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  1. drangin

    DCI Media Through the Years

    I remember something about part of the stink of the Tresona (anagram of "treason") deal being that once inventory was sold out it would not be restocked. Big black market for drum corps recordings now. Want to collect all DCI finals recordings back to 1972? Tresona doesn't care; it's all legalities with them, they're really not into the human/historical angle.
  2. drangin

    DCI Media Through the Years

    Which master list do you want, a list of recordings that used to be commercially available? Or a list of possible sources? I think for 2006 & 2007 I bought the downloads of finals from DCI and copped the prelims show audio from the Vol. 2 DVDs. The DVDs and CDs for any given year often sound very different.
  3. Sure, but Peace On Earth Good Will Toward Men would make for an awful boring drum corps season.
  4. There is no drama in Heaven. This guy does indeed have an agenda, but it serves no one on Earth any good.
  5. drangin

    Pioneer video missing?

    Yeah, Pioneer's show was wrecked by a wireless vocal mic - a rising trend in DCI. They probably figured it wasn't worth the effort to salvage it.
  6. drangin

    Video edits 2017

    11. Their product is crappy and I can do better. 12. They have what I want but they won't sell it.
  7. If all you expected to get was a video made by a guy in the stands with a single camcorder, that would make sense, but DCI's modern videos represent hundreds of man-hours of expert work and they're not going to provide the end product for free.
  8. Rock bands? Really? Drum corps is nothing more special to you than rock bands? "no matter how much people complain" - That's not much of an argument for promoting attendance at live shows, or for the whole drum corps movement for that matter.
  9. I have no doubt that Tom Blair & Co. can handle it in post, but that doesn't address my point. What about the fans who show up and have to endure the crap that DCI allows at live shows?
  10. I wonder to what extent the videos are more important to DCI now. When something goes wrong in a show, does DCI just say, "That's OK, we'll fix it in the mix?" To continue to let corps recklessly use faulty electronics that can ruin a show for the live audience but knowing they can fix it for the video is a disservice to those who show up to the performances. At what point do audiences just start staying home, because they figure the electronics will probably screw up and DCI will fix it for the video?
  11. drangin

    By the decades

    I'm in it for the entertainment, not for judging the cosmic significance of any shows or what trends they set for the future (which is currently bleak due to overuse of amplification, IMHO). 70s - Phantom Regiment 1978 (they was robbed) 80s - Bridgemen 1980 90s - Madison Scouts 1995 00s - Phantom 2008 10s - Bluecoats 2014
  12. No, it isn't "Drum Corps" anymore. But I don't like "America's Got Talent Marching Show Choir." The electronics always wreck one show or another, with the wireless mic failing, or the speaker balance screwed up, or a generator humming throughout the show, or the board mixer can't tell how bad it sounds live, or the live stream mixer guessing wrong about the board send level, or some other stupid thing or another. I want to hear two things in a show: 1) brass 2) drums Close-mic'd wireless mics on instruments just sound like crap. Does anyone care what it sounds like? Keeping tradition is fine and blazing new trails is fine, but if the sound quality of the show suffers from the use of electronics for its own sake, what is gained by its use?
  13. But did you see the Finals? Crown's show was destroyed by electronics. The singer's wireless microphone cut in and out from the start, and then we had to endure that for another five minutes. That happened to Pioneer earlier this week, too - it totally wrecked their show, and just made the whole thing laughable. I say get rid of wireless microphones altogether in DCI. Paying audiences deserved to hear a good show, not endure a sonic slaughterhouse caused by unreliable electronics.
  14. Well, that's the most I've enjoyed Crown's show all year. Do we know enough about wireless mics yet to be completely fed up with them?