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  1. Not taking the bait...
  2. I've spent $50 or $100 on stupider things than saving kids dreams. I wish I could take back the $50 I spent on Flo Marching and give it to Legends. Maybe this can all be blamed on Flo somehow! But maybe that belongs on a different thread...
  3. I think young corps do have to be very careful with major purchases. Genesis did new uniforms 2 years ago, but it was mostly funded through separate donations beforehand. Genesis has been really careful about major equipment purchases like food trucks and equipment trailers. Genesis toured with some pretty clunky food trailers and older buses to keep capital costs very low. They are still in that mode - leasing versus buying most things, and taking a pretty gradual approach to major equipment. There was consideration given to buying other corps old equipment, but alot of concern about repair costs, replacement costs, etc. Growing one of these outfits takes a lot of financial discipline. Collecting new shiny toys can get young corps in trouble pretty fast. Of course I don't know if that contributed to Legends current issues, but based on some of the expenses they describe I suspect that it may be relevant.
  4. I'm not usually short on courage, just normally short on common sense. But thanks :-)
  5. If you are looking for another heart felt plea, here's one from one of their MMs, forwarded to me by one my kids shaking me down for another donation :-) This is buzzing around at the student level as well:
  6. So this is the central point. How does a nationally touring OC corps make this argument? Obviously it can be done, as Genesis just did with the BoD. But in the years where a corps like Legends (or insert Musuc City, etc in a few years) is on the precipice between OC and WC, it is a precarious position for these OC corps tour nationally with 150 kids, without the ability to benefit from the gate fees, sponsorships and other financial perks that WC corps get. My only point is that it would be nice for Legends, and others, to share in some of financial benefits afforded to the WC corps whom they beat soundly every year. I'm out...
  7. I won't go into too much detail here (it would be better done over a beer), but I'll tell you the "formal vetting process" by DCI is a good one focused on financial stability, safety, etc. I was flipping flapjacks in the food trailer when Dan Atchison came by to see our food operation. But the real obstacle is the vote by the existing WC corps (the BoD) on adding another corps. And that's the point where it was crystal clear that it came down to gate fees and sharing the wealth. There was substantial discussion about Genesis' ability to draw fans, bring income so as not to "take away" from the other corps. Sadly, the real behind the scenes discussion was mostly about the big corps pocketbooks, not kids safety. Sorry to share that gloomy reality.
  8. I'm sure you aren't being dense, I'm just not communicating well. I can tell you, from watching it play out with Genesis, that the process of moving from OC to WC puts these organizations under a lot of financial pressure that many don't appreciate. On the historical point, all I was trying to suggest is that not that long ago Legends would already be a WC corps by virtue of their competitive success. The current vetting process (even with its useful financial scrutiny) was created by the existing WC corps mostly to create a barrier to entry and minimize competition for gate $$. A corps like Legends might have benefited from the old system, IMHO.
  9. $.02 well spent, good words. DCI needs corps like Legends. I'm giving them what I can and trusting that the OC Director of the Year will be judicious with it.
  10. Sure. Not too long ago, top 25 corps were given the option to move up to Division 1 just based on making top 25. That's how most of the current WC corps got there. They didn't have to go through the current process. Legends has been in semis both of the last two years, perhaps longer (I'd have to look that up). I can tell you for a fact that OC corps have a much harder time getting corporate sponsorships, getting better rates from vendors etc. Some of them are willing to extend a financial olive branch to WC corps because of the increased visibility, but they don't do the same for the OC corps. Even groceries are cheaper for a lot of the WC corps. Large OC corps trying to national tours and "win open class" are under tremendous financial pressure.
  11. Good note, certainly wasn't trying to imply that things are "easy" for BDB or SCVC, just that's the transition from OC to WC is a very dangerous time for these organizations. FYI - Genesis is unaffected in all of this. The $$$ plea went out from Legends. Genesis is in the black...
  12. Let's remember what DCI asks of corps like Legends who have their eyes on World Class. They have to demonstrate that they can handle a national WC-style tour year after year, and try to win OC against the BD and SCV organizations who have pretty much unlimited resources. These big OC face all of the same financial pressures as WC corps but don't get the income through corporate sponsorships, percentage of gate, etc. The crucible of the WC evaluation puts these high performing OC corps at tremendous risk. I watched this from inside the Genesis organization the last few years. Amazing that any corps could ever survive this. If moving to WC was about competitive success, Legends would have been there years ago. They've been beating WC corps and making top 25 for years now. And their financial troubles would have been lessened....
  13. Those Serf props are man killers! They blew around and took out a number of performers. Looks like they were having a really hard time controlling them.
  14. True dat! It's also worth noting that this year's show was designed and the whole corps was contracted BEFORE they were approved for World Class. Just watch what happens next year... Its about time for Texas to be HEARD.
  15. Scopin' posted from the DrumScorps app