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  1. Maybe Legends...saw an announcement from OC that they had snapped up a number of brass staffers from Legends.
  2. When Genesis was in OC I went to a lot of OC shows. Some were really well attended (Avon Lake comes to mind) and it was a real turn on for the kids. Genesis even got to do the encore at a few OC shows which was also slot of fun. Being first in a WC show playing to empty stands is a little anti-climatic for sure.
  3. Age Outs

    Genesis 7 total age outs. They should be returning a ton of vets next year.
  4. What should happen?

    I just watched our corps go through this. Yes, gate fees come with WC membership, and this is probably the biggest sticking point with the other voting member corps and will be the biggest barrier for really deserving corps like Music City. But far more important are the other things that come with being a WC corps: playing in bigger venues, attracting more sponsorships (horns, drums, pit equipment etc), attracting more mature members and more experienced staff, etc etc. I know Genesis is seeing alot more interest from staff, performers and sponsors now that the WC tag has been applied.
  5. Nice job Legends! Glad the DCI community came together so we could all enjoy this show!
  6. Ice cream social and watch party for Genesis tonight! posted from the DrumScorps app
  7. The Cavaliers 2017

    Very cool. i guess the school that hosted Cavies in Rome made them too much lot food so they were looking for someone to take it - we lucked out! We served the fancy pasta today for lunch. We meant to serve all of the fancy Italian bread today, but the raccoons in Indy had other plans for it last night. They ate like one piece from every loaf. It looked like a bread bomb went off outside the trailer. Stinking varmints.
  8. Here's a mello cam from Genesis:
  9. The Cavaliers 2017

    Big thanks to the Cavies food truck staff who donated leftovers from their Rome lot meal to us at Genesis. It will all be enjoyed this week!
  10. Couldn't agree more! Genesis had old drum corps fans showing up at the rehearsal site all day, then we got a big spaghetti lunch st the nicest VFW hall I've ever seen. Warmups was in the green space between two homes. Both homes had cookouts just to watch warmups- probably about 100 folks with burgers and beer. They even opened their homes for bathroom breaks and emergent uniform repairs. Big thank you to Rome!
  11. This is why they did. Bummer for 'Scades...
  12. Or in the bottom 5. Genesis got totally jacked again tonight. Their score actually went down after days of cleaning and show changes.