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  1. I took my very old father tonight and asked him who his favorite show was. He said "Phantom Regiment for sure". This is what i love about DCI. Everyone in the audience can appreciate their favorite part. I knew going in that they would play Rachmaniff Piano Concerto 2. I did not tell him beforehand. It left him breathless. He used to play this on piano to me when i was a baby.
  2. Over the years, whenever the Madison Scouts or Cavaliers perform I use it as an opportunity to go buy popcorn.
  3. Wonderful night tonight. i loved every second of it. One mans opinion. Mandarins were woulds better than Madison.
  4. I came to NIU for my first DCI show of 2017. My main interest was the Academy who was my favorite show last year. I drove home really disappointed. I did not care for that show at all. There was almost nothing I liked about it. Oh well.
  5. goirish52

    Allentown Tickets (Two) Both Nights For Sale

    Bump for Tony L.
  6. goirish52

    Allentown Tickets (Two) Both Nights For Sale

    I would like to purchase the pair for Saturday August 5th.
  7. Congrats to the Bloooo. Well deserved. In my humble opinion, the Academy were the story of the year.
  8. Absolutely awesome. Congratulations on your ground breaking year.
  9. goirish52

    Need More Shows Like The Academy

    I just got home from the finals and I agree with your comments. The Academy were my favorite performance. Just a beautiful program. I broke out in goose bumps the final minute. Bravo Academy indeed!
  10. I do not post in here very often. I went to the prelims last night with a completely blank slate. I haven't been to any shows this year due to family complications. The Academy was my favorite performance. This corp obviously can not compete with the Big 3-5 at this point. But the Academy make up for it with the beauty and quality of the program. I'm going back for the finals and CANT WAIT to see this program again.
  11. goirish52

    DCI Indy tickets

    I would be interested in purchasing 2 tickets for the finals.
  12. goirish52

    Blue Knights 2016

    I am fairly sure that I am the biggest donator to the Blue Knights program. If I am not, I am probably pretty close. I had my front row tickets to the Colorado show for last night months ago. I cancelled my flight and I cancelled my hotel room. Incomplete show? No chance i'm travelling across the country to see that. Whoever tries to argue that this isn't hurting this corp? You are out of your mind. See you in 2017. I am done this year.
  13. Hello everyone - first post! I just signed up for this board and hoped to comment on the Blue Knight's performance on Saturday. I have no DCI affiliation or history - I'm just a random guy from Chicago who has been taking his 75yr old father to the DCI finals for the last 11 years. Its an event that we both cherish every year. I realize this may sound outlandish to all you DCI veterans on this board, but the Blue Knight's performance on Saturday night was the single best show that I have witnessed since I began following DCI over a decade ago. I've often complained over the years that I've never been emotionally moved by any particular performance. Sure....I love the color, pageantry, music, execution etc that make DCI so great. But until the Blue Knight's performance on Saturday, I've never been brought to tears. That all changed Saturday - the Blue Knight's show turned me into a crying, blubbering mess (in a good way). I can't tell you how grateful I was to see their show. Great job and thank you Blue Knights!! I can't wait until next year.