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  1. WaxDCIFan

    Best Baritone solos or features

    David Lang, Night in Tunisia. Colts ‘84 (I think)
  2. WaxDCIFan

    Genesis 2018

    The move was definitely the right thing for the corps. It gave them access to many things that were more difficult when they were OC. They are already seeing changes in membership, sponsors, etc. more resources next year when they start getting more gate fees, etc. Genesis took some gambles on staffing this year and learned some lessons. Super proud of them for making the needed adjustments and finishing strong. They are building a sustainable program, which will be pay off with more competitive success as the years tick by.
  3. Sure it is. Adding four more paid staff members, feeding them, moving them around the country, not to mention the fancy equipment. That’s an additional significant burden that any corps wanting to bev”competitive” now must take on. And all off this is to manufacture a version of sound that the performers apparently can’t create without them. What’s the point of all of this expense?
  4. I agree, and this is just another way that the activity has lost its soul. Also widens the gap between the “haves” and the “have nots”. But the “haves” will never give this up.
  5. I was hoping for the snow cat.
  6. #12 ACL year 2 days ago.
  7. Our food truck staff hoofed it to Panera from the lot. Dicey neighborhood around the stadium. Definitely Ubering back!
  8. The early season shoe at Allentown was rained out last year. There’s certainly a lot of history at Allentown, but there are a lot of reasons to look for a more appropriate venue. Aside from the rainouts - housing is super- problematic, parking for the corps is horrid / really long walks, small-ish seating area. Has DCI ever seriously considered moving this regional?
  9. We just heard that there will be standstill’s. Genesis goes on at 8:51 ET.
  10. WaxDCIFan

    Allentown Housing Urgent!

    Thanks for seeing this thru for the kids!
  11. WaxDCIFan

    Allentown Housing Urgent!

    So Mike if this remains unsolved what happens to OC and Genesis this weekend? Are they just dropped from the competition schedule?