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  1. ThirdValvesAreForWimps

    The Cavaliers 2018, 70 years of excellence

    It’s nice to hear the brass line volume punched up at the first show of the season instead of waiting until late July.
  2. ThirdValvesAreForWimps

    Madison Scouts survey: all male v.s. Co ed

    Leave Madison alone. Their alumni should decide this — and nobody else.
  3. ThirdValvesAreForWimps

    2018 Tour Premiere

    Will you be in Mason, Ohio?
  4. ThirdValvesAreForWimps

    2018 Tour Premiere

    Let’s get the bad out of the way first: That was the most horrific production DCI has ever aired. Talking over the corps was rude and unprofessional but the camera work looked like it was directed by Stevie Wonder. Why are the cameras aimed at a baritone during a trumpet solo? There were lots of cool ensemble visuals going on but you would never know it because Stevie had the camera in someone’s face in the pit. With that being said, movie theater sound systems punch out too much bass and not enough treble. It sounded like every brass arrangement was made my Meghan Trainor because everyone knows she’s “all about that bass.” It will sound better when I hear it live next week. Now for the good: Every corps was in performance mode and brought lots of energy. These rankings will change and flip flop all season; the scores were too close to see any trends. Oh yes, vocals: No bueno y no mas!
  5. That’s a very good point. I’m Catholic and never been abused but we know it happened. My heart is broken for those young ladies in The Cadets and that’s the truth.
  6. I’m sure that has happened. I’m just saying I’ve never personally seen or witnessed it.
  7. Possible, yes — but far less likely. I never saw or heard anything in the years I marched.
  8. There should be ZERO sanctions placed upon The Cadets for this. It’s not the members’ fault so there is no reason to punish them for the sins of their higher-ups. Punish the guilty ONLY! This situation is NOT like those from the 1970s where entire corps were disqualified for marching overage members: Disqualifications for those particular violations were the proper means to be taken — because that’s what the Rules stated should happen. No, this situation is WORSE! I marched with The Cavaliers so as a member of an all-male corps I was young and blissfully unaware at the time of the issues which could arise in a mixed-sex corps. I cannot imagine the pressure a young woman might be under when a powerful instructor or staff member came on to them; I’ve never marched with women so please forgive me. This crap was going on in corps we were competing against and I wish we had known about it. To all The Cadets, please know all of us who have marched in any corps are with you, we love you, and our activity will survive this.
  9. ThirdValvesAreForWimps

    2018 Rules proposals

    Ban amplification.....
  10. ThirdValvesAreForWimps

    2018 Rules proposals

    I have ONE rules change: Keep the Bb/F horns, cap the number of participants to 150, poop-can the amplification, ban vocals, and reset the composition of the judging panels to 1981 standards because that’s the year the most fans showed up ever. You want those stands filled again?
  11. ThirdValvesAreForWimps

    Phantom Regiment 2018

    Pull out the 1978 brass and percussion score, rewrite it for Bb/F horns, and call it some 40 year anniversary of something or other. Pair it with a modern drill and watch Phantom move into the top 6.
  12. ThirdValvesAreForWimps

    The Cavaliers 2017

    Maybe. I see the surge taking place in 2019-20 at the earliest. I just don't see the Blue Devils or Santa Clara Vanguard leaving the top three at all over the next five years.
  13. ThirdValvesAreForWimps

    2017 World Championships Finals - Aug 12

    Where were the Mello-Dears from?
  14. That's a good way of putting it. People of all ages are coming out of competitions saying they want to hear more of the raw non-amplified sound. I went to a lot of live shows this year and this sentiment was nearly universal. Here in the US people tend to believe change is always good but often it isn't. I can live with shorter show time limits, Bb/F brass, and even non-traditional costumes. These things still keep the performance in the hands of the performers. The moment any electronic implement is introduced, especially synthesizers, the performance is now in the hands of the sound man. That's never been the mission of DCI. It's always been about the performers on the field until now. Synthesizers can make a brass line sound WAY fuller than it is and to my ear I heard way too much bass from the pit and not enough from the tubas. Self-indulgent people may be driving this train but it's going to run off the tracks. Sane heads will prevail. They usually do.
  15. ThirdValvesAreForWimps

    The Cavaliers 2017

    Yes, if the program calls for it. I would personally like to see my old corps try to play music from the band Chicago but that's not normally done by drum corps.