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  1. jwillis35 forgot the brigade of trombones making baritones even more nervous
  2. leanlion

    Cadets 2018

    For all commenting on the current state of the Cadets and its management, your concerns are surely better directed outside public spaces. Time to pull the plug and speak privately with those who you think can improve the situation. Your issues can be better solved behind closed doors.
  3. leanlion

    Averaging scores

    reminds of an old adage from bitd of "you live by the solo, you die by the solo."
  4. leanlion

    DCI Finals Beer Pairing

    nominate this op"s post as post of the year!
  5. leanlion

    Staff merri-go-round

    one can only hope
  6. give it time. other episodes to follow.
  7. leanlion

    Why only 5 mini corps this year?

    Donny, my conversation centered purely on restrictions imposed by Annapolis and the reason for gr not being able to perform. you seem to have issues over and above the circumstances. if that makes me a troll, an apology is in order.
  8. leanlion

    Why only 5 mini corps this year?

    Donny, the ball in your count re chromic reply
  9. leanlion

    Why only 5 mini corps this year?

    if I remember dca was under very strict Annapolis town a no playing passed a certain ordinance and therefore the riders not being able to exhibit at finals.
  10. Other than Basey's what other places make your wallet lighter?
  11. Some people are known by one name whether Cher, Madonna or any number of famous celebrities. Farley had a first name but few if any knew it- for the record Everett. It is safe to say Farley was the greatest bus driver among other things. Farley drove Star from the beginning thru to the last Brass Theater tour date. The aid Farley gave to other corps when trouble raised it ugly head are legend. The man could fix anything with a wrench, screwdriver and duck tape. Farley ran Bill Cook's Star of Indiana bus service. Bill collected a varied bunch of drum corps buddies during Star's competitive days but at the head of the class was Farley. Bill and Farley were true best friends year-round. The stories of Farley berating Bill's driving skills were hysterical but the topper was the time Farley fired Bill as a Star driver. Might have been the only time Bill was fired from anything. Farley loved country music, cowboy boots and telling great jokes but more than anything he would always go the extra mile for the "Star kids". No one that ever passed thru Star might have forgotten the name or two of fellow members as time moved on but no one will ever forgot Farley- a singular soul to be sure.
  12. leanlion

    DCI Massillon OH June 25

    blue owns gold this year on ge alone. bd and crown will have to out clean them to have chance. cadets have another season of change, change, change ahead- many will be nipping at their heels. coats show a game-changer for the activity- think star '93, cadets '84, early '70s vanguard, mid 60s troopers.
  13. leanlion

    Technology in Todays Corp...

    this topic is geekiness in all its glory. can see it now: todd ryan and his crew fired by bd as their new IT caption head demands 20 out 20 on visual caption at first show. todd moves to vanguard and beats bd at first show. time and penalty judge replaced by robot. all corps members must wear wrist bands that zap members if off their dot position by more than one cm. vanguard counters bd move by only accepting members who are children of apple, mircosoft, google, and amazon software engineers. viv, cisco and ebay underwrite new corps with goal of championship in their second year. all playing members will be miced. blue knight staff climbs to an unknown rocky mountain location to muse on the nature of humanity. Hopkins gives himself another raise as the money saved on a.i. staff replacements. all members required to have smart phones with a dot app- dot book manufacturers file for bankruptcy. corps fire drivers as all tour vehicles are now driverless. all costumes and uniforms are equipped with led lights programmed to highlight musical and visual impact points. dci warns judging community times are a changin'. shoe manufacturers investigate the incorporation of drones embedded in soles for greater 3d visual effects. football fields turned into green screens as computer graphic creators demand a caption on the sheets. jersey surf goes acoustic only with a folk song medley show. all winter rehearsal weekends adopt a teleconference motif for members. doctor beat developing a programmed conductor robot. an all robot corps enters competition as a NO age corps- winter dci meeting in an uproar.
  14. leanlion


    Love channel3 posts. Make you think if anything. Lets pretend for a moment channel3 is the strong-willed director of a long-time DCI powerhouse corps always in the mix for the almighty title. Channel3 walks into the annual designer meeting hoping these creative geniuses will have the next best thing thought thru but all tell channel3 ,"we got nothing." Channel3, shocked, tell the assembled it's time to call Michael Boo. The assembled collectively rolled their eyes and asked the pregnant question WHY?" as the program coordinator quits on the spot. Channel3 says, "goodbye and don't let the door hit you on the way to the bus station". Silence ensues as channel3's opening rant is, "Michael has a large brain and goes to China once a year." One brave soul asks. What does that do with the price on onions?" "Very simply you idiot, Michael has been elevating many corps' mind-numbing productions to high art for years with his literate riffs." Channel3 goes on to challenge his Broadway producer wantabes to a title game and create a musical landscape that will support the visual. He will ask Boo to do the same and see who wins. With this channel3 offers the following titles: LIFE AND DEATH AND WOODY ALLEN JOY, HAPPINESS AND MADISON AVENUE FOX OR MSNBC PAPAL BLESSING JEPARODY THE SPOKEN WORD THREE TUNES AND A DRUM SOLO DANCIN' FOOL UPDATED SOUSA THE MIDDLE EAST BLUE BLOODS- WALTON WITH GUNS THE TOUR Channel3 welcomes the input of the dcp community in fill in the blanks as well hoping a new program coordinator is hired by this bit of fun fiction. Have at it folks using the above titles. Channel3 will be judge and jury.