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  1. Excuse the crappy angle and those intermittent blocking heads, was focusing on enjoying it live PR - Cadets - SCV - BC - Cavaliers - May need to wait a few more minutes for the HD versions to kick in.
  2. Hey guys. I got phantom, cadets, scv, bc, and cavies. Messed up on Bk :( videos should be up on YT later this morning.
  3. Bless University networks!
  4. It's a hot one today. Be safe. Bring water! (please don't spend $5+ on concession stand water). Also, this is Texas, we should provide the corps with a line of water misters and ice cold water as they walk off the field.
  5. I last checked on Tuesday and there were about 100 tickets left on the both end zone areas. They will also be selling visitor stand tickets for $20.
  6. Not really music, and I may be reaching, but I'm pretty sure they have a 2013 moment @6:10 in this video with the choreography and the synth fx. 2017 closer is also very mishima-like ala 2016's closer.
  7. Last night's performance.
  8. It does look big enough.