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  1. read those subcaps again. It's basically one judge, sir.
  2. xandandl

    Cadets 2018

    Judge placed corps ninth across his caption. Little face to face exposure with either of the two corps ahead (BK and PR.) Double slate tomorrow evens this out.
  3. will be most interesting tomorrow with the double slate of judges to balance out any judge flatlining any specific corps. It will be a tight show none the less. Good night.
  4. yes Anderson in GE has Cadets ninth across the board. Everything else is within the range of 6 with percussion 7th due to achievement score.
  5. ah, the master from Auburn U in Alabama. Yes, he knows his stuff. Thanks.
  6. Wall Streeters I deal with would bet on two ants coming out of the same ant hill and who crosses the sidewalk crack first.
  7. yes, who is the secret horn master making those Shaw arrangements ring?
  8. By the way, did you catch the new Progressive commercial. Flo seems very endeared to BAC '18, ho, ho.
  9. ah it was your eyeglassses that we heard cracking from the overheating...
  10. xandandl

    Hello folks!

  11. Check Hook"EmCavies new wallpaper for his ManCave,
  12. Nicely written and presents drum corps in a positive light. The article omits the year he left SCVC to be back field conductor for Phantom Regiment before he moved back to be asst. DM at SCV, almost literally down the block from where he grew up. Nice guy.
  13. Have the Emergency Squad at the ready for Hook'Em is about to experience his favorite corps: hyperventilation, fibrilations, rapid heart beat, and ecstatic nirvana. Yup, he's ready.
  14. Freddie, a Cadet alum, has volunteered for Cadets, Crown, and now Bloo who has many Cadets alums on faculty. He's always around friends while doing good work. Great guy.
  15. Don't fret about him Dans. I've never known this poster to say positive things about Cadets. The drum comment is the exception it seems.
  16. yes, Cornell averages 12 suicides a year jumping from the bridge over the gorge. Studies have shown here in NY that most of these suicides have been from a combination of drinking and drugs with being dumped by a girlfriend or significant boyfriend. The depression comment also comes from the professional literature of sociology and psychology/counselling. The power thirsty comment was from the studies done on MBA grad students in the Massachusetts area. You neglect one part of the scientific horizon by omitting the sociology of how many Southerners have fled the northern winters to make their dream life happen down South, the land of insects.hurricanes/and hellish heat. Ask the mms if they would prefer the northern climes.
  17. Your Southern bias is showing when you use words like "combat" to speak about snow. Snow is beautiful. It nourishes the earth and protects the soil from winter winds. No matter whether you pay Mr. Green Thumb or Mr. Crabgrass to clip your lawn, everyone is equal as you look across the vista. Snow is great for recreation, for painting the usual in new hues and gentle scenes, in manifesting that humans aren't in control of life, just are its stewards. People who don't like snow are usually people with strains of depression in their personality and are often power freaks. Snow challenges us to adjust, adapt and rediscover.
  18. xandandl

    Cadets 2018

    Here you can see both burgundy and black and how the light has an effect when shadows happen.
  19. xandandl

    Cadets 2018

    some were black, some were burgundy. It might of been the lighting of the stadium which caused different hues.
  20. xandandl

    Denton, TX - July 19, 2018

    It's the heat. It makes one delirious. See previous posters about symptoms and prevention.
  21. psst...they are banished to the DCA thread...but don't say I told you.
  22. xandandl

    Cadets 2018

    According to Cadets official sites, no corps beat them last night and it was a tie for first. That means the first first in two seasons. The bad streak is broken. However, no streaking please...
  23. xandandl

    Blue Devils 2018

    Now be fair Doc. Most folks are in awe of the size of those chairs and are fearfully imagining the Giant Alien that is going to be sitting on them.
  24. xandandl

    Glenns Falls NY

    I was there as well and had to put on my counsellor hat. Tough night. Didn't get my ice cream either.