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  1. Genesis 2018

    Got to hear a sampling of this at the December camp. With Naffier arranging and Buckingham leading Brass it’s goibg to be a hoot...
  2. 2018 Show Announcent/Rumors?

    Hot off the presses from Genesis yesterday:
  3. Genesis 2018

  4. All time shows: The Colts

    1984 Night in Tunisia w/ David Lang bari solo. Saw it live in Normal, IL
  5. All time shows: Blue Devils

    1986. Duh!
  6. I think if you could put a green shirt on one of those things and call it a judge, you would have something.
  7. The number of World Class Corps

    Lemme guess, Genesis. Well I like the way you’re thinking, but you’re missing a very important movie reference....
  8. The number of World Class Corps

    There can be only one.
  9. Here’s another oldie but a goodie. As a tuba player I don’t understand, but at least their hearts are in the right places....mostly :-) Merry Christmas to all!
  10. Didn’t see a thread yet for this year, please combine if I missed it. Short video out from November auditions. I know we served around 400 students in the food truck... They also inked a new uniform deal with Band Shoppe. All new horns coming this fall from Kanstuhl too.
  11. Maybe Legends...saw an announcement from OC that they had snapped up a number of brass staffers from Legends.
  12. When Genesis was in OC I went to a lot of OC shows. Some were really well attended (Avon Lake comes to mind) and it was a real turn on for the kids. Genesis even got to do the encore at a few OC shows which was also slot of fun. Being first in a WC show playing to empty stands is a little anti-climatic for sure.