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  1. My absolute favorite Cavaliers drill is essentially the entire "Samurai" show in 2008.
  2. Yeah, I did not intend to come across that way at all. You can imagine my surprise when I get on here and people are roasting me for chanting "WINNING IS ALL THAT MATTERS" lol which is not what I am about at all. The Cavaliers are my favorite drum corps and I simply want to see them on top. Of course the quality of the show matters and I will likely love it no matter the placement....sorry for not making myself clear before.
  3. Haha I did not mean for it to come across that way. Of course, I care whether or not the show is actually good and entertaining. I meant I don't care what their theme know how people love to snowball ideas. They should do a "blah blah" show. I do think them pushing for a medal is important though. The Green Machine needs to find it's place back at the top of the drum corps world. Again, I apologize for coming across as "winning is all that matters". I truly meant it as I don't care what the theme of the show is, not the actual production itself.
  4. I'm honestly just hoping that they can find a way to keep pushing forward, in terms of placement. I have no "wish list" for the show other than it provides the organization with a chance at a medal.
  5. Where my Cavaliers fans at? I had to message someone to find this thread lol Any show predictions?
  6. What's funny is "Out of This World" was one of my favorite shows, musically in 2014. I even got to go see Crown practice at a local high school that year :)
  7. Honestly, Guard. But, all of them will hurt.
  8. Crown went from 1st to 5th (2013-2014) It can happen. No body knows what is going to happen this year. The only consistent for me is the Blue Devils. Everyone else is questionable. "Can the Bluecoats top last year? Can Santa Clara finally regain control? Can the Cadets be the Cadets? Will the Cavaliers build even further? etc."...No body is concerned about the Blue Devils being the Blue Devils though lol
  9. I would say no further than 7th. Crown is still Crown. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if they remain in the top 5, but I don't think they are a threat to win it this year by any means considering that staff shakeup. I really hope that The Cadets step it up this year and get a medal (unrelated).
  10. Nope. I honestly thought they should've won last year. I just have a feeling they are going to fall this year.
  11. So my top 5 in no particular order is Blue Devils, Blue Coats, Cadets, Cavaliers, and Santa Clara.
  12. I'm late to the party. I don't really feel like predicting exact placements because everyone gets so offended by a few positions they don't agree with, but I will say I expect Crown to fall out of the top 5 and the Cavaliers to remain in the top 5 as well as the Cadets to re-enter the top 5.
  13. You know what? I hope the Cavaliers find themselves wearing a medal by the end of next year :) :) :) BTW : Cadets are coming to Little Rock next summer, I'm excited. Also, Phantom is coming and I have never gotten to see them live.
  14. It's not that great of a show, but 2013 Cavaliers - Secret Society, it was my first DCI show that I had seen live and it made me fall in love with the activity. Looking back on it now, I can see it for what it is, a 7th place show, but it will always hold that little sparkle in my heart lol
  15. Really happy for the design staff coming back, good for the Cavies. Top 3, here we come.