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  1. shofmon88

    Blue Knights 2018

    I was able to make it out from Australia and see their Memorial Day preview. Their brass and percussion are monsterous. As someone said, they do have an aura about them. They have an odd way of shining while playing dark and expressive music, and while I despise spandex, I think their uniform colors are fantastic. Whatever else 2018 brings, I know I’ll enjoy their show.
  2. shofmon88

    All time shows: Bluecoats

    Favorite: 1) 2014 2) 2015 3) 2007 Least favorite: 2016
  3. The Cadets thread is the worst. It’s the only thread that’s ever regularly updated in the off-season, but it’s nothing more than a constant parade of whinging alumni. Any details about the show/music/staffing are lost 20 pages back. And so many bludging galahs saying they know something but won’t post any info “because everyone knows.” If you actually have info you should fair dinkum start your own thread for visibility.
  4. shofmon88

    Phantom Regiment 2018

    People are making projections based on available data. As clearly outlined, the trajectory for Phantom is downward. We won’t know if that trajectory is continuing or reversing until after 2018 finals, when we can add another data point. But one point does not a vector make, and it is likely we won’t be able to confirm a trajectory reversal until after finals 2019.
  5. shofmon88

    Phantom Regiment 2018

    After last season they’re a pretty low hanging fruit.
  6. shofmon88

    What you want for 2018

    Yeah, I know. Too many colorguard leads to visual cutter in my opinion. I haven’t really watched a show since about 2007. The clamoring for visual and GE points has generated a race to the bottom.
  7. shofmon88

    What you want for 2018

    Less usage of synths and amplification of brass. Smaller colorguards Fewer pre-recorded sound patches (how about you play there instead, brass, percussion, or both). None of this will happen, unfortunately.
  8. After Blue Stars, I also listen to: Blue Knights Crossmen Mandarins occasionaly Boston ...and that’s about it really. Try as I might, I still can’t make it through BD’s show; it’s so incredibly dull that my attention drifts without fail. Same can be said for SCV to some extent. Overall, I find that 2017 was an extremely lackluster year in regards to re-listening, and I find myself switching to 2014 and 2015 instead.
  9. Blue Stars for me as well. I did not pay much attention to the show during the season. But I’ve noticed that it is the most appealing show to listen to of the top 12 for one reason: the show is predominantly acoustic. They have the least synth bass of any corps, so listening to the recording doesn’t strain your ears like most other corps. (I listen to the lossless audio files through a DAC and headphone amp with a pair of Sennheiser HD6XX reference headphones. Anything weird in the recordings is very obvious, and synth-heavy shows are riddled with pops and snaps of amplifiers that the on-field microphones pick up. The Blue Stars recording is very clean.) It also helps that the music and arrangements are just darn good too.
  10. shofmon88

    All time shows: Seattle Cascades

    I’ll have to vote the whole run from 2014 to 2017. Despite slipping in and out of semifinals, you can definitely tell the corps itself is on an upward trajectory, and each of these shows is enjoyable, well performed, re-watchable, and also an improvement on the year before. “Bird Set Free” is easily the most underrated show of 2017, and sits in the #1 spot of my list. HM: I watched the 2002 show for the first time a few weeks ago. Undeniably good.
  11. I am really at a loss trying to understand how this works...
  12. shofmon88

    2018 Rules proposals

    Phantom Regiment had their hornline dialed back all of last season. Seriously though, it's probably harder to dial back the volume of electronics than it is to tell the performers to do a run at 80% volume. Electronics can be finicky, as has been proven time and again. If you go messing with something, there's a chance it might just stop working altogether.
  13. shofmon88

    2018 Rules proposals

    What about them? Did G lines never play smaller stadiums? I thought drum corps fans loved sitting close to powerful G lines. The instructors could always tell the players to dial it back a bit for certain shows; the hornlines are certainly capable of that, as they do that sort of thing in rehearsals/warm-ups all the time.
  14. shofmon88

    2018 Rules proposals

    It would probably cost less to buy an entire set of G bugles every year Seriously though, that's extremely expensive. Maybe corps should go back to tweaking sound acoustically. Need more bottom end? Add more tubas. Sometimes the simplest solutions are best.