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  1. Madison Scouts 2018

    Congratulations Megan!
  2. Seattle Cascades 2018

    With these little trailers they’ve been releasing, I’m willing to bet one of the words in the show title is “around.”
  3. Phantom Regiment 2018

    So... 2017 is finally in the books. No more having to worry about porn star narration or amped-up hornlines. What do you guys think about next season? Personally, I'd like to see them keep who they have currently (because consistency is key) and come up with a show that focuses less on subliminal sexual innuendo and more on pure beauty and class while also being modern. Something like the 2007 show would be awesome. I have tons of musical and thematic suggestions, and I'd be happy to share some of them with you once we get some more responses down.
  4. Seattle Cascades 2018

    Hint #3, this time with a different song.
  5. All time shows: Pacific Crest

    Before I begin, I have a couple of things to say about PC: (1) I wish I had seen more of their shows from the past; (2) They are a corps in high need of a breakout show so that we can start really talking about them. That being said... Favorite: 2012, Spectrum. Easily some of their best musical moments ever came from this show. Least favorite: 2015, The Catalyst. I liked the ballad, but the ending was an enormous downer. Also, why did the design team think a show about a box was a good idea?
  6. The one recent year BD tried incorporating more drill (2016), they finished 2nd. Obviously, it was more than just the drill, but still.
  7. Carolina Crown 2018

    Sounds like this Ron Nelson piece. (EDIT: I originally thought this it the first movement of "Ecstatic Waters" by Steven Bryant, which sounds very similar.)
  8. Seattle Cascades 2018

    Another hint.
  9. Genesis 2018

    I’m hoping that it’s Ars Moriendi. Would fit perfectly with what I bet is the John Zorn song (Briel). I’m also hoping that the Jonathan Elias piece is something from The Prayer Cycle and the Peter Gabriel song is In Your Eyes. I’m not a big Metallica fan, so I have no idea what they’ll be doing from that band.
  10. Phantom Regiment 2018

    At the moment, the only corps I can think of that Phantom could realistically pass is the Cadets, who have also been on a downward trajectory as of late. This can only happen if Phantom puts out a clearly superior show design from the get-go that improves throughout the season.
  11. 2018 Programs & Playlist

    Genesis' 2018 program will feature music by The Moody Blues (I assume it's "The Day Begins," which is the song in the video below), John Zorn, Mr. Bungle, Metallica, Jonathan Elias, and Peter Gabriel.
  12. Phantom Regiment 2018

    Per Phantom’s Instagram story, multiple trombones will once again be used in this year’s show.
  13. Cadets 2018

    It’s the working title, so it’s subject to change.
  14. Cadets 2018

    I really like these. While very modern and show-specific, it still has shades of Cadets in it. The way Heininger described the "black/whiteness" uniforms reminds me of the '05 uniform. And like I mentioned before, I'm happy the shakos are back. Such an integral part of the uniform that was missing last year.
  15. 2018 Programs & Playlist

    Cadets 2018: "The Conversation: Everybody's Talking, Nobody's Listening" "The Sound of Silence" by Paul Simon "Sensemaya" by Silvestre Revueltas "Buyan" by John Psathas Original music by Drew Shanefield Other selections TBA? Source:
  16. Cadets 2018

    Cadets 2018: "The Conversation: Everybody's Talking, Nobody's Listening" "The Sound of Silence" by Paul Simon "Sensemaya" by Silvestre Revueltas "Buyan" by John Psathas Original music by Drew Shanefield Other selections TBA? Also, welcome back shakos to the Cadets uniform!
  17. Mandarins 2018

    How do the Mandarins not have their own 2018 thread yet? Their best show ever and less than a point away from Finals last year, retaining many of their acclaimed staff members, bringing in Tim Snyder to be the new Brass Caption Head... This corps are going places. I cannot wait to hear the sweet sounds of summer from the Sacramento corps live.
  18. 2018 Programs & Playlist

    Mandarins 2018: "Life Rite After"
  19. Mandarins 2018

    Mandarins 2018: "Life Rite After" Based on/inspired by(?) The Rite of Spring.
  20. Mandarins 2018

    Here we go!
  21. Cadets 2018

    Sound familiar?
  22. Mandarins 2018

  23. The "Music Corps Should Do" thread

    True. I just hope that it doesn't become Sound of Silence 2.0 where literally every band and corps is playing it (but knowing my luck, that will probably be the case). Also, I mainly mentioned Cash because Whitacre uses the lyric from that cover in the line "I wear this crown of ____".
  24. The "Music Corps Should Do" thread

    Eric Whitacre recently released his arrangement of the Nine Inch Nails/Johnny Cash song "Hurt," and it's absolutely haunting. Can totally see it arranged as a ballad on the field. The only problem is, given it's Nine Inch Nails, getting at least the sync rights to this song would be tough.