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  1. Against this entirely. Shows would not become more appealing or musically better by cramming more bodies onto what is already a very crowded field. Then you add exponentially more cost, not just in buses but food, Insurance and management. Its also undeniable that the older and more experienced members would always gravitate to the top six corps. This is why the NCAA adopted hard roster limits for all scholarship sports. Bigger name schools with more resources would just sign kids to stand on the sideline to keep them from competing with them at another school.
  2. Cadets 2018

    On that topic, are we to assume from this info they have arrived at a show theme and general design concept?
  3. Is Atlanta in or out?

    They used it for soccer. And with Music City now World Class there may be a compellingly case to be made.
  4. Cadets 2018

    Can any board not see what Hopkins is doing? His MO has always been to build an organization that is likely to collapse without him as a poison pill for any change of leadership. It blows my mind that any average businessperson would allow such leadership and management malpractice.
  5. Carolina Crown 2018

    Cadets is merging with Boston?
  6. As I have said many times, there are now quite a few World Class alums running bands in the Nashville area. There is plenty of home grown talent to give Music City a great base to grow from. And it’s a great city to send your kid off to if you are in Indy, Atlanta, Memphis or Mississippi
  7. So would Blue Devils and Vanguard then receive twice the take from World Class revenues?
  8. Cadets 2018

    This sort of behavior wouldn’t be tolerated in any public company. Why they tolerate and even support it in an organization supposedly focused on educating young people is truly baffling. Makes you wonder.
  9. Blue Knights 2018

    My digs aren’t random, they are wholly consistent. I don’t like much of what they are putting on the field.
  10. Blue Devils 2018

    I would imagine one big draw is also marching with kids who are mostly around your age and experience. Not many college kids want to spend the summer with 75high schoolers.
  11. I’ve waited 30 years to see a Nashville corps in World Class. Quite a day for the Music City.
  12. Just because it's the offseason, I wanted to say that Alabama A&M played at Vandy this past weekend, and their band got a long, very long, standing ovation after halftime. They flat out blew the paint off the walls of that stadium. And it struck me how few of those truly stellar marching members will ever darken the door of a DCI audition.
  13. What about Batallion? How far away from world class are they?
  14. It would have been practically impossible. Who would choose to march in a non G7 corps? Only those who did not have any other options. The G7 was designed to be a self fulfilling prophecy.
  15. Alabama A&M

    They are two totally different genres, with totally different purposes. But make no mistake about it, those kids can play. They style of HBCU is wholly unique and cannot be compared to any other musical genre.
  16. It's ironic that Boston, who was not included in the G7 and has made a pretty huge statement about it, is now a top 7 corps.
  17. Alabama A&M

    Vanderbilt does not offer tuition credit hours for band, despite having a world class music department. Therefore, the school recruits kids from nearby schools, in addition to motivated vandy students, to field their band. Though they work hard and mean well, it's by no means a competitive collegiate marching band. Which is a nice way of saying, they got smoked by AA&M. Thus the standing ovation, which no doubt included the Vandy band.
  18. I have a somewhat related question. How is it determined which dates, and how many dates, world class corps will play? Obviously some corps can't afford to tour the whole country, but others may want to but not be able to because of slots on shows. Just curious. As we add more legit world class corps, it seems this is going to become a challenge, because you can't have shows that last beyond a certain time frame. And, the more corps you have, the more the money has to be split both in honorariums, gate and merchandise.
  19. Alabama A&M

    Still love the old school high step marching style. And their high brass sound, wow. Btw, this is one of the bands that Drumline was based on. They compete annually for the Big Southern Classic in Atlanta, in front of 50,000 fans. One of the things that blows me a way with this genre of band is that they play in the stands with the same power and authority all game long as they do at halftime. I had the privilege of seeing Tennessee State at Vandy a few years ago, and it was incredible how much energy and commitment those traditional black college bands put into performances all game long.
  20. Imho, the animosity rises when there are "too many" DCI corps that clearly have no intention to grow the strength of their product, let alone the DCI product as a whole. DCI seems to have largely, though not entirely, solved this by slowing down the rush to be a world class corps. Still, there are a few corps out there that one might argue are and will always be world class entities in name only. One might be able to argue that the activity needs no more than a dozen world class corps to fill a nationwide summer tour, and make enough money to support those corps. Still, for an activity that bills itself as a not for profit educational activity, drawing hard lines in the sand makes it feel a lot more like a business.
  21. Staff Merry-go-round 2018 Edition

    We are splitting hairs here. Very obvious what the seven did, and why they did it. They only backed down when someone outed the proposal before they could approve it. This was clearly a money grab, based on the idea that they deserved to make most of the money by virtue of currently being the most successful brands in dci. You can argue they deserve to make most of the money, but you can't honestly argue this wasn't the main intent. None of the other stuff in the proposal would have ever gotten passed without the redistribution part getting passed first.
  22. DCI/DCA

    If I recall, a lot of Cadets marched the final stretch for Cadets 2 the last two seasons.
  23. Staff Merry-go-round 2018 Edition

    I wasn't around when the G7 proposal emerged, but I am curious about the elements that have proven to be extremely beneficial. I enjoy the TOC show in Nashville, but frankly, that show has always been well attended long before the G7. I'd go no matter who was performing.