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  1. Mandarins 2017: "Inside the Ink"
  2. In addition to his brass writing, Dobson has written some pop-style works as well. This one, in particular, would be perfect for the Blue Knights. Has a bit of an Adam Watts/Sleeping At Last feel to it.
  3. The Mandarins will be announcing their 2017 show on March 23 at 7pm local time (10pm ET).
  4. Pretty cool to see another composer supporting a drum corps. Dobson, by the way, has been performed on the field before: Crown played his "Journey of the Lone Wolf" this past season.
  5. It's a Crown within a Crown. Crownception.
  6. I would take another look at RPK's most recent comment on this thread.
  7. Symphonie Fantastique. Enough said.
  8. So it's like the 2014 uniform?
  9. If this is true, it's not the first time BD has done so (cf. 1998).
  10. Not what I was expecting to hear at all, but still a big deal from an organizational standpoint.
  11. Out of curiosity... If DCI indeed guts the drum major ceremony for all competitions except Finals (which is a full retreat), is there a possibility that at major regionals (San Antonio, Atlanta, Winston-Salem... probably not Allentown because it is spread over 2 days), scores may be announced in the middle of the competition like at Prelims/Semis?
  12. This was discussed in a thread here about a year or so ago. I believe the "mass brass" finale just became an outdated event that the recent generations of corps members weren't taking very seriously. It has not been done at Finals since 2013, and has since been replaced with a video montage of performances from all of the corps that had performed at Prelims the Thursday before (a tradition since the first Finals at LOS in 2009, before "mass brass" was gutted). Also, knowing that the BOA Grand National Finals retreat in November often ends close to 1am (occasionally on the day of a Colts game), I don't believe there are any major contractual obligations with the stadium.
  13. They should just use the 2015 uniform if possible. Of the three iterations of the new BK uniform, I think that one was the best.