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  1. The future of the Cadets

    I'm reminded of my final season in high school in the '80s. I was the returning drum major looking forward to a great senior year, but in June as my Junior year ended, our band director handed in her notice. With no band director and the school district having a long process to find a replacement, and the outgoing director not having made any plans for the upcoming season before leaving, everyone thought the marching program was gonna have to take the year off. And in those days, the director was the entire staff, only having the drum major(s) to help - no assistants, techs, volunteers, etc., like today. We didn't even have an organized booster program for parents. In late June I chose music for the show from our library and got the sections rehearsing. In July I went to another year at George Parks' camp, starting to design drill during the evenings. In August we upperclassmen brought in our freshman to teach them how to march, and then the returning marchers came in for the start of our regular camp. Two days into camp, we finally got a new director (who even had a wife with DCI color guard experience to work with our guard). We ended up having a fine year. I don't remember how we did in competition that season, any more than I remember how we did the prior three years. Moments like these can be opportunities.
  2. Cadets 2018

    Just food for thought, since people are discussing the show's music and themes: "Sensemayá ... is based on the poem of the same title by the Cuban poet Nicolás Guillén ... [which] evokes a ritual Afro-Caribbean chant performed while killing a snake."
  3. Compare to original interview: [yeah, I'm sorry - this isn't on point to the thread topic]
  4. Cadets 2018

    (A) To my knowledge, Cadets have only formally announced (i) Sound of Silence, (ii) Sensemayá and (iii) Buyan, by John Psathas, which presumably would be used for a percussion feature. Early on, they also mentioned Alexander Nevsky, but that was dropped. There is additional source music which I've seen mentioned on another site, but since Cadets haven't announced it I won't type it here. (B) The only public discussion by Cadets of any replacement were the reporter's tweets quoting the YEA! chairman of the Board, who indicated they would be discussing options for possibly replacing Sound of Silence at the design meeting last night. (C) I break up the music book into 6 parts. If they choose to delete SoS, it would take rewriting of the following to completely remove it from the brass book: ~25 seconds of Part 1 ~12 seconds of Part 3, or potentially the entire 66 seconds ~82 seconds of Part 5 a few thematic quotes in Part 6 (D) On top of the brass book, there may be additional front ensemble material that would have to go. Also, the four vocalists were primarily focused on SoS, so I don't know what the corps will choose to do with them. Overall concept design would naturally have to be refocused as well, and drill probably rewritten. I don't know whether the planned props and/or costumes would be affected.
  5. Cadets 2018

    I think drum corps is a pretty poor medium for conveying any message on a delicate or nuanced subject, or any message at all really, and that to try and do so would likely end up cringe-worthy at best. If the Board of Directors feels it is important to have a PR firm manage its public communications on the subject (a decision with which I agree), then I don't think they will want to undermine that process by turning their show designers loose to send their own message.
  6. According to his biography, his Other Works include: "Editorial writer Drum Corps World Magazine, 1996-1998" And under Membership: "Co-founder, chairman steering committee RAMD Virtual Symposium, 1995, 98. Presentations to date: University of Rochester Visual and Cultural Studies Conference, 1995, RAMD (internet newsgrp. recording arts, marching, drumcorps.) Virtual Symposium, 1995, 96, 97, 98, ..."
  7. Cadets 2018

    They could always go the public-domain route. All works public domain: Berlioz, Glinka, Mendelssohn, Chopin, Schumann, Liszt, Wagner, Verdi, Gounod, Offenbach, Lalo, Bruckner, Smetana, Borodin, Brahms, Saint-Saens, Delibes, Bizet, Mussorgsky, Tchaikovsky, Chabrier, Dvorak, Massenet, Grieg, Rimsky-Korsakov, Parry, Humperdinck, Chausson, Albéniz, Mahler, Debussy, Granados Many works public domain: Fauré, Janáček, Elgar, Puccini, Delius, Strauss, Glazunov, Nielsen, Sibelius, Satie, Zemlinsky, Vaughan Williams, Rachmaninoff, Holst, Ravel, de Falla, and early career works of more modern composers.
  8. I'll buy the first round next show we're at together.
  9. I really didn't mean to deride you or your post - just that everyone else jumped on ebo and I was trying to point out that there was a logical reason for him posting what he did.
  10. The thing is, there really is no way anyone can spin this to make GH look good. Even if every one of the accusing women had utterly consented to each of the alleged actions, that would still be enough to demand his removal: as a staff member having sex with a marching member, or as a director having sex with employees - the simple occurrence of those actions, without regard to consent, is enough to indicate that he was unfit to retain the position.
  11. I edited above to note that although I quoted you because your post was the most recent about ebo's "over and over", you were not really the motivator behind the remainder of my post. Sorry.
  12. And that's one of the failing of some corps - not willing to have a bright-line policy at all, or not willing to enforce it to the letter, even in those cases where it seems everything is above-board and consensual. Probably the most innocent problem: two members are dating, but one's an age out and the other still has a year left. When the corps wants the age-out to come back as a tech the following season, what do they do? I personally believe they should uphold the policy - one of the two needs to find a new home the next season. But DCI people are mostly musicians, not managers, and they probably don't want to be that bad guy. So instead, they turn a blind eye to it, or they have no policy to begin with. And nothing necessarily goes wrong, so the status quo continues. But then another staff member might feel that is implicit approval of hitting on members, and suddenly you have a problem.
  13. Why is everyone giving crap to ebo for making that "over and over" post when all he/she did was merely restate the same thing Liahona had just posted? I agree that ebo's posts have been repetitive, slightly combative, and could be called tone deaf/tactless to the overall situation. But having recently read the 2003 RAMD posts about Stuart Rice, the last couple days have looked entirely like deja vu, with everyone here ganging up on ebo in the same way many of the same people ganged up on Stuart Rice back in 2003. If you don't like ebo, put him on ignore and stop responding, but this whole thread has acquired a very distasteful meanness to it lately. [Edit: Although I quoted BigW because his post triggered by first sentence, he wasn't exactly who I was thinking of for the rest of the post. Sorry, BigW]
  14. And Rice responded: "It has been suggested that I talk with Dan Acheson, child protection agencies, and the police about reporting what my sources have informed me regarding sex offenders in drum corps. I have left no stone unturned. In one case, the statute of limitations has expired. In another, I was told the police could do nothing." That last language is equivocal, however. It could be interpreted as "[I went to the police and] I was told [by the police that] the police could do nothing" or "I was told [by someone ... perhaps his sources] the police could do nothing." So it's possible he did what you all told him to do, though not 100% clear that he did. I don't believe he ever indicated going to the Board of Directors of the Cadets, however.
  15. While I agree it would be terrific to scrap the new costumes and replace with old, there is the cost/timing factor to deal with that might not make it feasible for this season. [Or maybe not until a week or so before Finals ...] As for the music, I wouldn't wish it upon Drew Shanefield to scrap "it all" and start over, especially at this late date. It's already going to be a big rewrite job to remove and replace Sound of Silence (as well as drill & design which has already been in place for a least the opener). But the bulk of the show (not including occasional call-backs to SoS) can remain, especially the closer which is already a reboot of older Cadets' music. The big question ... do the four singers stay on if they remove SoS entirely?
  16. Well, they thought about letting the collective members of DCP undertake the investigation, but ...
  17. The initial article mentioned that she began an EEOC complaint, but it was withdrawn. It's unfortunate that few details about that were provided.
  18. What was his beef with YEA? That Cadets beat Blue Devils in '83?
  19. One quote from the new article that I have not seen anyone mention yet, that I found of some relief: This week, before the old forum posts surfaced, Acheson said that review was nearly complete and had not uncovered anything that would call for a deeper investigation.
  20. and people on DCP with theoretical kids that would never tell the victims what to do but have no problem telling parents what they should do.
  21. Cadets 2018

    And in other news, two weeks until the last camp of the off-season.
  22. And fortunately, life rarely takes the advice of people on internet message boards.
  23. But if they do a "phoenix rising out of the ashes" show next season, I'm gonna hurl.
  24. Let's remember that Sean King, Rich Hammond and Rich Templin were all appointments by the prior BoD, which is now gone. It stands to reason that each of them would be subject to re-evaluation by the new BoD, and if deemed necessary, replacement.
  25. Yup - he DID say "of sexual assault". BUT WHERE WAS HIS CITATION?!?