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  1. Cadets 2018

    I mean regardless of what they end up doing, the music will stay the same with the exception of Sound of Silence. They're not scrapping the whole show, just the title and the opening song. I'm just thinking of ways they could do just that
  2. Cadets 2018

    I think they should replace Sound of Silence with Praying by Kesha and make the show about finding your voice. This would allow them to retain elements of the show already in place and change the message from "nobody is listening" to making yourself heard
  3. Cadets 2018

    Where can I find this video?
  4. Cadets 2018

    Happy to announce that I'll be back with The Cadets this year once again as part of their media team! After only spending half of the season with them last year I'm excited to be with them for the whole summer this time around. Like last season, I'll try to keep up a Flickr gallery of show photos.
  5. I think I can confidently say that the members would be furious if this were to happen. They seem very determined to move past this and field a great show this season
  6. Cadets 2018

  7. Cadets 2018

    Well if C2 is playing Bernstein, why have both corps do it
  8. Cadets 2018

    I think you'll all be happy with where they decided to go :) not what you'd expect
  9. I think 180 would be a good starting point for upping membership
  10. Cadets 2018

    I'll be at the November Camp next weekend so I'll try to see what I can find out. Can't guarantee anything though.
  11. Best places to eat in Indy this week!

    Last year I went to Mikado and got the Sushi Master's Special. $200 of sushi served in a large oriental boat. Can probably feed 6 people and yes, it's definitely worth it
  12. Cadets 2017

    If I got my way they would do On the Town for 2018 and finish out with Candide in 2019
  13. Cadets 2017

    Thought I'd share again just so anybody who wants to see these gets a chance! Here are all of my show photos from The Cadets this season! I joined the corps in San Antonio so all of my photos are from that show on.
  14. Cadets 2017

    Hey all, I'm beginning the arduous process of uploading all of my Cadets photos to Flickr so if you're interested in checking them out, here's a link! I didn't join the corps until San Antonio so there are only photos from that show on. Hopefully next summer I'll be there for all of tour :)
  15. Cadets 2017

    Thank you! It's been a good summer!