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  1. Count Regiment out, you past World Champions? No you will not. We match you and raise you one.
  2. Some things change. Important things stay the same.
  3. ah no. You'll be able to hear something.
  4. In such heat, even better than ice cream (which sometimes causes dairy side effects) is Italian ice or sherbet due to the greater water content. We often used it on the ambulance for heat prostrastion cases. If no Italian ice is being allowed by MikeD to leave New Joisey, here's the list from Braum's in OK cited on the Broken Arrow thread. My mouth is watering. https://www.braums.com/ice-cream/sherbet/
  5. and they are still sewing
  6. and Tom Rarick, and JVD.
  7. Hmm. Are those 11 Apostles sitting?
  8. Depends on the corps. Some might allow you to be an alternate for when you are available. if you are getting academic credit for your college ensemble trip it bolsters your chances of negotiating. But all of this premises whether a hole needs to be filled. (I was once asked to fill a hole by an eventual DCI World Class champion that year five days before Finals. Things happen. P.S. I had to turn it down as I had aged out by six weeks according to the rules of that time.) Remember Rocky Point Holiday was the fruit of such a trip when U. MN commissioned Ron Nelson for something special when they went abroad.
  9. The substance of your content is good matter for discussion, disagreement or agreement. But the style of how you stated your perspectives is far superior to the timbre of so many of the comments posted last night against Regiment and Cadets. Would that people showed the class you maintain in your posting here.
  10. But many of us enjoy your posts even if your humor is at times a little (deliberately) oblique. Carry on.
  11. even if you don't know anyone, there is such a thing as human decency and filtering one's (im)maturity for a better good.
  12. if you want the Cadet vocal ensemble to sing for your services, you'll have to get your reservation in early. (I kid.)
  13. Would Bloo have to pay SCV royalties since Vanguard did exactly this decades ago except they used a tent and changed into white pants instead of the green ones they first wore in beginning of the show?
  14. Are you sure that wasn't Cascades or Oregon raising their annual funding with those cartons of t-paper from the Northwest forests?
  15. if it's texas heat and humidity, usually kaopectate and immodium as well.