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  1. Alumni Stage Shows

    So far the Alumni shows I know about for 2018 are: April 14: Profiles in Music: Hanover Lancers at PSU York, PA April 21 Reilly Show in NJ April 28: Music In The Mountains: Bucs Alumni at Blue Mountain High School, Schuylkill Haven PA May 12: Spring Preview: Reading Buccaneers at Twin Valley High School, Elverson, PA I'll update as I know who will be performing.
  2. Alumni Stage Shows

    Hi Folks. First time on in a pretty long while. Med leave will do that to you. Bucs Alumni had a show this past weekend at Blue Mountain High School, Schuylkill Haven. Archer Epler Musketeers, Belvederes, Bracken Cavaliers, Hanover Lancers, Reilly Raiders and Bucs Alumni performed plus special performances by Phoenix Connection and The Reading Buccaneer Banner Brass. Nice show, great venue, small crowd but it's only the third year and growing. 2018's show is already scheduled for April 29, 2018 at Blue Mountain High School.
  3. The Buccaneer Alumni Drum & Bugle Corps are looking for a Drum Instructor for our 30th Anniversary and the celebration of the Reading Buccaneers 60th Anniversary. We have big plans and need a dynamic Drum Instructor to write parts, instruct, help gain new members and help us drive a tremendous show home ot the audience. If you, or someone you know, is interested - please contact Randy Mutter, President/Director of the Bucs Alumni at or call 484-955-9322.
  4. Drum Instructor needed - Bucs Alumni

    Great news.... The great John Flowers has agreed to become the drum line instructor for the Bucs Alumni starting immediately. We have several openings available and John will be holding an Audition Friday, December 2 at our rehearsal. The location is Jim Dietrich Park, 4899 Stoudts Ferry Bridge Rd, Reading, PA 19605 from 7:30PM to 10PM. For more information, please contact Randy Mutter, Bucs Alumni President/Director at
  5. The Buccaneer Alumni Assocation is pleased to announce that Music in the Mountain 2016 is on!!! Saturday, April 16, 2016 at Blue Mountain High School in Schuylkill Haven, PA. Doors will open at 5:30PM, the show will begin at 6:30PM. All tickets are $12. Alumni Corps performing will be: Archer Epler Musketeers Belvederes Mighty St Joe Seldon Cadets Skyliners Steel City Ambassador and the host : Reading Buccaneer Alumni Incredible location, fantastic food and awesome corps - a real "mountaintop" experience. For more information or tickets contact: Dino Myers -
  6. Calling all current/former band and corps members. The 2016 Reading Buccaneer Alumni Drum & Bugle Corps is holding a Membership Night, Friday, January 22 at Muhlenberg High School in Reading PA. We gather at 7:15PM til 10PM 2016 marks the 30th Anniversary of the Bucs Alumni and bid things are happening. Our reportoire is already completed and we're making it stage ready. The 2016 show includes: The Seahawk/Russian Sailors Dance, Maria, Color Pre (a collection of Patriotic songs), Fantasy, Conquistidor and Beyond the Sea. We're seeking current and former band members as well as former corps members for all sections (drums, color guard and horns) interested in performing us on stage and/or in parades. The Bucs Alumni are a high profile COMMUNITY musical organzation... you do not need to be a former Buccaneers to be a join. If you have ever considered reliving your musical hay day and need a low commitment schedule - come check us out. For more information and details contact Randy Mutter, President at or 610-929-1254.
  7. The mountains of Schuylkill County, PA will once again be alive with the sound of Drum Corps. The Buccaneer Alumni Association is hosting the inaugural Music in the Mountains indoor concert at Blue Mountain High School in Schuylkill Haven, PA on April 25, 2015. With a history of corps activity spanning 50+ years, Schuylkill County is the home of a Junior Corps champion and the annual practice venue for several DCI corps preparing for DCI East. "When we considered where to host an indoor show, Schuylkill County was a unanimous decision by our Board. The community and surrounding area truly are fans of our activity." reports Dino Myers, Bucs Alumni Business Manager. The final touches are being put on the program and there's a spot open for another Drum & Bugle Corps. Is your corps open April 25 for an appearance at Music In the Mountains? Email Dino Myers, at or call 717-818-4480. More details will follow shortly about this exciting new indoor concert event.
  8. Thanks to everyone who made the Music in the Mountains Alumni Show a huge success. Blue Mountain School District and Superintendent Urzillo were wonderful to work with. The layout of the school is the perfect place for a show like this. The Band Director, Chris Evans, and the Band Assocociation (Pres. Rob Clauser, VP Brian Evert and crew) had everything in order and singing along. The food concession the Band Assocation served was off the charts awesome with a total sell-out of a lot of items - the baked goods left early. Special thanks to announcer T102's Joel Koch for an outstanding job. Thanks to all the front line people who heped us in the lobby and making sure people were circulating properly: Doreen, Cathy, Mike, Diane, Bill, and Randy. (If I forgot someone, please forgive me.) Patrons and sponsors: Thank you for making our show possible and helping is bring this event to life in Schuylkill County. Marty, Holahan Printing and family: Thank you for the excellant program! It was one of the nicest pieces most of us have seen at a corps event ever! Teri Paulin, The Call, WPPA and the Republican: thanks for the press! We appreciate your coverage and help promoting our event. All the performers and staff members of the corps: Thanks for putting out such incredible performances. You came and delivered total awesomeness! The fans: Thank you for joining our Drum Corps familes and helping us to keep our art form alive and kicking. Extended Bucs Alumni family: Thank for your support, hard work, practice, time, talent, treasure and effort. It was quite an effort to put together in 4 short months but we did it. Our families and friends: Thanks for tolerating us and putting up with our Drum Corps habit. Remember it could be worse, it could be golf. Dino, aka BL, you rock! Nicely done! And - even better - see you April 16, 2016 for The 2nd Annual Music in the Mountains. Always Blue. -d
  9. RPC - sorry i wasn't on a lot through your conversation. Bottom line, in general, is that a lot of corps have holes, and give time for the finances to work out. Some have partial scholorships, like the Bucs/Bucs Alumni that can help with tuition. Find a corps for this season that is close by and work from there. Heck, Alumni corps are looking for snares - and you didn't have to march on the field with the corps. Most Alumni, like us, are more community based and looking for drummers (and horn players and guard) 365/24/7. Great way to get in if money and time is an issue while still having a D&B experience.
  10. The time is almost here. The inaugural Music in the Mountains show, hosted by the Buccaneer Alumni, takes place April 25, 2015. Blue Mountain High School, Schuylkill Haven, PA, will be filled with the sounds of good old fashioned DRUM CORPS & Band Music at it's finest with: The Belvederes Alumni - Schuylkill Haven, PA Bracken Cavaliers Alumni - Bristol, PA Archer Epler Musketeers Alumni - Upper Darby, PA South Jersey Vagabonds - Magnolia, NJ Mighty St. Joe's Alumni - Batavia, NY Third Brigade Band - Pottsville, PA Buccaneers Alumni - Reading, PA Tickets are just: $12 for reserved; $10 for general admission. for ticket information contact: for other show information contact: It's Spring - a perfect time for a trip to the "Mountains". See you there.
  11. The Bucs Alumni are pleased to annonuce the line-up for the inaugural Music In the Mountains, April 25, 2015, at Blue Mountain High School, Schuylkill Haven, PA. Archer Epler Musketeers Alumni Belvederes Alumni Bracken Cavalier Alumni Jersey Vagabonds Mighty St Joe's Alumni Buccaneer Alumni (host) Special Appearance - TBA Show time is 6:30PM. For Program ads, ticket information and other show details contact Dino Myers ; or Don Kline Looking forward to a great show. See you there.
  12. Can't wait to see Mighty St. Joe's at Music in the Mountains. The night is shaping up nicely. We have only one space to fill before we announce our full line-up. There are several corps who are checking their schedules to see how this event fits in. We have also been in constant contact with our friends at Spring Preview so we don't overlap any corps.
  13. As the spring concert season approaches, the Reading Buccaneer Alumni Drum & Bugle Corps is pleased to annouce their 2014 show: BEYOND THE SEA 2014. The theme song from "Burke's Law" - from the 1963-66 American detective show featuring Gene Barry, this tune we played by the Reading Buccaneers in their first DCA a Championship in 1965. Maria from West Side Story - this year's version is a slightly updated version of the one played on the field during the 1968 DCA Championship Season. Traditional Color Presentation: America - paying tribute to the Men and Women of our Military and our great Country! Listen to this version and you'll feel like you're at the 1968 Championships all over again. Earth, Wind & Fire's Fantasy - played in the first year of the "long blue coats" 1979 DCA Championship Season. Hold on tight. Drum Solo - Drunken Sailor. What do you do with a drunkin' sailor? Get out of the way... the percussion line means business! En Sueno - a familiar tune from the field shows of 1981 and '82. The name means "In a Dream" but you won't be able to sleep through it. Ending the show with the Bucs Alumni classic, Beyond the Sea - Bobby Darin sang it and the Buccaneers made it part of drum corps history playing it in both the 1965 and '68 DCA Championship season. Looking forward to see you at the upcoming shows for the Hanover Lancers (April 12) and Reading Buccaneers (May 10).
  14. Hey Zane. You have put together one hot Drum Line. Love the cadence and the Drum Solo is awesome! Congrats to you and the percussionists! (Now, if your three way drummer could play 1st sop we'd all be VERY impressed.) don