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  1. The internet culture has changed the drum corps experience. In the past you would likely see a show one time all year. Now shows have to be designed to evolve over the season or you risk “peaking too early.” As a result you have esoteric and dark themes that lend themselves more to introspection rather than a one time show experience.
  2. And this is how and why Bluecoats (and to a much lesser degree Academy) have taken the activity by storm in the last five seasons. Other corps could learn something from them (Scouts I’m looking at you!).
  3. MikeRapp

    Santa Clara Vanguard 2018

    If SCV is indeed 50% rookies, does anyone know where they came from? I know they had huge age out numbers last season, so it’s shocking to see them achieve at this level in 2018.
  4. MikeRapp

    DCI Southwestern Regional - July 21, 2018

    Didn’t Down Side Up lead wire to wire?
  5. MikeRapp

    Blue Devils 2018

    I would say that Blue Devils, directly and indirectly, made drum corps equally guard and music. They decided to treat both “sides” of the corps with equal attention, to design, performance, and contribution to concept. The guard are actors on a stage and as such every single “thing” they do on that stage matters. They also took some of the things that made Cavaliers a powerhouse and molded them into their concepts, especially marching members doing play acting without even holding instruments. Whee BD has traditionally lost fans is in the intricacy of performance at the expense of what actually communicates to the crowd. Historically, though less so recently, they have intentionally cared much less about what the crowd gets and much more about the experience of performance itself and how the judges see, rate, and experience those performances. So while you might totally appreciate the cleanliness of BD (which lets me honest has a lot to do with the age and experience of their members), esp if you marched there, that often doesn’t really translate or matter to the crowd. As is always the case, BD’s success created opportunity and room for other corps to fill gaps. Crown basically became the corps that high school bands feel best matches their experience, but on a level they might never be able to reach. They connected with crowds in ways BD didn’t. That fueled their rise to tier one status. If you are an age out, you might want to go to BD to win a guaranteed medal, but there was real equity in aging out with a Crown once they found their groove in brass and guard. Bluecoats rose to power by becoming the big sound and big show corps that cares mostly about the crowd experience, while remaining entirely focused on execution. Where Crown could be viewed as sterile and predictable, and BD is intricate but esoteric, Bluecoats became “live” and unpredictable. They play fun music in a wall of sound way, with concepts that are as much visual as they are musical. You just know you are in for a fun 11 minutes when Bluecoats take the field. That gives them a very unique reason to want to age out with them, because every show has its own place in the season that no other corps can match. I believe all three of these corps have impacted each other. Session 44 is the most Blue Devils-like show I’ve seen that wasn’t created by BD. Crown and SCV never delved so seriously into props until Down Side Up took the activity by storm. And perhaps even more important, it now becomes very obvious what corps are going to be able to possibly medal, and which ones have solid middle tier shows. The bar is raised really high now.
  6. Ironically, because of Boston, percussion likely won’t be a decisive factor in the order of medaling.
  7. I wonder if, like the entire show, the new Bluecoats ending will get better the more you watch it. It is startling to have that break that refocuses on Olivia, and then the band comes in and blasts her “forward.” It’s a daring change, given how much push back there was with Crown last year, but that horn line with the mellos...dayum. It’s just such a big wall of sound.
  8. MikeRapp

    DCI Southwestern Regional - July 21, 2018

    If you are fourth in percussion but by just half a point, it’s not relevant when you are owning GE. Last week it was, oh they might be eighth in percussion. Top four in percussion, with that show, could easily win Gold.
  9. MikeRapp

    Madison Scouts 2018

    Why can’t Scouts just go back to having fun? They used to be the Bluecoats of DCI. Now they are doing show about dystopia and heart attacks. Put a big show on the field, blow our hair back, be fast and loud. Who cares if you make some big social statement? This is drum corps, be bold and big.
  10. What is shocking is how many age outs SCV had last year. Recruiting and instruction aren’t getting the credit they deserve. Perhaps, especially, at Vanguard Cadets, which were terrific last year and moved a lot of kids up to SCV.
  11. They hit a grand slam with That One Moment. Easily could have medaled. Then just went right back to the guard just running around waving flags and spinning rifles, with little pyramids (instead of Little mirrors, or eyeballs) being pushed around the field. Sucks, I so want them to be contenders, but it almost seems they like finishing middle of the pack.
  12. Yep, same story every year. It’s not the kids’ fault. Just huge gaps in complexity and meaningful design.
  13. It’s the cymbals. Not joking. They are just flat out awe inspiring.
  14. Yeah I think BK has the better horn line in general, maybe better percussion, but both of those shows are really flat without a strong arc. Props and staging are irrelevant. I do like some of the big drill concepts for both shows, esp BK at the end, but there’s not a lot of GE for either.
  15. I just wish BK could consistently put great concepts onto the field. They have medalist talent, but man...so many of their show designs lack any kind of a “big stage” design. Bums me out.