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  1. Cadets 2018

    status update https://yea.org/news/1927-the-cadets-of-2018-round-into-shape
  2. Carolina Crown 2018

    that would be on the Cadets' thread.
  3. Boston Crusaders 2018

    Too many Eagles here...
  4. Cadets 2018

    Check with Blue Knights first.
  5. Cadets 2018

    Cavaliers played that in '94. Wasn't that during the time that Drew Shanefield was teaching brass there?
  6. Phantom Regiment 2018

    In memory of Dr. Dan Richardson
  7. Dr. Dan Richardson passes

    My prayers are with Dr. Dan's family, Rick Valenzuela and the whole Regiment phamily, and all who were touched by the life of this DCI HoFer. Since last January the Regiment has been through some great tragedies and yet has found the inner character to turn these into opportunities to grow. Dan Richardson, an original member from back in the days when the corps developed out of the local Catholic high schools and veterans, was such a force in molding the spirit and persona of what we now call the Phantom Regiment from Rockford, Illinois. He also molded many lives through his work at the Medical School in Chicago and the patients they tended and even often tended along tour. I' have fond memories of our lot conversations over the years and his always graciousness to me even when we were competitors. May God bless Dan eternally for his goodness and give consolations to the Regiment. May DCI continue to have such good strong people to develop our youth on and off the field.
  8. Cadets 2018

    Given the winter weather we've had this year (even Houston, the South, and the East having multiple school-closing ice and snow storms) who would have thunk that this picture was posted today from a January Cadets' camp in Joisey where the temps hit 60?
  9. Just seeing those names brings back many great memories for so many great corps. Will the entertainment be excepts of "The Crabcake Cantata?"
  10. Thank you. Given what the Klesch-Harloff team did with PL-C' Heroes, this seems to have Crown's imprint all over it for future possibilities. However, getting Williams' licensing approval for any on the field performances has become rare and quite pricey. That might be the rub..
  11. but if it rains....??? (even in a dome...)
  12. Santa Clara Vanguard 2018

    Interesting new faculty add ons for SCV.. Andrew Rhebergen joins the visual tech staff. Andy marched Mt. Prospect for Pete Weber and played contra/tuba like his Dad for Cavaliers.where he may have marched Gaines' final drills there. Andy went on to be the Cavies' DM who high jumped the front ensemble to get to his podium in time when DMs conducted upside down. Katie Hopkins (yup, George Hopkins of YEA and Cadets daughter) is now listed as a movement and dance specialist for SCV.
  13. Cadets 2018

    from current Cadet website (emphasis is my own and may lead to discussion.) Brass We are looking for a few additional lead trumpet players. Our ideal member will have great range, stamina, and look great in maroon & gold. We're also looking for a few more baritone players with great range and a full sound. Experience playing tenor trombone in a college jazz band is a plus when auditioning. Color Guard The Cadets Color Guard is looking for more men in 2018! With a lineage of members including Johnathan Schwartz, Sam Watson, Jim Moore, Eric Babula, Daniel Riley, Greg Lagola, Dean Broadbent, Martin Hughes, Bert Cousins and so many more* you're signing yourself up to be a great part of Cadets tradition. Additionally, we're looking to add nine more weapons for the line (just wait until you see what we have planned!) Phantom and others adding fellows to the guard again may have widened the opportunities. Also add Andy Toth, Adam Sage, Keith Potter, David Mieckle, ..no, not Rick Subel (he played baritone with Cadets before guys marched in guard.)
  14. It's why the Electronics discussion at the Rules Congress never came to a conclusion, just sayin'
  15. Maybe they'll be in DCI I&E, Soundsport or DCA Mini-corps. Not just trumpet but contra and percussion as well.
  16. Is this what Kevin LeBoeuf brought back with him from Japan to Rosemont?
  17. Cadets 2018

    The admins and faculty of these corps are recommending the other two who have openings. For years, Cadets gave various recommendations to those not making the Cadets line to try certain nearby corps if openings were available or if the auditionee's talent levels in visual or music would benefit from other programs. For years Jersey Surf, 7th Regiment, Crossmen before they moved, etc. benefited. Sometimes it was saying to a very young h.s. student that the age cohort of these corps might be more appropriate for someone without previous tour experience. Sometimes it was beneficial to the mm on various levels based on experience or talent. The major league sports sometimes drop a member to the minor league specifically for the bench warmer to get more playing time or to round out a skill. No different here although Bloo, Crown, and Cadets are not ascribing anyone as major or minor. I'm sure these three are not the only corps in the equation. Discounting fees for others who have already opened their wallets for other auditions is an attempt to keep the mm in the activity and not having to sit out a summer because the person is bankrupt jet setting from one corps to another. If your liturgical music is stuck at Kumbaya, I suggest you try another hymnal. Most corps directors do have a good relationship with other corps directors and do help each other out on projects and advice more than their fans might. Confer the recent rules congress videos for examples. Often the individual faculty members of competing corps are actually colleagues and peers for marching bands, judging circuits, and winter programs. DCI competition is not always contentious.
  18. Cavalier January Camp 2018

    BITD they said similar things about Litteau, Zingali, Brubaker, Gaines, Weber, Prime, Hannum, DVD, Klesch, Aungst, McNutt, etc. May he be as blessed.
  19. Cadets 2018

    You'll hear nothing.
  20. Cadets 2018

    and both of their staffs impacted by Cadets alums. Your point is valid and understood. Similar in a way to the 27th-Cadets symbiosis of the late 70's and 80's until 27th folded.
  21. Cadets 2018

    Quote of the night from the Rich Armstrong (legacy corps DM) interview (now on corps FB page.) ..."when I think of the Cadets I think of Excellence. I expect Excellence from the Cadets..." What of their traditions stands out as most impacting your life? "Two words: Work Ethic."
  22. Is Atlanta in or out?

    will they have cleared the snow by then?
  23. Cadets 2018

    Interesting to hear GH publicly acknowledge that Crown, Bloo, and Cadets have been passing along recommendations to the other two for musicians cut from one in order to get an open spot at another. Both Bloo and Cadets advertised today for lead trumpets, Cadets for synth and a couple of new bari spots as well. January camps always seem to bring holes when some folks have to face bad weather travel for their first time and others have to face the reality of tour fees and empty wallets no matter what the corps. Good luck to all travelling this weekend to camp.