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  1. Carolina Crown 2017

    Clearly the Boston Crusaders mic working correctly was the result of witchcraft.
  2. Carolina Crown 2017

    They had a mic in 2015? For the soloist in the ballad or something else? As for this year, I don't think a perfectly working mic was going to push the show to 2nd, but really hated it for the kids and for Anna.
  3. My random 2 cents on last night's performances: My first time seeing Madison and I liked it way more than I thought I would. Lots of intensity and the brass sounds solid! I realized that while I'm meh on the visual program, the Crossmen music is great! I would totally listen to it in my car. My first time seeing BAC. ! That show blew me away. Massive jump from last year. Hot take alert: IMO, the best singing and best ballad this year! It really pulled at my emotions, and for me, that is the point of this artistic activity :) In fact, my personal enjoyment ranking: Vanguard and BD (tie, yeah its a cop-out). Crown BAC Bloo Performance-wise, I found something to enjoy from every single show. Special mention to Mandarins: Very cool show, even though the drum major intimidates me a little, haha!
  4. ####, BAC show was fantastic!
  5. Electronic Amplification

    Every rule or allowance has an intended and unintended consequence. I personally loved the Bluecoats pitch bend, and would hate to see a rule that squashed that type of creativity. On the other hand, I don't want an entire horn line mic'd, or using pre-recorded brass to boost impacts (or even synth "goo", for that matter). Maybe small changes can reel it back a bit. Disallow wireless mics? Limit the number of cabinets or mics? Have the judge in the press box score corps lower if the amplification is louder than the brass? Maybe a compromise. Every 5 years DCI has a "throwback" year where the corps compete with zero electronics or amplifications?
  6. Electronic Amplification

    The amplification wars will drive out fans if it goes unchecked. Maybe not all, but I predict many. I love creative use of electronics, but I don't love cranking the volume to 12 because you think it helps your GE score. Blue Devils show is jaw-dropping and amazing. I was 2nd row on the 50 in Atlanta (Powder Springs). The volume difference between BD and other amplified corps like Blue Coats was very obvious. My ears were still ringing the next day. I'm all for volume, but it was ridiculous. I do think some controls need to be put in place. I'll leave it to the sound engineers to determine that.
  7. Before the moment is lost, I thought I'd share some brief thoughts. Academy - show theme is cute. Blue Stars - Nice brass line. I don't get Lady Marmalade. Blue Knights - drumline is hella good. Phantom - I think I counted 200 guard members. Cadets - the show has cleaned up a lot, and the glorious closing three notes cures a LOT of ills. You can dress them up in ketchup and mustard robes, but Cadets bad-assery cannot be contained. Snareline was BRINGING it! I think the show needs more crosses (joke). Really, my only beef with the show is the tarp with the cross where they just toss discarded uniforms on it. Seems kinda disrespectful. Cavaliers - I don't like the props. Guard did a lot of really impressive stuff. I wish the closer were more Mars, less Frank, but it's an interesting mash-up. Bluecoats - The uniforms take away my visual enjoyment of the show. Zappa was great. Show looks fun to perform. SCV - Delivered in every possible way. I like the old ending better, but that is nit-picking. There isn't a #### thing wrong with this show. Blue Devils - From the ballad to the end, it is a brass explosion. A jaw-dropping show. I'm not sure anyone is beating them. Here's the big rub: They amplified the HELL out of them. A very noticeable difference in volume from the vast array of speakers lined up. I was 2nd row on the 50, and it was almost offensively loud. My ears were still ringing the next morning. I'm concerned about the effect of the amplification arms race on the activity. I'm only singling BD here because they were the loudest by far. Crown - I love the improvements made on the music. Anna sounded great. The singing really works in the closer, but I still find myself waiting for the ballad to be over, which is usually their strong suit. It's not the singing so much as the source material. It's not a song I plan to seek out to listen to. No one to know one, on the other hand, is a really cool song that I have listened to many times. SoA - Georgia encore sounded fantastic. SoA is moving in the right direction. Unfortunately, I missed their show due to traffic. Shout-out to Maceachern High school and DCI for making the show work. And to all marching members, I salute you!
  8. Wow! Cadets ending was the single best moment of the night so far! Brought the crowd to its feet.
  9. Spirit of Atlanta 2017

    Fantastic. Thanks for sharing and for assisting.
  10. I had not seen the Cascades show before a few minutes ago, but anytime Shostakovich is included, my interest is immediately piqued. That's a singer?! I would've sworn it was some Beyonce track (not that I'm super familiar with those). Impressive "mash up". I hope Crown keeps working on the ballad. The latest singing changes to NTKO are working really well know, but I find myself just waiting for the ballad to be over (never a good sign).
  11. Carolina Crown 2017

    Whew, I just watched the Broken Arrow show on a website. I have noticed many improvements to the show. They really are doing what Crown does so well; keep refining, polishing, and cleaning. I have seen many versions of the show from the premier to last night and it still had many "Wow!" moments for me. The vocal delivery has improved and many liens omitted in both the ballad and closer to give the brass more time to shine. I am very interested in the final version of the end of the closer. I wish there were a way they could "snap back" all the crooked field lines when Crown hits after the "I KNOW YOU!". Would be an amazing effect, though not sure how they could pull it off. The guard had a "Wow!" moment from me during the drum break in the closer. Down the line rifle tosses while going over and under a pole. I'm a drummer, I don't know how to describe it ;) By the way, I didn't see a football helmet tarp. Someone mentioned that on the show thread. Where did I miss it?
  12. An Analysis of Top 4 Scores

    The spread in brass is microscopic. Mercy.
  13. Carolina Crown 2017

    Vocals in the ballad seem to work now. Vocals in part of the closer still need refinement. Which is funny to me, because after the premier I said the exact opposite.
  14. Phantom 2008

    That was the year I got back into drum corp after years of not following it. I went to watch the quarterfinals at the movie theater,m I can't even rember exactly why. I had no idea about any of the shows. I distinctly remember multiple times during the show turning to my brother and saying "Holy ####, this show kicks a**!". When they were finished the entire theater gave a standing ovation. We were still recovering from PR's performance and I asked aloud "How is that show in third place?! Cavaliers and BD shows must be unreal!" No offense to those shows, but they just didn't have the same impact. I, along with the rest of the fans, followed the drama of them climbing to 2nd in semis, then to 1st in finals. Phantom Regiment was my first corp I fell in love with, and they were the corp that brought me back into the activity. They are the corp that has the most personal favorite shows and favorite moments. What can I say, I just love me some Regiment. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  15. Carolina Crown 2017

    I did not notice that. I wonder if they are holding back the major resolve for the crown set?