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  1. Reread the bit about the 'I presume they'll cover it.’
  2. I'm staring to think the dissonance is intentional. A musical 'deconstruction' of sorts. She's too good in the rest of the show to think she suddenly botches it.
  3. In Indy it will be the deconstruction of the helmet in the middle. Which I presume they'll cover at some point, On every field that doesn't do a helmet in the middle, it'll not make sense.
  4. It's about deconstruction in the way Tilt was about leaning over. It's all over the place but. It required to really give much attention to to enjoy the show
  5. Hah. Guy in the audience about four rows up in the middle of the camera frame looked close to orgasm on that extended chord
  6. Tuesday when Crown came out with all the stuff my dad said, "Geez it's like an invasion force." Yet when they get it in place it becomes subltle.
  7. Multicam has been much better tonight but either they switched guys for Blue Stars or he's having trouble with heat exhaustion
  8. Guard unis here dont seem to stand out e ought other than the duet pair. When the rifle ensemble was in mixed lines with the brass they didn't really read clean.
  9. Multi cam guy, go home. You're drunk.
  10. They really do need to add feet or something to cover the wheels on those. It's the wheels that just make them look all weird
  11. I want to hear Blue Stars next to Phantom again but I'm starting to see where thebrass numbers are coming from. BS sounds great but their book doesn't seem all that complex. Of course it's sticking out in comparison to BAC tonight, hence why I want another side by side read with Phantom.
  12. At what point does it become a disadvantage to have beaten BAC last year and get a performance order where you have to go on after that?
  13. Wow. That is a hell of corps doing a great show.