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  1. I just had a few trumpets respond this week. Cmon folks, Its not too late to march. Remind your students, neighbors, friends... I've only got a few spots left. Don't sit out this summer.
  2. Hi all. Long time no chat. yeah life gets busy. I've moved again... this time to NYC. Anywho... enough about me. Raiders have a few openings left to fill the corps for this season. They are looking for 3 Trumpets, Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar, and a Tenor player for the battery. Do you have any students looking to march? Maybe they're on the fence? Maybe they tried out somewhere else and didn't make it. Send them my way and let us help them meet their goals as a performer. We've got a fantastic show full of music that will really stretch their levels as a performer and allow them to rip the paint of the walls of the stadium, and dues that are some of the lowest in DCI. Please forward this along to your colleagues and students, as well as my contact info. HollandLD@gmail.com cheers, CH.
  3. I was really hoping it would be the Hawaiian shirts that you all marched the MD parades in.
  4. Hey all you out there in the virtual marching pitch. Do you know any high brass types looking to march? Of course you do. The Raiders have a few trumpet spots left to fill their brass line. So call up those high brass players and send them to Millville, NJ. Raiders have an Iconic show for you all this year, and it has parts that will blow you away using those Andalucia Bb bugles. So come check them them out. They have some of the lowest dues in DCI, and have a great track record of helping students get into those corps they dream of further up the food chain. Don't sit out this summer, come give the Raiders a try.
  5. They did have a few stock splits in 2016. Which also would lower their share value. Which increases shares per holder, but also allows new investors to buy more stock at a lower price. So yes, this was a good thing. Certainly not even close to a "tanking".
  6. Raiders have a few trumpet spots and front ensemble spots left.
  7. When it cost less to march, I don't think it was as much a concern. You could march several seasons for what one costs now. However, I think that Open Class is trying to keep costs down to give MM's more seasons before they move up the food chain. I don't have a problem with it, as many only march a few seasons. Life has things for them to do. College, internships, trade schools, military...etc. And that's ok. Times change. I think as long as they march, and then may their alumni dues after, its their prerogative. But it's not always chasing a ring. Sometimes is because you enjoy the style of show they perform, sometimes it's because you wonder if "the grass really is greener", and if you only have a few seasons you can march or afford... why not? Give it a try.
  8. Don't forget to RSVP for this weekends camp. High Brass and Tuba spots are still being auditioned, as well as guard. raidersdbc.org/register
  9. Happy New Year all! In December, Katie Beasley, a third year vet from Allentown, NJ (Allentown High School) was announced as the drum major for this season, and she continues to set the bar for being a model drum corps member. They're ecstatic to have her leadership on the podium. She conducted the musical intro to the show, which is going to blow the doors off of the stadiums, and bring the crowds to their feet. Now you out there reading this... Are you a trumpet, mello, tuba, dancer, or percussionist? The Raiders have some spots open still. This year's tour is bigger, the show is tougher, and the talent level is continuing to set a new bar for the Raiders. Don't be the one left sitting on the sideline this summer. The dues are reasonable, fund raising is available, and the corps is filling quickly. So what are you waiting for? Next camp is January 21-22. Click the link, sign up, and get out there. raidersdbc.org/register
  10. bwahahaahahhhaahahaha. read recipes or tweets out loud during their recording.
  11. I don't mind the seat hoppers. I do mind the people who record everything. 1. its illegal. (and I had to remind a kid who snuck in his audio recorder of that) 2. it bothers the paying customers around them. maybe that's the one time its ok to talk during a show, when the person is recording the performance. bwahahahahahahahahaahah
  12. No one will turn down volunteer help. If you're under 18 I think most will prefer you to have a parent with you as well.
  13. Lot of vagueness on the website. No names listed, no dues listed, no proposed schedule listed.
  14. Breathing block. Andalucia's Bb soprano bugle. And some talented membership. Hey by the way, this year the line is going to be much larger, the talent level higher, and they played through the first 30 seconds of the show. It's going to blow the doors off of the stadium.
  15. DCA local shows do pretty well. Their finals weekend on the other hand needs help. But there's really no other groups performing in this antiquated style like the alumni groups to even compare. Some of them move, some do not. However, if this was the style of milkshake bringing everyone to the yard, there'd be more tickets sales, or even performing ensembles working to attend that event.