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  1. Phantom Regiment 2017

    Oh, I've seen them...
  2. Phantom Regiment 2017

    And if some corps are finishing lower than where they start that means some corps must finish higher than where they start. Hence, literally what you're saying with this comment is "Some corps stay in the same place they start and some corps move." This is a complete non-statement, and it is then followed by another affirmation that you think the show design is bad- something you have already indicated numerous times on this thread. At this point you've managed to make a number of posts that can all, as a whole, be summarized as "I think this show design is bad" and, to me, really, really just feels like negativity for the sake of negativity now. Honestly, we know you don't like the show design; there is no need for you to continue to parrot this opinion at us over and over. I know this post comes off as quite harsh, but I think no less harsh than you have been to the corp in any of your posts.
  3. Phantom Regiment 2017

    Same, I want the Khachaturian to have a little bit more impact seeing as the symphony itself has points that are some of the loudest you'll find in a symphony.
  4. Phantom Regiment 2017

    I think they will be. The musical issues are mostly contained to just a few feature spots but most of the music sounds very good at this point. The drill difficulty is pretty spread out, but I didn't see the places where they had the most issues with drill being the same places where they were having most of the musical issues so again I think it's something they'll be able to do once they just get the show under their feet a bit more. Edit: Also interesting to see that they seem to be rehearsing in partial uniform, but I guess that makes sense for having to change costumes/hats. It may also just be a thing they do for their runs towards the end of rehearsals when it's not as hot.
  5. Phantom Regiment 2017

    Just saw a recording of their show in rehearsal- It's really hard. There's still quite a bit of dirt (both music and visual) to clean, but this show seems like it has legs. I'd rather they be challenged and maybe not get as clean than have the corps playing a show that's too easy for them like the past few years.
  6. Phantom Regiment 2017

    Really like the new uniforms, I think the quasi-boot they have is a great look and I like the beefy top on it (also knowing that they may be removing part at some point during the show?). I hope those guard uniforms breath pretty well, they would seem like torture otherwise.
  7. In Gainesville, theater was completely full (we have reserved seating tickets, and there was like 6 seats left when I bought my tickets 3 hours beforehand and I saw a girl that couldn't buy tickets because it was full on my way in). Couldn't get a great read on the crowd as it was already dark when I came in but it looked to be about 50/50 on like high schoolers and older people.
  8. Cadets 2017

    I agree, I think my biggest gripe with the show design at this point is that there seems to be a lot more "telling" happening in regards to story/plot/arc than there is "showing." I personally feel like they should cut down the narration a bit and try to make more of the drama happen on the field. I think this would help their GE and also make the show run a lot more smoothly. Right now it feels to me like the narration kind of chunks up the show a little unnaturally and breaks the pacing/flow a bit too much for my liking, so if they could better integrate the narration into the show and make the visuals tell a greater portion of the story I think they'd have a much more effective design.
  9. Cadets 2017

    I think maybe if they could take the robes off a little bit earlier then it would be easier to keep them. I think they give a really cool effect for the hectic and fast paced opening that they have, but they kind of lose a bit of their effect afterwards.
  10. Cadets 2017

    @chris7997 Sorry, that post was phrased badly because I was trying to quickly type it on my phone in between shows. What I meant to say wasn't that the show itself is too religiously focused but that the narration, to me, felt a little heavy-handed and diminished the overall effect by making it more direct than the show needed to be. posted from the DrumScorps app
  11. The Cavaliers 2017

    Really loved the show. I think the eclectic style worked really well with their design and the show got some of the most (intentional) laughs I've seen in my theater from a DCI show. Also liked the use of the trombones for Mars/My way. They gave a really great orchestral sounding punch and they actually looked pretty clean out there marching. posted from the DrumScorps app
  12. Cadets 2017

    I know it's based on a Mass... but the show might be a little to religious for my tastes. I think they could do with less narration. I don't think we need "LET US PRAY!" and a confessional. Playing was good though, looking forward to seeing where this show goes. posted from the DrumScorps app
  13. Phantom Regiment 2017

    I know it's a bit frowned upon, but does anyone have any video/audio of the corp so far they could send me? I won't be able to see them till Atlanta :(
  14. Regiment '15

    Holy #### I'm so hyped! Claire de Lune, Poulenc Piano concerto, An American in Paris, and the Organ symphony all in one show? YES PLEASE!
  15. Regiment '15

    What Purple Feather? I'm unaware of what this is.