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  1. The board empowered George to be their firewall to give them plausible deniability. A total abdication of their responsibilities. I cannot believe any of them think they should remain on the board after this.
  2. How about, let’s for once separate the fate of Cadets from the fate of Hopkins? How could any rational, responsible board member let Hopkins continue to run the whole organization knowing what would transpire if these allegations proved true? This confirms what a total abdication of accountably the whole Cadets organization had “under” Hopkins. Staggering lack of common sense.
  3. Maybe they should have been concerned about this prior to this utterly predictable nuclear explosion? It staggers my mind how any group of adults could have been so willfully enabling.
  4. I think we here are all acutely and personally aware of the unique scenario in drum corps, and we all know of many situations at many corps where similar things happened. The mistake here would be to react to this as if it was otherwise. These organizations should already be proactive on all levels, and most are. But, they should also help their leaders remain in good standing with the activity. The terrible breach of trust here is not just what Hopkins did, but what everyone around him didn’t do. George needed accountability, and no one stepped up and required it. The enabling aspect of this is the dangerous aspect. No one person should have the ability to bring down any organization, anywhere.
  5. It is the condition of humans. We are capable of great compassion and great evil. Well led organizations understand this, and protect themselves from themselves. Wise leaders realize they are almost destined for personal failures that will undermine their life and business. A church I attend has a board of elders, and a team teaching approach, where you never know who will step on stage on any morning. At no time was it possible for one person to fail and bring down the entire church. And it happened, when their main founding teaching pastor had an affair. The church went on to become one of the largest and most capable ministries in my area. Billy Graham never traveled alone and always had another man enter every hotel room before he did—he knew he was capable of failure, so he planned for it. We have all been victim of narcissistic leaders. But to create an organization that enabled and even required Hopkins to be so exposed morally is absolutely unforgivable, and the YEA board should all step down. They may be invited back, but at this point the organization has to become bigger than it’s clearly failed leadership.
  6. Sorry, but YEA was clearly taking advantage of what everyone knew was a very precarious leadership scenario. They could have stepped in and brought accountability to the organization and did not. That is despite almost countless incidents of unprofessionalism and allegations of impropriety. There are victims in this situation, and YEA is only a victim of their own incompetence.
  7. People will often forgive a crime, but won’t forgive a coverup.
  8. I just want to say, all of us are wholly capable of and inclined to terrible misconduct. While I have never held Hopkins to any sort of regard, I don’t celebrate his demise. I am completely capable of everything and worse. I am mostly angry with those who enabled him to become a constant threatening and intimidating presence in this activity. We all knew how dangerous his dominating role could be to Cadets. As would it be for any organization! This is why you have boards. You build accountability because men need accountability. All of us! I hope this isn’t the beginning of a long trail of misdeeds that now come to light, but I’m not holding my breath. I tend to be skeptical of things that come to light years or even decades later, but, I am also old enough to understand that a cat doesn’t change his stripes. People who act a certain way in some areas and at some times, do so in other areas and often. I hope YEA gets ahead of this, and fast.
  9. Perhaps she should apologize to the paper.
  10. So so many people deserve better than this, including the current staff. Let’s all hope so, Jeff. Maybe Cadets can start a new chapter and put this behind them. I surely hope so.
  11. This doesn’t sound like the George Hopkins I know... SAID NO ONE EVER. Wow, not a single post from anyone saying to hold the phone, George is innocent. Why did everyone allow Hopkins to crush the Cadets under his narcissistic behavior for years?! Why did YEA allow the board to create a scenario that virtually everyone knew could be headed for disaster at the highest level? This SUCKS. And it sucks to a large degree because we all knew this could happen on any number of fronts! This should never have happened! Please, If you are another drum corps, take heed of this day and for the sake of everyone don’t let this happen to you! No one person should have the power to crush a corps under their own personal failings.
  12. Who gets to pay for the vigorous defense of Hopkins and YEA?
  13. This is infuriating because so darned many people warned YEA of the potential for such great peril for so many years. They did NOTHING but allow Hopkins to further insulate himself from accountability. It is inexcusable. And now this absurd press release? Awful. The Cadets deserve better, and all drum corps fans deserve better.
  14. “There is no clear avenue for a grievance,” said the woman who worked at the office in recent years. “Any path, George controlled.” This is pretty much the worst possible and most irresponsible manner in which to build any organization, and the Cadets BOD did this knowingly, intentionally and willingly. For as long as any of us have followed drum corps—whether we liked or disliked Hopkins—we all knew that the organization had built a Jenga tower with George as the bottom-most piece. Regardless of what you think of Hopkins’ talents or leadership skills, this was and is an inexcusable breach of responsibility. The Cadets are one of the most important youth arts organizations in the world. Now we are all forced to face the worst possible scenario, solely because the YEA board did not have the guts to do their job for decades. The Cadets should NEVER have been allowed to be put in such a vulnerable position!
  15. Cadets 2018

    I wish they had gone with something shorter, like Statues Awakening. Or maybe just, Awakening.