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  1. Star '91 Question

    That would have to be BU then. BC and Harvard aren't even in Boston...(cue the rivalry flames)
  2. Prior to the Hoosier Dome in 1984, ISSMA state finals were held at Terre Haute at ISU’s stadium. A great venue.
  3. Star '91 Question

    There's a ton of prep schools this could have been done at as well. Not sure how many might have had turf v. grass at the time though. Harvard has some sort of 'out of the way' fields up by the Charles river north of their stadium too.
  4. Second on Anthracite Fields. I forget how I discovered that, but I immediately thought some of that could translate very very well.
  5. High Score of the day goes to Leander in Scholastic A though. I should look that one up.
  6. .4 spread. All I can figure is the cleaniness of equipment use. Although recap has some judges putting them further ahead on GE. Which I don't get. I know what shows i'll be looking up to watch again though!
  7. Independent World 2 - Pride of Cincinnati Which means 1- Paramount. [i object]
  8. Scholastic World 2- Trumbull Which means. 1- Avon
  9. Blessed Sacrament gets bronze on the other side.
  10. Carmel drops a notch. I'm surprised. They had a such a fun show.
  11. CGT Dallas gets the Independent fan favorite
  12. Oh! That fun show from West Broward gets the Scholastic fan favorite!
  13. CGT Dallas -4th. SO top three from semis intact in both divisions.
  14. Whoa. That means Fantasia AND Etude have jumped AMP.