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  1. Death to the Seat Poachers

    on tour of course. no one really waits for scores and there's not retreats anymore. but in indy, where everyone is around for the week, many just stay. such as semi's. where you've got all of Open Class, and World class members finishing their performance, then coming into the stadium to watch and wait for the age out ceremony and scores.
  2. Death to the Seat Poachers

    thats possible. i was sitting just off of the 40 for a bit. i didnt have a ticket, just my pass. so i moved to a space outside the 20. where a certain corps i'll not name was sitting and TALKED through everyone's performance. So I again had to move. I'm not going to throw them under the bus, but cmon corps directors and staff. tell your kids to give the same respect to others that you were show. that's unacceptable.
  3. I've seen corps that posted scores on their food truck dry erase boards have issues internally. fingers pointed when its not a number they wanted. I worked for a group where one of the caption heads used to tell the kids to "make something two points better". those kids eventually started to blame each other when the scores didn't go up like they were hoping, never knowing they were given a turd of a show that even if it was perfect, wasn't going to compete on the same level as the rest. While the corps i've either marched in, or taught, seemed to have much better summers (even winning a division) when scores weren't discussed with the kids or emphasized as more important than the journey. the kids were simply expected to handle performing at their highest level every rep, and the staff need to coach/clean or rewrite to help improve the show and manage the numbers.
  4. Death to the Seat Poachers

    odd. i saw two sections where a gent came up between corps to ask to see tix in the 100 level.
  5. Death to the Seat Poachers

    DCI did limit where people with wristbands could sit. If they snuck past the gate watchers, or the gate watchers didnt care, that's another thing. But some gate watchers asked for tickets, and others did not.
  6. I think by definition BDB and SCVC won't ever move up. BDB defines their group as one for ages 14-19, and SCVC defines their program as "the primary training group for membership in our World Class ensemble"
  7. I don't remember them coming out to championships every year before then. When I marched in the late 90's and early 00's, we only saw SCVC finally come out to championship week in 1998, and I think they made it an "every other year" trip. BDB didn't start making the trip until 2003 or 2004. I'm not certain which. But they didnt come to florida, or maryland, or buffalo, or any of the other eastern championships.
  8. Nah. I just yell at horns and throw a hand in when props need some muscle. The kids pulled that show out with a 6am wakeup and incredibly abridged warmup. (Prop building takes time yknow) It was a great run for a young corps. Thanks for the kind words all. Hope to catch some of you in Indy. I'll be in the Raider (or Kentucky) Blue polo and camo shorts.
  9. Everyone we had around wheeled those things out all season. In other news, I dislike props more than before.
  10. DCI Scoring methodology

    I would disagree with this. As you go through a season, and you watch the show develop, and you get comments, you alter things that you didn't like, or didnt have time to fully flesh out. Maybe things don't look in reality, how you worked them out in your head. But for early July, at least its on the field, and you can fix/change it later. I see very few groups that have the exact same show in August that they started with in June. But also, as you go and clean, ideas come to the surface. Now you can tell what forms are and what movements are difficult. Instead of whatever it looked like before. So you get credit for that now, where you didn't before.
  11. Johnsonburg PA Show

    i wish i could take credit for it. i've been at home the last week. i'll be with the corps starting wednesday til semis. the staff and kids have been busting their humps to close holes and tighten things up this week. youth are unpredictable, i will say.
  12. Johnsonburg PA Show

    Took a few days to clean and revamp.
  13. What The Heck? No Hats or Shakos?

    as we go into elements to support the performances, sometimes the head gear doesnt fit. Madison using their head dress mohawks (and shaved heads) for example. Versus the clear fako's of crown. both fit the performance. but oddly, after seeing many DCA corps not wear head gear during shows, it doesnt bother me that much.
  14. With Indy being a travel hub, and easy on logistics, and consistent for corps budgets, I can see why they keep it there. I think the concern is that sometimes you, as a traveler want more from you vacation. Perhaps bringing in drum corps alumni (Al Chez for example) to play at the local clubs during a night after the shows, or during the day before Semis and Finals. Give the audiences (at least the ones with some age, and money) something different. When finals were in Orlando, we had corps doing parades and performances at Disney on Wednesday, which made you want to go to Disney for I&E as well as the parks. Perhaps there's a way to get I&E into a nicer part of the city, than the convention center. And there are other parts of the city to use, that are prettier than the area near the stadium. I used to visit Indy every other week when I was in grad school at Purdue. (because Lafayette is really lame) Try some of them.
  15. Cape Girardeau, MO - July 26, 2017

    they're always going to go on first, until either next season, or they make finals. its how the system is set up.