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  1. WaxDCIFan

    Drum Corps Map and Daily Rundown

    This is a cool thread. I first heard of the Texas town of West five years ago last month when this happened. Their rehearsal site is a brand new high school - rebuilt as the old high school was train-wrecked by the explosion. I live 50 miles away and it shook our whole house.
  2. As a Naval Officer, there’s a difference though. The Navy is big on public discipline. If things like this happen in the Navy (and they do), heads will roll. And the Navy disciplines it’s leaders publicly for all to see. Ship commanding officers who get caught in inappropriate relationships are made famous for it, and not after a lengthy legal process. After Tailhook ALL Officer promotions were held up until you could prove that you weren’t there. If you were there, you were done.(I wasn’t there!)
  3. Not stated in the article is that Genesis pulled out of the Crossmen MMX pre-season show last week because of all of this. Luckily I had procrastinated on buying tickets...
  4. WaxDCIFan

    Genesis 2018

    And a “new” food truck with an onboard 40,000 watt generator!
  5. WaxDCIFan

    Genesis 2018

    Got to hear this - will be a departure from what the activity has seen from Genesis so far, and in a very good way...
  6. Wow, if you believe the interest trend Cadets are on the upswing!
  7. Anyone know what the record is on number of pages in one thread? This thing is enormous!
  8. There was a very well done research paper back in 1993 that describes why senior executives do things like this during otherwise brilliant careers. The military picked up on it and it has been helpful in creating oversight mechanisms to detect / prevent unethical leadership behaviors. The paper is basically a call to action for oversight boards to actively monitor the behavior of their executives. For the mods - this is open-source now. Interesting read:
  9. WaxDCIFan

    All time shows: Phantom Regiment

    For what it’s worth I think Phantom “borrowed” that show design from my high school (Metamora High School). We played an original New World Symphony score at the Illinois State Marching band championships in 1987. A lot of the same music Phantom put on the field in 1989... Thats my story and I’m sticking to it anyway.
  10. WaxDCIFan

    All time shows: Phantom Regiment

    Y’all are crazy. 1983-1984.
  11. WaxDCIFan

    Genesis 2018

    Got to hear a sampling of this at the December camp. With Naffier arranging and Buckingham leading Brass it’s goibg to be a hoot...
  12. WaxDCIFan

    2018 Show Announcent/Rumors?

    Hot off the presses from Genesis yesterday:
  13. WaxDCIFan

    Genesis 2018

  14. WaxDCIFan

    All time shows: The Colts

    1984 Night in Tunisia w/ David Lang bari solo. Saw it live in Normal, IL