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  1. If memory serves, BD was first to perform two years in a row at TOC in DeKalb, 2014 and 2015. They still won both times.
  2. I was wondering who that bearded guy hanging around practice was!
  3. My family and I took a road trip from Chicago to beautiful Oregon, IL, to watch SCV rehearse on the day of the DeKalb show. The corps members struck me as mature and highly disciplined but also relaxed, with what appeared to be a lot of camaraderie and playfulness when at ease. Watching the interaction between the instructional staff and corps was, well, instructive, and I got a much better appreciation of this Swiss watch of a show. It really helps to see such this complex and fast-moving presentation broken down into component bits and pieces. It was like watching a slo-mo of a fast soccer game. My favorite part was hearing one of the instructors telling the corps that their performance in the last show was great, but felt too safe. He urged them to push emotional boundaries, to give more to the audience. It is a confident corps that can be told to take some chances! When I watched their performance in DeKalb that night, I felt a deeper appreciation for the show. This was from seeing some of the mechanical underpinnings, but also from witnessing some of the human interactions that go on behind the scenes. A real thrill for this alum! I will post some pics if the day allows.....
  4. I wonder if the Flo app is at fault. I don't use the app. I watch through Flo's website, connecting my computer to TV via HDMI. Works fine. DeKalb even sounded fine, much better than Minnesota a week before. No glitches or freezes. Using wi-fi for my connection.
  5. This is a odd detail to overlook, especially for Cavies. This stadium has been used for drum corps for decades, and every mid-western corps is well acquainted with the infamous echo-chamber created by the vertical concrete wall beneath the cantilevered stands. (You can't really see this unless you are standing on the field.) Brasslines were always instructed to elevate their horns a little more than normal, to avoid the overhang. My first corps, the Fox Valley Raiders, held a weekend camp there in 1977(!), and we horn players had great fun applying the stadium's reverb effect to Jethro Tull licks.
  6. What would be the effect of simply eliminating score caps during the championships? This would mean a judge could score over 20 in a caption, and over 100, but only for the last show of the year.
  7. We have had no technical issues with Flo so far, the service has worked flawlessly. But, I do find fault with a couple things. Sound is anemic, lacking in detail and with poor sound-staging. I have an excellent home theater set-up (Marantz processor , 5.1 Triangle speakers), so that is not the problem. I keep turning up the volume hoping to get more nuance and richness, but it is simply not there. I am guessing part of the problem is mic placement in relation to the corps' speakers. Also, the multi-camera work is pretty bad. There are too many extended takes on minor details, while missing major visual impacts. I have yelled at the TV more than once. It reminds me of the awful Finals videos from the early 1980s. I will assume Flo is still learning each of the shows and will improve multi-cam by Finals.
  8. Pasadena 7-1-17 BD 74.50 SCV 73.850 Just sayin'
  9. I saw Troopers a couple weeks back in Lisle. I agree that the tarps add nothing, and are kind of a distraction, because it is not obvious why they are there. I contrast this with Bluecoats' more successful use of tarps at the corners of the field, where they become visual focal points for the drill, and help frame the center stage. That said, Troopers sounded wonderful, and they have a certain esprit de corps that always makes viewing them a happy experience. The crowd was definitely on their side.
  10. From a purely graphic-design standpoint, that shirt is a little seizure-inducing.
  11. The almighty visual art from is mandated by the almightier judging standards. Whatever artistic or musical merit a show aspires to, it is designed ultimately to generate points as dictated by the current scoring system. I too disdain the Cuisinart musical style of modern drum corp arranging (I find Crown's opener this year a particularly egregious example), but as long as it gets rewarded competitively, we are stuck with it. If you want a more musical experience, you have to start with changing the judging sheets.
  12. My thoughts and condolences (and a donation) are with Phantom today.
  13. and perform the Bottle Dance while playing Music of the Night.
  14. Madison sounded good, and they were really working it, but they had the most subdued crowd response of the evening, even compared to Pioneer. I felt badly for them as they got golf claps at the end of their show. I did not hear any chatter about them before or after their performance, despite hearing many long and learned disquisitions on other corps, new and old. To put it in some context, the stands were packed, but the audience seemed to consist mostly of dinos (myself included), with few if any bandos. I saw a lot of jackets and shirts from corps of the 60's, 70s and 80s (Kilties and Guardsmen, represent!). So, this might not be the most receptive crowd for what this new Madison was selling. And Madison's show is kind of strange. I admire their courage in trying on new jammies, but the dull brown / yellow palette and fuzzy headdresses leave their visual looking muted and muddy, especially when compared to the visual pizazz of Bluecoats' high-contrast black and white. My wife, who has little drum corps experience, found Madison a bit creepy, and she could not follow whatever Mad Max theme they were trying to convey (I generally ignore themes altogether and just listen to the music). My overall take on Madison's show, and this may sound strange, is that it is a little bit hostile to the audience. Last night's audience seemed to be returning the sentiment.
  15. Green Machine