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  1. Carolina Crown 2017

    Most everyone knows that cell phones have no effect whatsoever on air control communications.
  2. Staff Merry-go-round 2018 Edition

    I might suggest that before people start spreading rumors about people moving from one corps to another, they first find out if those staff members have already signed contracts for the next season.
  3. And, the home field of your World Class Music City corps. http://www.tennessean.com/story/news/2017/08/14/nashville-major-league-soccer-group-unveils-first-look-stadium-proposed-fairgrounds/564469001/
  4. Staff Merry-go-round 2018 Edition

    It's kind of a crappy reality in an activity this narrow, but there really aren't very many large, stable, successful organizations in dci. Even some that look successful are one bad season from being in deep financial trouble. Then, you have organizations that already have leadership with strong opinions, who won't welcome a new voice. Personalities always weigh heavier in job satisfaction than most think. Especially in creatively driven activities. It's very similar in the music and film business. Personalities cast a long shadow. If you like your job and get along with those you work for, you stay put.
  5. Academy will make finals. I don't know that they would now be considered a darling. But they are not going to fall backward anymore. Cascades looks ready.
  6. Carolina Crown 2017

    It could well be that other corps were all using the same wireless frequency and line, and therefore there was interference. Cell traffic would not interfere with a wireless mic.
  7. Carolina Crown 2017

    You can't have a show that focuses on a singer for the last two thirds of the performance lip syncing on finals night. That would be a death blow to GE and rightfully so. If you had a hand held mic hidden in the prop, it could have easily been grabbed and used. One of those things that everyone has now learned the hard way.
  8. It's Monday and I already hate the offseason.
  9. Staff Merry-go-round 2018 Edition

    They would adjust and keep winning. It's all about depth of talent and experienced creative processes.
  10. I have no idea whether anyone said anything about any other show.
  11. He did cancel. That was his point.
  12. Music City 2018

    In m opinion, the way to go here is to get as many Nashville-area dci world class alums on the board as possible. There are many. We have some big, powerful high schools here, especially in Williamson County. The band directors here work their kids almost as hard as a world class corps. Having a true world class corps here would be a huge benefit for area schools, which are always struggling to keep music relevant in education. I had asked this earlier and no one answered: If Music City does move to world class, do they own the Nashville show as other world class corps do? It would be pretty difficult for them to make it financially without a true home town event.
  13. Not one person, including me, said there should be a morality clause in dci.
  14. DCI really needs to step in and step up. This reflects directly on their credibility. This is bush league.
  15. Blue Devils 2018

    Electronics aren't going away, though. No matter how great it might be for BD to design without any amplification or effects, it's here to stay. Ironically, it's probably here to stay because it's the ONLY option in Winter Guard. And Winter Guard is now driving much of the drum corps design and judging community. I just don't want music to be secondary in this activity. But crazy enough, I may be in the minority. I just think there are a whole lot of kids who are far more interested in electronics than music. Cavaliers is the least musical show they have ever done as a corps. Ever. And yet it beat the most musical show, and arguably most performance oriented corps, in the acvitity. I will be happy for the kids regardless, but I will be cheering for the corps that emphasize music performance at its highest level. With or without electronics.