding and shouting for joy. Time for you to thrill us, Cadets.
  10. Pioneer 2018

    So, you're saying it will be like ...
  11. Pioneer 2018

    Especially since we all know that dragons are Welsh.
  12. Cadets 2018

    I wish they were doing the Casper, Wyoming show on the 13th as well.
  13. Cadets 2018

    It might be blocked on your server, as it is showing up on mine in your quote. I've uploaded it to Google Drive, and this is a shared link to it: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1bdK299fkyft63Zy7WhD-RXTHJJfjnK9l/view?usp=sharing - see if this works.
  14. Cadets 2018

    While it may be a while before we see Cadets live on the East Coast, I know Owen is looking forward to that West Coast half of the tour.
  15. No luck yet, but Cadets are in Erie the night after, so it's likely they would be at Buffalo.
  16. Cadets 2018

    I think I'll take a pass on S&T this camp.
  17. Cadets 2018

    So from last year's trumpet line, that makes two age-outs now on Cadets' staff, and two more on C2's staff, in addition to all the vets returning to the line for 2018.
  18. Sign the Petition

    "Why do you rob banks?" "That's where the money is." Actually, as a more serious answer, I believe much of it has to do with the trends in hiring teachers/instructors who are not yet old enough to (a) make mature decisions, or (b) view themselves as sufficient removed from the student population on order not to view them as natural and potential mates.
  19. Cadets 2018

    Everybody is so far off ... the roles of the four singers are Agnetha Fältskog, Björn Ulvaeus, Benny Andersson, and Anni-Frid Lyngstad.
  20. Sign the Petition

    Several random points: Some of the earlier pages kept using terms like "registered sex offender" which of course is not applicable to the current Brass Caption Head at Cadets (and formerly the caption head at Cavaliers and Troopers, and former drum major of Blue Devils) - I believe that probably was a conflation of reports on the Pioneer Reddit thread of them having hired someone who actually was on the registered sex offender list. I don't know the details of that person. Background checks, including FBI and fingerprinting, are woefully inadequate (have done the research in running youth sports clubs), and in any event still leave the ultimate decision as to where to draw the line on hiring with the club/corps. They're for the most part merely a "cover your butt" step. The OP, who posted the same on the Reddit thread, very much appears to be following a course of frequent posting under throwaway anonymous screen names both here and on Reddit. You'll also note the "DCIPetitioner" does not include his/her real name in the Petition - which of course undermines the credibility of a petition in the first place (i.e. - "Everyone needs to sign with their name to get this done ... except me, who wants to remain anonymous). The OP's goals, if indeed the OP is the same actual person responsible for many other posts/threads, do seem very much about attacking the Cadets as much as beating the drum about protecting the children. Yes, DCI, WGI, schools, all seem to have more than their share of people who should probably be restricted from participation within those organizations. This thread alone has mentioned the Cadets brass caption head, someone hired by Pioneer, the Asst. Direction at Crossmen. There was a DCP thread in 2010 about someone arrested for having sex with a minor at his school, and that person is currently on a WGI staff. The former husband of one my son's prior music teachers was busted for having sex with the drum major in his high school band. So yes, I don't have a problem calling for DCI and every member corps to institute an appropriate policy in black and white explaining what prior actions will disqualify someone from employment.
  21. 2018 Staff Announcements (new thread)

    You're seriously blaming Clinton for the The Higher Education Amendments of 1992? Man, he must have been more powerful than I thought to cause George Bush to sign that over 100 days before Bush lost to Clinton in the election. And as for the 1993 Act you mentioned, I thought that died in Congress. Clinton's 1993 Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1993 did phase in direct lending, however, starting with a voluntary college participation, and authorizing the Sec. Ed. to require colleges, if necessary, to reach 60% direct lending. But that was merely following the pilot program created by Congress the prior year (again, before Clinton was elected), and based upon the research undertaken by the Bush administration. But by 1997, direct loan participation was already declining due to Republican congressional changes that enabled the student loan industry to use their clout (and money) to lure colleges back to the guaranty system. That trend reversed in 2008 because of the credit market crisis, and then in 2010 the guaranty program was officially terminated by congress & Obama.
  22. Pioneer 2018

    Looks like scales surround the eye. Maybe it's Killer Croc from Suicide Squad.
  23. Cadets 2018

    I think you mean PUBLIC RECORD
  24. Cadets 2018

    O. says that all but the bottom four on the list taught at least some portion of last season. Drew Shanefield: Arranger/Caption SupervisorScott-Lee Atchison: Caption HeadBranden Hill: Assistant Caption HeadDr. Aaron Witek: Instructor, Pedagogy CoordinatorMark Whitlock: Brass AdvisorAaron Vogel: InstructorDan Berard: InstructorScott Whitford: InstructorDerrell Wallace: InstructorDiaShamar Marshall: InstructorAidan Ritchie: InstructorJoseph Guimaraes: Instructor