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  1. Tough one. Cavies 2006 has one of the greatest visual designs ever and I think they were cleaner than Crown 2015, but Crown has the emotionally superior product, as well as the better musical design. I’m going to play the “music trumps visual” card and say Crown ‘15 takes this one, but that doesn’t diminish my emjoyment of Cavies ‘06.
  2. 2017 DCI A/V

    Question for those of you who have both the CD and the DVD: Is the stand-up joke in the Cavaliers’ show the same on both the CD and the DVD or different? (I’m just curious)
  3. 2018 Rules proposals

    I think he means to say slotting over the course of a single season. And yeah, from around mid-season onward, it becomes pretty abundantly clear that the judges have made up their minds on where everyone will be placed by season's end (i.e. there have been very few crazy jumps up/down the rankings over the course of weeks or even days).
  4. Pioneer video missing?

    Didn't the "On My Own" singer have major mic problems in the show? Could that have been enough for DCI to say "no 2-minute video for you?"
  5. 2018 Rules proposals

    It's kind of a combination of both, but moreso of the music arrangers/composers than of the MMs. For sure, something that is well-composed by the designers but not performed well by the MMs can be reflected as such in the MA score, as would something not well-composed but performed well. But in general, the credit mostly belongs to the musical designers. (Off-topic, but this is why I'd prefer if the Analysis captions were sorted into their own category instead of being part of the Music and Visual scores.)
  6. 2018 Rules proposals

    So I know many of the proposals this year hinge on Music Analysis. Just so that we're all clear, here's how Michael Cesario defines the Analysis captions: The Music Analysis and Visual Analysis judges are the classically trained judges, the most scientific in their approach. They analyze how the pieces of the puzzle fit together and they focus on the detailing … how is the music or visual orchestration done, how well is that utilized, what are the developmental phrases, and how is the show composed and constructed. I think a lot of us seem to misinterpret the Music Analysis caption as currently being "how good the overall musical ensemble sounds" rather than "how well the show is constructed from a musical standpoint." Music Analysis is about the compositional elements of the show, not the brass performance (Brass), nor the percussion performance (Percussion), nor the creative content/overall entertainment factor (GE). That being said, the term "Analysis" (as opposed to "Ensemble") has only been used since the 2012 season, so we're all still getting used to this more "scientific" approach rather than a more "sonorous" approach to the musical aspect of DCI. How any changes to Music Analysis will affect a possible second brass judge and/or second MA judge has yet to be seen, but I hope this was enlightening to some of you.
  7. 2018 Rules proposals

    The DCI Tour Premiere did this for a couple years not too long ago. The show would be tape-delayed for the theaters and then scores would first be revealed to the world at the very end of the broadcast.
  8. 2018 Rules proposals

    If anything, maybe have those shows be the ones where scores don't get released?
  9. 2018 Rules proposals

    #1: I'm OK with this. It's a very small increase, so it wouldn't bother me at all if this passed. #2: No... I love Cesario, but IMO this is problematic from both a competitive (corps would automatically be making Finals for the first time the first year it goes into effect) and a logistical (how the heck would 15 corps fit on the field at retreat?) standpoint. #3 and #4. No and no. There's a reason why the hidden recaps failed in 2016. #5. I don't care either way, there seems to be a lot of change every season regardless. #6 and #7. YES and YES. #6 was without a doubt one of the biggest problems of the 2017 season, and #7 would make it way easier to judge the brass from up high (i.e. projecting the sound & preventing excessive synth goo). Thank you Michael Martin, I hope both of these get passed! #8. Didn't this get proposed in 2016 as well? I recall I didn't really like it then, but then again things have changed a bit. Right now I don't care, I can see the arguments for and against. #9. YES. FINALLY electronics and amping can be acknowledged in a score not named GE. The most notable missing rule proposal(s?) from this set: Nothing about moving judges to other parts of the field (that was a big focus in 2016). I was hoping we'd see another "get the percussion judges away from the field" proposal, but alas. TL;DR I'm pulling for #6, #7 and #9, don't care about #1, #5 and #8, and am pretty much against #2, #3, and #4. (EDIT: I elevated the status of #8 from "do not want" to "don't care.")
  10. Madison Scouts 2018

    I'm hoping for another thematic variation of the classic look, but not nearly as crazy as last year's look.
  11. 2017 DCI A/V

    The cut made to BD's show was actually a hint of the soundtrack from the movie Interstellar, which if I remember correctly was in the trumpet feature (or, if I'm wrong, it was at some point later on in the closer).
  12. Phantom Regiment 2018

    Introducing the 2018 conductors...
  13. Phantom Regiment 2018

    What I've been wondering too. Then again, pretty much all the rest of BK's staff is still in Denver.
  14. Cadets 2018

    This thread is for the Cadets, not the Mandarins or Legends.