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  1. Speaking of MI, here's a repertoire possibility.
  2. The letter I So far, we have: MI
  3. With a nod to the hint they dropped today, the Crossmen will be presenting their 2017 program, "Muunitnoc" It's basically their entire "Continuum" show from 2016, except performed backwards. Then in 2018, they'll perform the entire 2016 show forwards, and the cycle will continue from there.
  4. Exactly what I was thinking. "M" could mean many different things in this case. Given that they've got several clues to go as the week goes on, I have a feeling they're going to spell out the name of the show.
  5. Hmmm...
  6. I want to say BD 2014, but that was more of a general tribute to a filmmaker than a show based on an actual movie or musical. So in that case, probably Cadets 2009 with the 75th anniversary WSS show.
  7. On the topic of non-2017 program news, the Cavaliers' WGI Winds group, Chromium Winds, won their division's title and Fan Favorite in their inaugural appearance at WGI Championships. Congratulations on your 8th title, Cavaliers!
  8. My guess is that it will be some sort of orange/scarlet, maybe with hints of green.
  9. One major event DCI Live/DCI Fan Network always offered that does not show up here is Drums Along the Rockies in Denver (July 15 this year). Are they not doing that one?
  10. Mentioned this one in the Cavaliers 2017 thread as the potential Johann Johannsson selection for their show, but it's worth re-mentioning here. This would make a gorgeous ballad on the field.
  11. Some predictions based on the show announcement: The John Mackey piece will be "Xerxes," which IMO pairs really well with the Ghosts of Mars theme. The Max Richter piece will be "Lost in Space" from Last Days of Mars, which could transition into "The Sun's Gone Dim and the Sky's Turned Black" by Johann Johannsson. The Laurie Anderson piece will be "O Superman," which could be mashed up with "Mars" by Holst.
  12. Will there be a sequel in 2018 titled "Women are from Venus"?
  13. Cavaliers to announce their show tomorrow.
  14. Show announcement coming tomorrow. In the meantime, their Facebook profile has turned orange.
  15. The last 8 minutes of the symphony are indeed epic, but the entire work is fantastic and contains lots of material that can easily be made into its own DCI show. I could see Crown, Cadets or even Troopers pulling it off.