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  1. New Mercedes Benz (ATL) Stadium

    Why not move it to Wake Forest in Winston Salem NC? Nightbeat there was awesome, great facility and plenty of room for buses and trucks.
  2. Carolina Crown 2017

    Can you post a link? I can't find them.
  3. We just wore the lanyard with our friends tickets, that kept them from asking to see our tickets all the time. I was actually glad they did that, if they hadn't, the section would of been filled with poachers.
  4. Carolina Crown 2017

    I just think it was foolish to have the central performer dependent on one wireless mic with no sort of backup. They weren't the only corps that had a problem with a mic either, so maybe it's a technology that can't be relied on 100%. Someone earlier mentioned sabotage, an interesting idea, who knows. We will never know if it rattled them causing a lower score, but it's entirely possible.
  5. Which hotel is best? I usually bring my motorhome but next year will fly in and stay in a hotel. I've booked the Omni for now, unless there is a better option.
  6. They were awesome! I was in the Silver Sabres from a nearby town at the time. Si Sandra still living?
  7. uh oh, hope it's not what I think it is.
  8. Carolina Crown 2018

    I like how you think!!
  9. After reading this, I decided to send Pioneer a donation. Thanks!
  10. Carolina Crown 2018

    I love the technical stuff they do, it's amazing. But I see your point and agree they might have gone a tad overboard this year with the runs. I prefer something like OOTW in 2014 which had lots of technical stuff, but was very musical.
  11. Carolina Crown 2018

    Spill the beans please, it's not nice to tease animals at the zoo.
  12. Carolina Crown 2017

    I was thinking the same thing. Perhaps all those people, with their phones on, somehow caused interference. Remember last year when one of the solo brass players had a wireless mic fail? Not as catastrophic when it happens to a brass player, but disaster for a vocalist, especially a vocalist that is the very center of the performance. If the darn things are that finicky, then maybe the technology isn't suitable to large stadiums with thousands of people, all transmitting with their own electronic devices. I just can't understand why a fix wasn't put in place after it happened in semi finals.
  13. Carolina Crown 2017

    Ok, I'll say it. I know nothing about electronics, but if wireless mic technology is that bad, why would the staff take such a risk and bet the house on it. It's mind boggling, 2 nights in a row? Actually maybe 3 as there might of been some issues during prelims. Anyway, congrats to all the members who performed magnificently. Loved the way you continued on in the face of adversity. Reminded me of last year when SCV keyboard player froze up, but the corps didn't miss a beat.
  14. Many large enigmatic rubber band thingys. Can be used as giant slingshots, perfect for launching snowballs, rocks, or mud clods. On wheels for added mobility.