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  1. Whew, I just watched the Broken Arrow show on a website. I have noticed many improvements to the show. They really are doing what Crown does so well; keep refining, polishing, and cleaning. I have seen many versions of the show from the premier to last night and it still had many "Wow!" moments for me. The vocal delivery has improved and many liens omitted in both the ballad and closer to give the brass more time to shine. I am very interested in the final version of the end of the closer. I wish there were a way they could "snap back" all the crooked field lines when Crown hits after the "I KNOW YOU!". Would be an amazing effect, though not sure how they could pull it off. The guard had a "Wow!" moment from me during the drum break in the closer. Down the line rifle tosses while going over and under a pole. I'm a drummer, I don't know how to describe it ;) By the way, I didn't see a football helmet tarp. Someone mentioned that on the show thread. Where did I miss it?
  2. The spread in brass is microscopic. Mercy.
  3. Vocals in the ballad seem to work now. Vocals in part of the closer still need refinement. Which is funny to me, because after the premier I said the exact opposite.
  4. That was the year I got back into drum corp after years of not following it. I went to watch the quarterfinals at the movie theater,m I can't even rember exactly why. I had no idea about any of the shows. I distinctly remember multiple times during the show turning to my brother and saying "Holy ####, this show kicks a**!". When they were finished the entire theater gave a standing ovation. We were still recovering from PR's performance and I asked aloud "How is that show in third place?! Cavaliers and BD shows must be unreal!" No offense to those shows, but they just didn't have the same impact. I, along with the rest of the fans, followed the drama of them climbing to 2nd in semis, then to 1st in finals. Phantom Regiment was my first corp I fell in love with, and they were the corp that brought me back into the activity. They are the corp that has the most personal favorite shows and favorite moments. What can I say, I just love me some Regiment. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. I did not notice that. I wonder if they are holding back the major resolve for the crown set?
  6. I know I'm being redundant here, but I am all on-board with this show, and I think many people who had concerns will also come around. This horn line is the best since 2013, and maybe better. To sound this good, this early in the season is unbelievable. Also, after listening many time to "No one to kNow one", and how the song deconstructs at the end, I have a feeling Crown may do something really chaotic. I really can't wait to see how it progresses. Finally, I had to remind myself that DCI isn't just about the scores. All the kids work their tails off, and there is something to like about every show. And for me, this show is my favorite this season. (And if anyone cares, SCV is my second fave so far). Cheers to all!
  7. This is my favorite show of the summer. I can't wait to see how they finish the closer.
  8. Xmen and Blue Stars were OK. I actually liked Cadets. It was on the good side of a hot mess, in that I think it will get cleaned up over the next weeks. The chorus parts worked; the spoken words did not. I just didn't like Cavaliers. :( I was expecting more Green machine and Mars to blow my face off. The first two Crown pieces were fantastic. The best part of the night. I'm luke-warm at best on the singer. Lots of potential in the show. Bloo. I think the stage is already an icon of the 2017 season. Very creative. Not crazy about the uniforms. Also three things that evoked memories of "Feliniesque" (but maybe thats just me): 1. The long white stage crossing the field 2. Tenor feature at the end of a quiet moment that ends with a bell chime 3. The fishnet and guard feature. The show has tons of potential in this show too. I'm not set in my ways (I don't think). I cheered as loud as anyone last year for Bloo to win. I think if I had to sum it up its "Don't just throw crap on the field for the sake of throwing crap on the field". This phenomenon is certainly not new to this year. I anxiously await what BD, SCV, Regiment, and Madison bring this year. Oh, and Academy! I give tons of respect to all designers and performers. I think season premiers are tough because finals are still fresh and it is a very unfair comparison.
  9. I have watched a video of Crown's performance three times and listened to just the audio once. Since everyone else has offered an early opinion, I will add mine too: The opener is perfect. The second piece (sorry, don't know the name) is amazing. It showcases the hornline's amazing technique and velocity. The ballad. I think the singing can be OK. A little pitchy hear and there (better than I could do, to be clear). It is a little "Disney on Ice". I'm not a fan of singing in DCI. The performer is fine. I wonder if a solo horn player playing a similar melody as the singer would help it blend? No one to know one. Now this is a monster of a song. IT IS out of left field compared to the the first three pieces, but I dig it. The singing works pretty well on this one actually. The closer. Musically I dig it. it has another meaty drumline/hornline syncopation part that is fantastic. More singing, and it reminds me of that old Blondie song where she sort of "raps". It's at this point where I think the singing has overstayed its welcome a bit. All in all, the show has a LOT of meat, and I fully expect them to be a top 3 contender. It's hard to rate the guard from the video, but the drum line sounds pretty good for early season. I am looking forward to the premier tonight to compare my initial thoughts.
  10. I'm happy to be wrong about 93 PR :) I wasn't following DCI in the 90s so I'm still catching up that decade. My point of view was that DCI 93 immediately think of Star being bested by Cadets. So I guess it was underrated by ME until recently! I'll throw another PR show out there for discussion. Anyone think PR 2010 "Into the Light" is underrated?
  11. Probably because I was just listening to it, but Phantom Regiment 1993 comes to mind. It gets a little lost in the conversation after Star and Cadets, but man that is a beautiful show.
  12. I watch the JSU Marching Southerners when they live stream their halftime shows on Facebook
  13. I LOVE that show. Cadets march their behinds off in that drill.
  14. I've been listening online to many of the 2016 shows while I work (disclaimer: I will be purchasing DCI media when made available). The two shows that I keep going back for multiple listens are SCV and Cadets. Both shows just beautifully performed. No real point to make, just wanted to throw some love the Cadets way.
  15. That's awesome!