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  1. 2018 Prediction Thread

    I'll go with this.
  2. Madison Scouts 2018

    Yeah that would get them maybe top 15 in the new DCI activity.
  3. 2018 Prediction Thread

    No it's their world. Everybody else just tries to play along for seconds.
  4. 2018 Prediction Thread

    Prediction for next year. BD wins their 19th title and most people will hope for someone to knock them off the next season.
  5. Madison Scouts 2018

    Keep a costume based show! Maybe another sci-fi theme based show like "Aliens vs "Predators" or "Avatar" "Waterworld" something like that.
  6. Madison Scouts 2017

    Maybe a futuristic Waterworld show could be in order next!
  7. Madison Scouts 2017

    Same here.
  8. Madison Scouts 2017

    I'm curious as to why so many people don't like thus show? Is it the type of music, costume, theme or what? I like the innovative costumes, I love dissonant, powerful music. I personally think every now and then there needs to be a change from the typical beautiful, sweet, and melodic butterflies and sunshine. Gotta appreciate the villains and bad boys every now and then. Just my personal opinion.
  9. Madison Scouts 2017

    I meant the young people love this show!!
  10. Madison Scouts 2017

    I remember Scott Stewart giving us a talk right before we went on the field in Miami for DCI Finals in 1983. He told us with the classical opener, white Eisenhower uniforms, different visual program, etc. the scores didn't truly reflect the uniqueness of that show. He said that in the future the recordings and videos would bare witness to the innovation of that show. I feel the same about the 2017 Scouts. History will show regardless of placement that this show was one of the most innovative shows in DCI for 2017. Granted some people may not like the theme, music, etc. But everyone is different and has different tastes. Personally I love this show! In my opinion it was a shock to the system and under appreciated. Bravo Madison!!! 2017 Trailblazers!!! No matter what anyone does there will always be naysayers. Just stay above the fray and do what ever is necessary for the times or you will no longer be relevant, period!
  11. Madison Scouts 2017

    They look like a modern DCI corps with an awesome show! And the you people love it!!!
  12. Air is toxic in a post apocalyptic world.
  13. Madison Scouts 2017

    No not to just make finals. But the modern version of Madison will give a lot to build on in this modern DCI going forward.
  14. Madison Scouts 2017

    I think the costumes are awesome!!! This is modern DCI. You are going to have to play the game to remain relevant, period! Just look at Cadets, SCV, Bluecoats, etc.
  15. Madison Scouts 2017

    So let's clean the effective stuff then!!!