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  1. Knowing several women who marched Crossmen recently, I've heard about this kind of thing for years. The Morrisons operate on a favoritism basis and will not do the right, transparent thing unless they're forced into a corner. The staff often has a sexist approach to teaching, and several women feel discouraged from returning because of it. I witnessed it myself after auditioning there (before my 3rd year of DCI) - the Morrisons are very religious, stubborn people that are protective of 'their own', and they clearly see Moody as this type of person who deserves to still teach. If you're in their corner, great. If you're not in their corner, they won't work with you. They are not good allies for this type of change, frankly. Moody has been known to be a perv and women have been warning each other about him for years since the management either wouldn't listen or would discourage speaking out with the instillment of a toxic culture at Crossmen for the last several years. Interested to see where this goes from here, but I think the Morrisons will try harboring him for as long as they're legally able to.
  2. Just realized... Whatever happened to @Poppycock?
  3. That is actually a rule that exists today! Believe it is 1 year off (minimum) after teaching before returning to judge again in world class. In the 1 year interim you're limited to judging open class (if you'd taught at a world class corps) or judging I&E, etc.
  4. rr4353

    2017 Colts

    he's their head drum major. Music major at University of Iowa!
  5. Not sure how to find the periscope link. Searching on the site isn't working. Any tips?
  6. lots of film or television scores share themes across tracks. So that theme is a recurring one from Lost, used in both!
  7. rr4353

    Lovely Lisle - July 1 2017

    for the sake of me being too young to get this, who is "she"?
  8. I like the way you think!
  9. rr4353

    DCI West is the Best - June 25, 2017

    can someone post scores here? Can't find them anywhere.
  10. Troopers playing Nessun Dorma in the back... wow. Thought it was Phantom for a second. So. Musical.
  11. rr4353

    Opening Night!

  12. he's teaching at BK, I think
  13. rr4353

    2017 Blue Stars