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  1. DrumManTx, you are one of my favorite people on this website. You have a lot of knowledge and always get your point across without sounding bias or rude. Wish I had your gift!
  2. I hope you're right. I would love Crown to keep up these jaw dropping performances. Another corps we haven't even touched on is the Blue Knights. They could surprise people as well and push towards the top 5. There are just so many good corps right now it's going to be a close one this year for sure.
  3. Why would I insult the Cavaliers, Phantom, or the Cadets? That's three of my favorite corps lol Going from 3rd (2011) to 8th (2012) isn't exactly terrific. I did not say the Cavaliers have done nothing since 2011, I said they sort of fell off after 2011 giving SCV another spot to move up. I even mentioned the Cavaliers and the Cadets as threats to medal this year in my next post. As for my Phantom comment, it was a joke. Seriously, you're always the guy trying to rip me for my comments and it's getting old.
  4. I didn't say the corps themselves were bad? I said they had bad years, which they did.
  5. But, the fact of the matter is all of these corps aren't at their peak. The only corps I have 100% confidence in is the Blue Devils. They haven't been below 5th place since 1975. Do you know how insane that is? They have been in the top 2 for what 9 or 10 years now? Bluecoats will likely stay in the top 3, Crown will probably fall, either SCV, Cavies, or Cadets rise to take the other medal. None of us know what's in store this year. I'm just excited to see it. lol
  6. I think you hit the nail on the head with this statement. Let's be honest, The Cadets haven't looked like the Cadets recently, The Cavaliers went slumming after 2011, and Phantom is acting like their name (Nowhere to be seen in the top 5 in recent years). With the addition of the Blue Coats consistently improving and the Blue Devils constantly placing in the top 2, SCV stands no chance if all of these corps were at their peak.
  7. Crown still holds the record for being the only brass line to actually make me shed a few tears. E=MC2 ballad (being the first time) and the opening hit of Relentless.
  8. Right? 2014 was one of the best years in DCI as a fan, at least it was for me. I got to see Bluecoats, Cadets, and Crown live in person and I got to go watch Crown practice at a local high school. It was amazing.
  9. It's okay lol I can't wait to see what BK does this year!
  10. I have always loved the art of drill and I have some ideas that I want to put into reality or better yet, virtual reality. I would love some recommendations for good drill writing software. Thanks guys!
  11. Sorry, I only read a few replies lol but yeah, I absolutely love the music in that show. The opening hit is astounding.
  12. Carolina Crown - Out of This World 2014
  13. I can't put them in order because I love them too much. Blue Coats 2014 Tilt Blue Devils 2003 The Phenomenon of Cool Carolina Crown 2011 Rach Star Carolina Crown 2013 E=MC2 Carolina Crown 2016 Relentless The Cavaliers 2006 Machine The Cavaliers 2013 Secret Society (The show was kind of "meh" but I freaking love the opening sequence so much.) The Cadets 2011 Angels and Demons Phantom Regiment 2008 Spartacus Phantom Regiment 2012 Turandot I could easily choose another ten though.
  14. I just don't know how Crown is going to perform this year. You have Blue Devils, who haven't been below 5th place since 1975. Blue Coats, who have become the talk of the town in the last 3 years. Cadets, they are struggling to find an identity it seems. Cavaliers, who seem like they are starting to find that swag they are known for.. Santa Clara, who I feel like is always underrated as they put on spectacles of shows. and then you have Crown, who has, IMO, the best brass line in DCI, arguably the best guard, but had a few changes this off season. We can say it's not a big thing, but the Cavaliers went from 3rd place to 8th place in 2011-2012 due to changes. I know they were different changes, but still. This is still going to be my top 6 (not in any specific order) because I think these are the 6 best drum corps right now. I also can't predict the future though, for all we know Phantom Regiment is getting ready to blow our minds this summer. lol
  15. Well, I think most reasonable people consider the Cadets a threat to the top 5.